Scenario:Ippatsu - Ippatsu Indignation

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Ippatsu Indignation

Disappointed with the perception of ramen as junk food at a particular ramen chain, Ippatsu has a squabble with the shopkeep. He then decides to create the ideal bowl of ramen himself to spread the true greatness of ramen.

No version of Ippatsu in crew

The noodle-loving man Ippatsu would do anything for a bowl of ramen—the local cuisine of a remote island.
He searches far and wide in the Phantagrande Skydom to collect ingredients for the ramen master.
However, Ippatsu has no means of reaching the ramen master, who has since set up shop in another skydom.
Fortunately he was able to cross paths with (Captain) and company, who were trying to cross the Grim Basin.
Ippatsu: I mean, I've collected some ingredients, but I have no airship capable of getting me to the ramen master's skydom.
Ippatsu: And the Seven Luminary Knights are too busy for me to get in touch with.
Ippatsu: But if I go with you, I might be able to go and see the master personally!
(Captain) gladly welcomed Ippatsu aboard the Grandcypher.
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Any version of Ippatsu is a crew member

Ippatsu, lover of all things ramen.
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Some time after his admission into the crew...
(Captain) and company widen their eyes at the row of signs planted along the road on a certain island.
Ippatsu: Could this be...
Lyria: Erm... I see "ramen" plastered all over.
Ippatsu: Ahh, do you see it too? What a blessing it is to know mine eyes do not deceive me!
Ippatsu: Ramen awaits us just past these signs!
Ippatsu: It calls out to me like a siren to a scoundrel! Just a little farther now!
Vyrn: Hey, wait for us!
Lyria: A-ahaha... Ippatsu's passion for ramen is really something.
Amused by the absurdity of it all, the crew chases after the exuberant Ippatsu.
They follow the signs to find a ritzy ramen shop on the main road.
Ippatsu: ...!
Lyria: Wow, this place is really big!
Vyrn: Yeah, just look at all those customers inside! I can already tell you're gonna love this place, Ippatsu!
Ippatsu: ...
Vyrn: Hey, what's wrong? You'd usually be more—
Ippatsu: Aaaauggh!
Ippatsu: My heart pounds with excitement to no end!
Vyrn: Whoa!
Lyria: Um... Your heart is... pounding?
Ippatsu: Yaaas!
Ippatsu: Ramen was originally born as the traditional cuisine of one particular island.
Ippatsu: So it behooves me to say... that ramen is not particularly well-known across the skies!
Ippatsu: But still I must ask you to feast your eyes on the magnificent ramen shop before you!
Ippatsu: Located right in the middle of this busy road! How splendid it looks!
Ippatsu: Not to mention the mass legions who dine within its walls!
Ippatsu: They indulge in the wondrous delight that is ramen as if it were an everyday commodity!
Ippatsu: To not be moved would be a paradox of the greatest magnitude!
Lyria: I see... Come to think of it, I don't see ramen shops all that often.
Ippatsu: Precisely! Ahh, the excitement within my breast soars!
Ippatsu: But enough talk! Come—let us discover the remarkable taste for ourselves!
Rushed in by Ippatsu, the crew take their seats and do not wait long for their ramen.
Ippatsu: Aaagh! That heavenly scent alone is worth the price!
Ippatsu: Chicken broth, is it? No! To make such false accusations before even taking a sip would be outrageous!
Lyria: Hehe, it'd be a shame if it gets cold... Let's eat up right away!
Ippatsu: Truer words have never been spoken! Now then...
Ippatsu: Without further ado!
Ippatsu: Slurp... Chew...
Ippatsu: Oh my...
Ippatsu: This tingling sensation as the rich aroma of the soy sauce pervades my senses and passes into my throat!
Ippatsu: But no!
Ippatsu: While I do like the mixture of condiments used, they fail to do justice to the broth!
Ippatsu: It differs little from a woodpecker knackered from pecking too much wood!
Ippatsu: I imagine a faulty draining process to be the culprit.
Ippatsu: And the noodles are just as lackluster!
Ippatsu: It is as if they've strained their backs from busting a move too many in the soup!
Ippatsu: If only they'd been given just an itty-bitty bit more time to simmer!
Vyrn: Nom... Nom... Well, I can't speak on the details, but it's kinda meh.
Ippatsu: So you see it too!
Ippatsu: With just a little more effort, this could have been such marvelous ramen!
Ippatsu: Hey, mister! Tell me—what is the meaning of this imperfection!
Menacing Shopkeep: Argh, shut your yappin' for goodness sake!
Ippatsu: You will tell me why this bowl of ramen did not receive your utmost love and care!
Menacing Shopkeep: Youse got a problem with my ramen?
Ippatsu: That's right! What a damned crying shame your ramen is!
Ippatsu: Do you not hear the muffled cries of the delicate noodles?
Menacing Shopkeep: The heck is wrong with youse! Cheap and fast is the way I like to do things! Nuthin' wrong with that!
Menacing Shopkeep: Tch... Worryin' about every stinkin' little detail costs money, you know!
Menacing Shopkeep: At the end of the day, I need to turn a profit, ya noodle-noggin!
Ippatsu: But that's—
Menacing Shopkeep: Can it already! If youse just gonna grumble and moan, then get the hell out! The other customers don't need to hear this crap!
The shopkeep grabs Ippatsu by the neck and tosses him out the door.
Not wishing to exacerbate things, (Captain) and the others follow Ippatsu outside.
Ippatsu: Sigh...
Vyrn: Erm... I know how ya feel, Ippatsu, but laying it on so thick in there probably wasn't the best way to go about it.
Vyrn: But, yeah, I'll take yummy ramen over meh ramen any day!
Ippatsu: Vyrn...
Ippatsu: You should know the unexceptional flavor alone isn't quite what disheartens me...
Ippatsu: Consider the fact that the shop is smack dab in the middle of this busy street...
Ippatsu: When the people of this town hear "ramen," that place is the first thing they think of.
Ippatsu: Meaning ramen is nothing out of the ordinary for them.
Ippatsu: Oh, the anguish that tears at my heart...
Ippatsu: Sigh...
The others in the crew exchange looks while trying to console Ippatsu.
(Captain) asks Lyria to stay with Ippatsu before going back into town to verify something.
Ippatsu: I suppose being down in the dumps all day won't change much of anything...
Vyrn: Ippatsu! Boy, have we got news for you!
Vyrn: Heheh, there's a ramen shop in the neighboring town too! Whaddya say we go try cleansing our palates there?
Lyria: Yeah! Things didn't turn out too well here, but I'm sure the next place will be better!
Ippatsu: You guys...
Vyrn: Let's get a move on! I didn't eat much back there, so I'm starvin' now!
Ippatsu: Yes, of course! Let us make tracks!
The crew sets out for the ramen shop in the neighboring town.
Ippatsu: Wha...
Ippatsu: The signs are identical...
Lyria: Come to think of it, the shape of the building looks just like the last one...
Having overheard their conversation, the owner of this shop comes out to greet the crew.
Branch Shopkeep: You folks talking about the ramen place in the town over? We're all part of the same chain, so you can expect us to deliver the same tasty flavor!
Ippatsu: Urgh!
Ippatsu: A branch... serving the same ramen...
Branch Shopkeep: Huh? Um... Ramen's pretty much the same everywhere you go on this island.
Ippatsu: Ngh!
Ippatsu: By Jove, tell me it's not true!
Lyria: Eep! I-Ippatsu?
The crew goes into a panic as Ippatsu drops to his knees at the revelation.
Ippatsu clenches his fists and slams them on the ground as he lets out a strained voice.
Ippatsu: My poor, poor ramen... You deserve so much better!
Branch Shopkeep: Um... What's that supposed to mean?
Ippatsu: I can respect the effort to serve ramen at a very affordable price.
Ippatsu: It's cheap. It's fast. You can eat it anytime! Nothing wrong with that.
Ippatsu: That's probably the impression everyone in town has of ramen.
Ippatsu: They must all think, "Yeah, I know ramen's not exactly tasty..."
Ippatsu: But ramen has so much more potential...
Ippatsu: That is what stings like daggers to my heart!
Ippatsu: Sob... Uwaaah...
Vyrn: I feel ya...
Lyria looks on with concern when an idea hits her.
Lyria: Um... Ippatsu! Why not take it upon yourself to show the people of this island how delicious ramen can be?
Ippatsu: Me? Show them delicious ramen?
Lyria: Yes! You can make the best there is and show them firsthand the joy that is ramen!
Ippatsu: The joy... that is ramen...
Ippatsu: No... My specialty is in its consumption.
Ippatsu: For me to produce ramen truly worthy of its greatness is an exercise in futili—
Branch Shopkeep: Hey, I think you should give it a shot! I'm kind of a newbie to this sorta thing.
Branch Shopkeep: If it's too much for you to handle alone, I'd be more than glad to lend a hand!
Ippatsu: Shopkeep...
Vyrn: Hahah! It doesn't get much better than this, Ippatsu! Go for it!
  1. You the man! The Ramen Man!

Choose: You the man! The Ramen Man!
Ippatsu: (Captain)...
Ippatsu: Thank you for believing in me!
Ippatsu: It must have been the hand of fate that guided me here!
Ippatsu: Consider this challenge accepted! Brace yourselves, everyone! Greatness is coming!
A bold resolve takes hold within Ippatsu's heart.
And thus begins his quest to prove to the townspeople just how euphoric a bowl of noodles can be.