Scenario:Hallessena - Carving My Own Halloween

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Carving My Own Halloween

Hallessena bumps into villagers who ask for her help in livening up the Halloween festivities. She changes into her costume and gets planning straight away.

The crew stops by a village where Halloween festivities are being planned.
Hallessena: Hehe... I'm all ready for another crazy fun time with Jack this year!
Vyrn: Wow, you sure are hyped up! Halloween must totally be your jam.
Lyria: Haha, Hallessena makes sure to keep Lost Jack company every year!
Hallessena: Well, I'm kind of his safety net in a way. It's only fair that we rock out together on this night!
Hallessena puffs out her chest and plunges into the village plaza in a frenzy of excitement.
Because the plaza is especially crowded this year, Hallessena finds herself lost in a sea of people.
She realizes she's been separated from (Captain) and company.
Hallessena: Huh... (Captain)... Lyria... Vyrn...
Hallessena: Sniff... Where'd you all go...
To cope with her loneliness...
Hallessena keeps the Divine Death Saw of Death revving as she trudges along the street.
Hallessena: ...?
She soon comes upon a group of villagers speaking in hushed tones while pointing at her.
Villager 1: That thing she's carrying...
Villager 2: Could it be...
Hallessena: (Whatever they're up to, they're being crazy fishy about it...)
The feeling of solitude still taking hold of her, Hallessena is especially vigilant as she approaches the group.
Hallessena: (C-could they be bad people?)
Hallessena: (What if they're planning on ruining Halloween for everyone...)
Hallessena: (I can't let that happen... I've gotta deal with it before the children of the village or anyone in the crew gets hurt!)
Casting aside her fears, Hallessena raises her death saw of death.
Upon getting closer, she notices a familiar face among the group.
Hallessena: (That man had an assignment for (Captain) once...)
Hallessena: (Erm... I think he might've been in charge of the Halloween festivities? He's probably not a baddie then...)
Hallessena lowers the death saw for the time being.
Villager 2: Why, hello there! Can we bother ya for a minute?
A man in the group calls out to Hallessena.
Hallessena: Eep... S-sure... What is it?
Villager 2: D'ya think you can show us the machine that makes that loud, ripping sound?
Hallessena: Huh?
The man speaks in a polite tone, pointing at Hallessena's chain saw.
Hallessena: You want to see my Divine Death Saw of Death? Hm, okay...
Her eyes widening in surprise at their curiosity, Hallessena reveals her beloved weapon.
Villager 1: That's an interesting name you've given it... I don't think I've ever laid eyes on something so vicious-looking yet having such a sophisticated construction...
Villager 2: The earth-shakin' rumble of that motor is music to mah ears... I've never heard a cooler tune!
Hallessena: Did you say cool? You actually get that it's, like, insanely mind-blowing levels of cool?
Villager 2: Ooh yeah, you could say that again!
Hallessena: Keeheehee! Crazy to the max!
Hallessena: You're a pretty swell fellow, aren't ya!
Having her weapon showered with heaps of praise allows Hallessena to gradually loosen up.
Villager 1: We've never seen anything like this in the village before...
Villager 1: Where did you acquire such a machine?
Hallessena: Hehe, this is gonna knock your socks off...
Hallessena: But I put everything I had and then some into making this drop-dead gorgeous thing myself!
Villager 1: Y-you built it yourself?
Villager 2: To be able to think up such a radical creation and then actually build it is pure genius, I tell ya!
Villager 1: She just might be the right person for the job!
Villager 2: No arguments there!
Excitement stirs among the villagers.
They bow their heads to Hallessena in unison.
Villager 1: We have a favor to ask!
Villager 2: Won't you please help us plan an upcoming event for the village?
Hallessena: Huh? What do you mean?
Villager 1: We've plateaued with what we can do for Halloween.
The villagers begin explaining in earnest to a surprised Hallessena.
Villager 1: I suppose you're aware of how we celebrate Halloween in this village every year?
Villager 1: Well, we've been finding it harder and harder to keep up with the increasing demands to liven up the event.
Villager 2: Visitors here for the village's festivities have been on the rise in recent years. We've been thinkin' of ways to breathe new life into Halloween, all while preserving its good ol' tradition.
Villager 2: That's when we thought of startin' a new event... and you just happened to walk by!
Hallessena: Oh, I get it now... So that's why you guys were looking at me all googly-eyed earlier.
Villager 2: That's right! When we heard that killer rumblin' sound of yer Divine Death Saw of Death...
Villager 2: We just knew it had the power to break the sense of stagnation that's been plaguin' our Halloween festivities!
Villager 1: And considering it was you who had the technical prowess and creativity to craft such a masterpiece...
Villager 1: We firmly believe you are the right person to bring an equal level of genius to our Halloween!
Villagers: So please! Won't you help us?
Hallessena: Wha... N-no way...
Hallessena: (These guys seriously need some help. I'd love to lend a hand, but I'm not sure I'm up to it...)
Hallessena strokes her chin in deep thought.
Vyrn: Look, (Captain)! We found her!
Lyria: Hey, Hallessena!
(Captain) and company show up on the other side of the road.
Hallessena: Ah, hello, everyone! Thank goodness... I was looking all over for you!
Vyrn: Likewise... Hope it wasn't too bad for you getting through those massive crowds.
Hallessena: Keeheehee! All gravy on my side!
Vyrn: Yeah? Why's your voice all shaky then...
Lyria: Ah, look at all those villagers! It must've been you who kept Hallessena safe!
Villager 1: Oh, no, no! We didn't do a thing!
Villager 2: It's the other way around. We're the ones bein' helped!
Lyria & Vyrn: ...?
Unable to comprehend the situation, (Captain) and company tilt their heads in puzzlement.
Hallessena suddenly claps her hands together.
Hallessena: I know! (Captain), I have a favor to ask...
Hallessena explains that she's been asked to help liven up Halloween for the village.
Lyria: So you've been asked to come up with a new event?
Vyrn: That's impressive... You thinking of taking up the job?
Hallessena: Mm-hm. It'd be a nice thing for both the people and ghosts of the village.
Hallessena: Problem is, I might be good with machines, but I've never done event planning before...
Hallessena: I'm not sure I can do it alone... But maybe with your help...
The others trade glances before turning back to Hallessena.
  1. Of course!
  2. Anything for you, Hallessena.

Choose: Of course!

Lyria: We're glad you asked, Hallessena!
Vyrn: Doesn't look like it's gonna be a walk in the park, but I'm willing to give it a shot!
Hallessena: Keeheehee! Yeah, baby! Now that I've got everyone's help, I'm practically invincible!
Hallessena: Thanks. I'm totally gonna make this happen!
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Choose: Anything for you, Hallessena.

Lyria: That's right! If it's something you really want to do, we're willing to go all in with you.
Vyrn: What she said!
Hallessena: Th-this is a bit embarrassing to admit, but it makes me insanely happy to hear that!
Hallessena: Hyahaa! Just you watch! I'm gonna give this job some crazy effort!

Continue 1

With encouragement from her fellow crew members, Hallessena is all pumped up about helping out for Halloween.
Hallessena: I'll show you I've got what it takes to liven up an event for an entire village!
Hallessena: Wait for me, (Captain)! I've got some preparations to make first!
Hallessena returns to the Grandcypher ahead of the others.
Hallessena: Ta-da! What do you think, (Captain)? Am I mega-crazy drop-dead gorgeous or what!
On the next day, the sprightly Draph appears before the crew in a new costume.
Lyria: Wow! You look incredible in that, Hallessena!
Vyrn: Whoa, you whipped that up overnight? I knew you were handy with that sorta stuff, but this is really something else...
Hallessena: Hehe, you can say that again! Thought I'd start out with an insanely lovely costume to hype myself up!
Hallessena: I even got some advice from Cagliostro and Chloe on the design.
Hallessena: And it was Pengy who painted my Divine Death Saw of Death! Aren't these some of the most wicked cool patterns you've ever seen!
Hallessena: Keeheehee! Now I'm ready to start thinking about what to do for the actual event!
Hallessena: It's gonna be downright crazy!
Clad in her new costume, Hallessena is determined to make Halloween a success.
She heads out to town with the crew for inspiration and ideas.