Scenario:Herja - Last Love

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Last Love

Herja can't stop thinking about the man she met. When Rosetta finds out, she assures Herja that she'll meet him again someday.

Herja: ...
Juice Stand Man: Apple juice! Get yer apple juice here! Freshly squeezed! Guaranteed to be the juiciest apple juice you've ever tasted or your money back!
Vyrn: Whoa! Did someone say apples? Guys, we gotta get some!
Lyria: Rosetta! Can we go get some? Pleaaase!
Rosetta: All right, little ones, go on ahead. But don't stray too far. Understood?
Lyria: Yes, ma'am! Let's go, (Captain)!
Herja: Hehe... It's times like these when I'm reminded just how young (Captain) still is.
Rosetta: You took the words right out of my mouth. Our captain is so reliable it can be easy to forget sometimes.
Herja: ...
Rosetta: Herja. Are you thinking about that man from before?
Herja: Ah! Well, I um... How should I put this...
Herja: Yes.
Rosetta: Hehe. Just as I thought. Can't get him out of your head, can you?
Herja: To be honest, I've had this strange feeling in my chest ever since we left the boutique.
Herja: I can't quite describe it—I've never felt this way before.
Herja: I... just want to see him again. And I can't think of anything else.
Rosetta: I'm sure you'll meet again someday. Fate always has a way of bringing two hearts together.
Herja and Rosetta continue their exchange as they watch (Captain) and the others frolic about. Their tender moment, however, is rudely interrupted.
Hooligan 1: Dagnabbit! Ain't there anythin' to do 'round here? I could sure go for a fight or a real purty dame right about now!
Hooligan 2: Well, how about that! Looks like we've found ourselves a couple of top-notch ladies! Dibs on the foxy one!
Rosetta: Sigh. I'm afraid we're a tad busy right now, boys. Try coming back in a couple of centuries and we'll think about it.
Hooligan 1: Why you little! That how you answer a compliment? You better show some respect!
Herja: Listen, you two. This is a public place, and you're making a very unsightly scene. I suggest you apologize for your boorish conduct and leave.
Hooligan 2: C'mon, honey! Don't play hard to get!
Rosetta: She's not playing. Now take her advice and run along.
Hooligan 1: Looks like someone needs to teach these two who's boss around here!
Herja: Hey! Get your hands off of me!
Rosetta: Tch... And we were having such a nice time. You two need to be taught some manners.
Herja: I'd prefer not to draw my sword, but you leave me no choice.
As she issues her challenge, Herja unsheathes her blade.
Herja: I am Herja, commander of the Iron Spear. And I'm more than willing to deal with you myself.

Last Love: Scene 2

The man realizes Herja commands a group of agents responsible for killing his family and challenges her to a duel. Herja soundly defeats the man, who tells her his feelings were genuine, and she promises to face him again the next time they meet.

Lyria: Oh my gosh! Are you okay? I can't believe all this happened while we were at the juice stand...
Rosetta: Hehe. Nothing to be concerned about, Lyria. We just had a little fun with them. They ran away before we even got to the good part.
Lyria: I-if you say so...
Herja: Hmm... Where'd it go? Here? No... Hmm, not here either...
Vyrn: Whatcha lookin' for, Herja?
Herja: I seem to have lost my handkerchief. I could have sworn I had it in this pocket...
???: Might you be looking for this?
Herja: Huh?
Herja turns around and finds the man from the boutique standing before her holding a handkerchief.
Gentleman: I thought it was you. We meet again.
Herja: I-it's you!
Gentleman: You dropped this. Right over here.
Herja: Um... Th-thank you.
Vyrn: Is it me, or is Herja's face getting kind of red?
Lyria: Vyrn! Shush!
Gentleman: Quite the coincidence for us to meet twice in the same day, isn't it?
Herja: Y-yes... What a coincidence.
Gentleman: It's a pleasure meeting you again. Is this your family?
Herja: Family? Yes. They're as good as family to me.
Gentleman: I see. It must be nice having such a large family. My sister and I only have each other.
Gentleman: Since she's all the family I have, I find that I tend to spoil her sometimes.
Herja: I see... And have you managed to find her a birthday present yet?
Gentleman: Haha. Not quite yet, I'm afraid. I'm trying to figure out what a girl might want.
Herja: I'm sorry... I feel somewhat responsible for putting you in this situation in the first place.
Gentleman: How about this, then: we'll meet up tomorrow and you can help me pick out a present. What do you say?
Herja: M-me? I-I'm not sure I'm the best person for the task...
Gentleman: How about thinking of it less as a task and more as a date?
Herja: A d-date?
Gentleman: I'd like to get to know you a little better. Assuming that's okay with you, of course.
Having met the one her heart had so longed for, Herja lets slip a tiny squeak of joy.
With encouragement from Rosetta and Lyria, Herja accepts the man's invitation.
Herja: I-if you really are all right with little old me... Then by all means.
Gentleman: I was hoping you'd say that! I'll see you tomorrow then!
Lyria: Yippee! A date! I can't imagine how excited you must be, Herja!
Herja: ...
The next day finds Herja by a cafe, waiting for the man she met.
Herja: Sigh...
But no matter how long she waits, her companion never appears.
Herja: Perhaps I came too early? But I could have sworn...
Herja: ...
Herja: I don't suppose he might have run into some trouble along the way...
Fears and doubts run rampant in her heart as Herja continues to wait. And wait. And wait.
Gentleman: ...
Herja: There you are! I'm so glad you came! I was getting worried that something might have...
Herja's words trail off when she notices the pained expression on the man's face.
Herja: Is something wrong?
Gentleman: The Iron Spear...
Herja: What?
Gentleman: Are you... Herja, commander of the Iron Spear?
Herja: How do you know such a thing?
Gentleman: Answer the question! Is it true?
Herja: Indeed. I am Herja, commander of the Iron Spear. But why—
Before Herja can finish her sentence, the man unsheathes his sword and points it at her.
Herja: Wh-what's the meaning of this?
Gentleman: I... I'll have your head! Say whatever prayers you have. They'll be cut short soon enough!
The man lunges at her with his sword. Herja barely manages to draw her own blade and deflect the attack.
Gentleman: Gasp... So it's true, then!
Herja: Wait! Please, I don't understand—
Gentleman: You... You destroyed the only semblance of family my sister and I ever had!
Herja: What?
The man explains that he was once part of an organization of agents at odds with the Iron Spear.
Gentleman: They were like family to us. It was the only place where I felt like I belonged. But on that fateful night, the Iron Spear shattered our family into pieces.
Gentleman: My sister and I were on a different assignment at the time, so we didn't know about the tragedy that had befallen us.
Gentleman: But when we returned to headquarters, there was no one to be found.
Gentleman: Contacting former members of our organization was impossible.
Gentleman: We had lost the war, after all, and agents who fight for fallen lands risk losing their lives if discovered.
Gentleman: My sister and I have lived every day since then with the pain and sadness that comes from losing one's family.
Herja: That's what it means to be an agent. You live your life on the battlefield, knowing any moment could be your last.
Gentleman: You said yourself that the people you were with yesterday were like family to you. What would you do if they met the same fate?
Gentleman: The heart can't simply forget the pain of the past!
Herja: ...
Gentleman: That's why I vowed revenge on the ones who destroyed my family! I vowed revenge on you!
The man swings his sword at Herja, but she deflects his weapon with a powerful riposte of her own.
The force of the blow sends him hurtling to the ground. He doesn't try to get back up.
Herja stabs the tip of her sword into the ground.
Herja: Is that the best you can do?
Gentleman: ...
Herja: This is why you approached me in that store to begin with, isn't it?
Herja's voice trembles with sorrow.
Gentleman: If I had known who you were, I... I wouldn't have gone to the trouble of putting on a show like that...
Herja: ...!
Gentleman: Everything I said to you... I meant every word!
Monster: Groooar!
Herja: A monster! Watch out!
In but a fraction of a second, Herja cuts down the monster that attacked the man.
Gentleman: Why?
Herja: ...
Herja: Our time together may have been short, but the moments we shared have meant very much to me.
Gentleman: ...!
Herja: We chose an agent's life because we had to.
Herja: And no matter how hard we try, we can't change the past.
Herja: We need not hurt each other any more than we already have.
Herja: If we ever meet again, I will face you as Herja... commander of the Iron Spear.
With these parting words, Herja leaves the man to be.

Last Love: Scene 3

Herja comes to terms with her identity as an agent and parts with the man. The weight lifted from her shoulders, she cheerfully declares to the crew that she's taking a break from love and will focus on finding her family.

On the way back to the ship, Herja encounters a troop of ruthless monsters.
She swings her sword with reckless abandon, slaying one monster after another.
Lyria: Ah! Welcome back, Herja! How'd the date go?
Vyrn: Hm? You're all red in the face! Must've been pretty fun!
Herja: To love is to experience a whirlwind of emotions, sensations... and peril.
Rosetta: ...
Herja, are you all right?
Herja: Yes. But I think I'll be taking a break from love for now. I need to refine the sword techniques I learned from my father if I'm going to find my family!
Herja: Our training regimen begins again tomorrow, (Captain)! I expect to see you there!
Herja lets out a cheery smile. A weight, it seems, has been lifted from her shoulders.
The Herja of old, so clouded with disappointments and confusion, is nowhere to be found.