Scenario:Grea - The Difficult First Step

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The Difficult First Step

Grea is playing the piano alone, or so she thinks. Mr. Bertrand pays her a visit, encouraging her to move forward and change the world.

A beautiful melody fills the music room of Mysteria Academy of Magic as Grea plays the piano.
Grea: Was the music room always this big?
Grea: It's probably because Anne isn't here with me...
Grea: The old me wouldn't have given being alone a second thought...
Grea: Who's there?
Applause from a single pair of hands breaks the silence. Startled, Grea whips her head to find the source.
Mr. Bertrand: Oh, excuse me for making you jump.
Grea: Mr. Bertrand? What brings you here?
Mr. Bertrand: Hoho... I'm just making my usual rounds.
Mr. Bertrand: But I just had to stop and say that the chords you strike are as lovely as always.
Mr. Bertrand: Those notes tell me you're lonely from not being able to see Anne.
Grea: Urk!
Grea's face flushes beet red in an instant.
Grea: ...
Mr. Bertrand: Ah, sorry. I said something I should've kept to myself again.
Mr. Bertrand: But to be able to convey such emotion through music is a wondrous achievement.
Grea: Is that so...
Mr. Bertrand: ...
Mr. Bertrand gazes at the abashed Grea with a soft smile.
Mr. Bertrand: You've changed, Grea.
Grea: I have?
Mr. Bertrand: Compared to the Grea from not so long ago, I mean.
Mr. Bertrand: You wouldn't have concerned yourself with not being able to see a close friend again, yes?
Grea: ...
Mr. Bertrand: In your eyes, meeting Anne was quite the fortuitous encounter.
Grea: Yes. Thanks to her, I've been able to step out of my shell a little.
Grea: Without her, even now I'd still probably be... alone...
Grea: I owe her so much.
Grea: That's how I feel, but it's still too embarrassing to say in person.
Grea's lips curl into a knowing smile as she thinks about Anne.
Mr. Bertrand: Hoho... You've finally found it in you to put on a smile.
Mr. Bertrand: No, that is to say I'm elated to see the new Grea.
Grea: Thank you.
Mr. Bertrand: That's especially why you must greet Anne with a smile when she comes back.
Mr. Bertrand: Anne isn't going to come flying back here from her study abroad simply because you've sunk into melancholy.
Grea: Haha... I don't know about that, Mr. Bertrand. This is Anne we're talking about.
Mr. Bertrand: Hmm, I'm afraid you may be right.
Mr. Bertrand: When talk of study abroad first came up, she was adamant about not wanting to leave you behind.
Mr. Bertrand: If she were to catch wind of your loneliness now...
Grea: Ahaha... She'd be back in a heartbeat.
The image alone is enough to draw a wry smile out of Grea.
Mr. Bertrand: Therefore it would behoove you to enjoy your student life enough to put aside that loneliness.
Mr. Bertrand: That way Anne can also focus on her studies with peace of mind.
Grea: Yeah... You're right.
Mr. Bertrand: Grea. Gather your courage and move forward with confidence. The world will definitely change.
Grea: Hm...
Mr. Bertrand: There's no need for worry. You'll have Anne and Owen by your side.
Mr. Bertrand: So why don't you move forward with your head held up high?
Grea: I'll... think about it.
Mr. Bertrand: Well, I shan't keep you any longer. I still have to finish making my rounds, you see.
Mr. Bertrand: I do hope you enjoy your time at the academy, Grea.
Mr. Bertrand: If there's anything I can do to make your stay better, please don't hesitate to seek my help.
Grea: Thank you very much.
Mr. Bertrand leaves the room, and Grea is once again alone.
Grea: One step at a time... But...
Man: You monster!
Woman: I knew it wasn't like us.
Grea: But it's frightening...
Grea: ...
Grea: Hey, Anne... What do you think I should do?
Grea: How can I be like you?
Grea: How am I supposed to have fun as a student like all the other normal people?
Piano notes start to play once more.
They are different from before—dark notes that seem to express Grea's bitterness.