Scenario:Haohmaru - Two Bound By Steel

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Two Bound By Steel

Haohmaru encounters his longtime rival Genjuro Kibagami; they share a deep connection understandable only to themselves. Haohmaru tells a brief story about their time training together before requesting to join the crew.

Genjuro: Haohmaru... I'll kill you!
Haohmaru: Heheh. How much longer were you planning to keep me waiting, Genjuro?
Haohmaru and Genjuro are connected by the byzantine workings of fate.
The two draw their blades, imbuing both with spirit as they move in for the kill.
Lyria: Oh my gosh... This isn't good! Haohmaru's gotten into another fight!
(Captain) is already moving in between the two swordfighters, ready to die in order to stop the fight.
Haohmaru: Gwah! Watch out!
Genjuro: What are you doing, kid?
(Captain)'s weapon deflects the converging blades.
Genjuro: Do you have a death wish?
Haohmaru: Heh heh, now this is a surprise! We were going at it with everything we had, and you still tried to stop us anyway!
Genjuro: Don't be stupid. A coincidence is what saved you!
Genjuro disdainfully rests his sword on his shoulder.
Genjuro: My interest in fighting you is dead. But next time... I'll cut you down where you stand!
With this furious exclamation, Genjuro dashes away, kicking up dust as he goes.
Taken aback by this turn of events, Lyria fearfully begins to speak.
Lyria: It feels like we shouldn't have interfered...
Haohmaru: ...
Lyria: But he was fighting you, so I guess he must think of us as enemies...
Haohmaru: Yeah, well. When it comes to him, things are... complicated. Not really something I can sum up easily.
Lyria: Um... Complicated, you say?
Haohmaru: Yeah. To put it mildly. Going into detail's gonna take a while...
Haohmaru lets out a sigh, sits down on a nearby outcropping, and begins his tale.
Genjuro: Doryaaah!
Haohmaru: Oryaaaah!
Haohmaru: A long time ago, me and Genjuro trained under the same swordmaster. We were stewed in the same pot by the same cook.
Haohmaru: But I was the only one the master recognized. Genjuro's soul was deemed too black, and he was booted out.
Haohmaru: Ever since that day, we've crossed swords every time we've run into each other.
Haohmaru: Heh heh... And to think we used to play hanafuda after training way back when...
Lyria: Hand-a-boota? What's that?
Haohmaru: It's nothing. Forget I said anything.
Haohmaru: Anyway. You mentioned you were after Amakusa too, right?
Haohmaru: Let me come with you. Bet my sword'll come in handy.
  1. So you're just muscle for hire!
  2. Just don't cut anything on the ship.

Choose: So you're just muscle for hire!

Haohmaru: You know a thing or two, don'tcha? But yeah, that's the score. I'll cut whatever comes our way down to size!
Haohmaru: Oryaaah!
Lyria: Eep... T-that's r-reassuring...
Vyrn: Watch it, Bushy Bushido! You're scaring Lyria!
Haohmaru: Whoops... Real sorry about that, miss.
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Choose: Just don't cut anything on the ship.

Haohmaru: Got it. I swear on the gods above to never so much as unsheathe my sword.
Lyria: No matter what! I want a pinky swear promise from you!
Haohmaru: Oshaaaaa!
Vyrn: That's exactly the kind of thing we don't want you doing!
Haohmaru: Hm? What kind of thing?
Vyrn: It's hopeless, Lyria. Bushy Bushido here isn't listening to a word we say.
Haohmaru: Sigh... I get it. Quit whining.
Haohmaru: Wherever a samurai goes, their heart's always on the battlefield. Ha ha ha...

Continue 1

With that minor incident out of the way, Haohmaru, the dependable samurai, joins the crew.