Scenario:Herja - The Agents' Head Honcho

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The Agents' Head Honcho

The island on which our heroes landed was quite far off the beaten path. There they met Herja, the top boss of an agent group. She'd once belonged to a family, a family consumed by their hunger for glory. They'd been scattered and Herja dreamed fiercely to one day see their faces again. She set out on a journey, hoping not for marriage but for strict discipline.

On one island, since time immemorial, each generation of the governing clan stood to inherit a cherished primal crystal.
The party had followed the rumor to an island. The welcome they found was less than gentle.
Iron Spear Agent 1: Oi! Hold it right there!
Vyrn: Hm? Not sure I like where this is going...
Vyrn: Aaah! What the hell are you doing?! Watch it with that thing!
Iron Spear Agent 1: Why you little! Nimble, aren't you! Stand still! Geez!
Vyrn: I'll stand still when you listen! We're not-
Iron Spear Agent 2: Why, you little- They day will never come when the mighty Iron Spear is bested by some lizard!
Vyrn: Aw, screw you! Who the hell are you calling a lizard?!
Herja: This seems to be quite the event... care to fill me in?
Iron Spear Agent 2: Ah! Sister Herja! We found these idiots trying to sneak into town.
Herja: Take a good look. The care they pay to their equipment... the abundant magical power...
Herja: If they wanted to break into town, we'd not have had much say in the matter.
Iron Spear Agent 2: !!!
Vyrn: Yup, yup... you got a good head on your shoulders, sister.
Herja: Dear travelers. Forgive my agents for their poor manners. I am Herja, commander of the Iron Spear.
Herja: We rarely see visitors on our little island.
Lyria: Oh... um! We heard that there might be a family here that knows about primal crystals...
Herja: . . !
Vyrn: Wait. Do you know something about that?
Herja: I believe the family you seek is none other than my own. But...
It seemed a storm cloud hung over Herja as she began to speak.
Herja's clan had not only nobility and history, but an unquenchable thirst for glory.
Herja's father had been their leader. No sooner had he died than the family descended into bloody chaos, squabbling over the inheritance. When the dust settled, they'd all been scattered to the four winds.
Herja: I'd been driven out at a young age. The only things I took with me were my father's lessons in the sword.
Herja: As to the legendary crystal? I can't say...
Lyria: Oh, my...
Herja: I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Vyrn: So... you've been on your own every since, huh?
Herja: Please. You need not look so glum. In time I found a new family. My agents...
Iron Spear Agent 1: !!! S-Sister Herja!
Iron Spear Agent 2: Ah... it's as the commander says. But that's all the more reason we understand.
Iron Spear Agent 2: You... don't you want to see your real family again, Sister?
Herja: I... well...
Lyria: I know! Maybe if we can find that crystal we can find your family...
Lyria: Would you come with us? I know I'd feel much better having you around!
Lyria: And you're not the only one who's trying to find someone.
Lyria: Right, (Captain)?
  1. Lend us your strength
  2. We'll find our families. Together.

Choose: Lend us your strength
Herja: I see... you... your family...
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: We'll find our families. Together.
Herja: If you wouldn't mind... I'll be happy to join you!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Awesome! That's what I like to hear! Let's head out! Get whatever you need and let's go!
Herja: Yes!
Iron Spear Agent 1: Excuse me, travelers... I forgot to mention... sister Herja is quite, erm, strict in her training...
Herja: Thank you for waiting!
Vyrn: What?! Th-that's a lot of stuff...
Herja: Practice sword, training dummy, weights, and armor.
Herja: You want to be strong? Then train every day. My father taught me that. I'm sure you'll be joining me?
Vyrn: Hah... haha...(dang it, (Captain)...)
Herja's family in arms had gathered to see her off as she sailed with her new friends into the great, big sky.
From the tip of her sword to the depths of her heart, she hoped that on one of those islands her family would be waiting for her...