Scenario:Izuminokami Kanesada - Remembrance

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Horikawa and Izuminokami reunite in their bodily forms and reminisce about their previous master, Hijikata of the Shinsengumi. Izuminokami then wakes up on the deck of the Grandcypher to find that it was all but a dream.

Horikawa: Ngh...
Horikawa Kunihiro, who has only recently acquired his human form, takes a stroll through the Citadel—headquarters of the Touken Danshi.
Izuminokami: Hey, Kunihiro!
Horikawa: Ah, Kane-san! Is everything okay?
Izuminokami: I was just wondering how you've taken to your new body. Gotten used to it yet?
Horikawa: Thanks for asking. I'm still adjusting to my new form actually.
Horikawa: I feel bad about troubling you with it though. I really ought to be able to take care of myself better.
Izuminokami: Well, it's only fair considering how much you have to get accustomed to. I was the same too, you know.
Izuminokami: Feeling thirsty and hungry, yearning for a bed after a long day... There are just so many little things to deal with.
Horikawa: It's all such a shock at first... Gaining a human form may seem like such a blessing, but you quickly learn how inconvenient it can be.
Izuminokami: Mm-hm, but at least we get to drink sake.
Horikawa: Speaking of sake, you ought to learn to curb your cravings, Kane-san.
Izuminokami: Yeah, yeah.
Izuminokami: Your buttons aren't lined up properly.
Horikawa: Wha! Oh boy, who knew even getting dressed would be so difficult...
Izuminokami: That's just how it is. All right, so this button goes here, and...
Izuminokami: There, all done.
Horikawa: Thanks, Kane-san. I guess I'm not really cut out to be your partner, huh...
Izuminokami: C'mon now, that's nothing to feel down about.
Izuminokami: In any case, you don't lose anything by looking good. It's just another thing to watch out for from now on.
Horikawa: That reminds me... Kane-san, your haori...
Horikawa: Doesn't it bring back memories of Hijikata-san, our former master?
Izuminokami: Definitely. Just putting this on makes me feel like I'm ready for anything.
Horikawa: Yeah, you look really cool with it, Kane-san.
Horikawa: It's too bad we couldn't fight to the end with Hijikata-san...
Izuminokami: Yeah, I've never gotten over that either.
Horikawa: I'm just glad we get to fight together again, Kane-san.
Izuminokami: Just don't let the memories of our previous master drag you down, Kunihiro.
Horikawa: Huh?
Izuminokami: He was our pride, and nothing will ever change that.
Izuminokami: But we now serve the saniwa. As Touken Danshi, our lives belong to our current master.
Izuminokami: I hope you've got that straight.
Horikawa: Yes, I do...
Izuminokami: Enough talking—I'm starving. Let's go for dinner!
Horikawa: Okay!
Izuminokami: Mnng...
Izuminokami: Hrrgh... Was that a dream just now?
Izuminokami: Kunihiro...
Lyria: Is everything okay, Izuminokami? What are you doing here anyway?
Izuminokami: Hm? Ah... I must've fallen asleep. The gentle sun and breeze just felt so good...
Lyria: Haha. Yeah, the weather's nice, isn't it? I'm sure the laundry will dry up really fast too!
Izuminokami: Uh-huh. I can never get enough of the clear blue sky.
Lyria: Yikes! My hair...
Izuminokami: There's not much we can do about our long hair getting caught in the wind.
Izuminokami and Lyria straighten their hair with their fingers.
Izuminokami: ...
Izuminokami stops when a strand gets stuck around an ear piercing.
Izuminokami: ...
Lyria: Is something the matter, Izuminokami?
Izuminokami: No, it's nothing...
Vyrn: Huh? Whatcha doin' here, Coatster?
Izuminokami: Hm, were you looking for me?
Vyrn: We've got trouble! Silverlocks and his buddy are fooling around in the engine room.
Vyrn: It's becoming a problem for Rackam. We were hoping you might be able to do something about it, Coatster.
Izuminokami: Silverlocks and his buddy? You mean Tsurumaru and Mutsunokami?
Izuminokami: Ugh, not those two again!
Izuminokami: I'll handle it. You won't hear another peep from them when I'm done.
Izuminokami: But I'll need you to lead me to the engine room.
Vyrn: Heheh, I knew we could count on you, Coatster! Engine room's this way!
Izuminokami: Let's do this!
A series of unexpected events leads to a fun-filled adventure for a select few Touken Danshi.
As Izuminokami Kanesada continues to search for a way home, his bond with (Captain) and company gradually strengthens.