Scenario:Jamil - Uncertain Tomorrow

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Uncertain Tomorrow

The crew receives a letter explaining that Jamil has been captured by former members of the Imperial Intelligence Bureau (IIB). Unwilling to abandon a friend in need, they backtrack to Jamil's location.

Some time passes after (Captain) and company part with Jamil and prepare to leave the Phantagrande Skydom.
Preparations complete, the crew gets ready to take on the Grim Basin.
But (Captain) notices a hint of concern in Lyria's expression and calls out to her.
Lyria: Ah, I was just thinking of Jamil...
Lyria: You know, maybe we shouldn't have left him all alone back there...
Lyria: I can't imagine what sort of trouble he's going up against right now...
(Captain) nods, understanding her concern.
Just then a distant voice calls out to them.
Messenger: You guys in the airship! Please hear me out before taking off!
Lyria: Hm? That armor... He's from the Erste Kingdom—Yes? What is it?
The crew welcomes the messenger onto the airship.
Lyria: Anything we can help with? Oh no, don't tell me... Did something happen to Orchis?
Messenger: No, Her Highness is well! I am simply here to deliver a letter from her.
Vyrn: Okeydoke... So we just gotta read that letter then!
(Captain) takes the letter and begins reading it with Lyria and Vyrn.
Lyria: Erm... So the Imperial Intelligence Bureau was scaled down when the Erste Empire reverted to a kingdom...
Lyria: And the former spies who used to work there have started up a business selling valuable intel.
Vyrn: Wait! It says here those guys have captured Jamil! Not good, guys!
The letter explains that because the group responsible is no longer under the kingdom's jurisdiction, Orchis cannot simply order them to release Jamil.
She apologizes for her inability to do much to help resolve the situation, indicating in the letter the location he is being held hostage.
Having read through the letter, (Captain) gets ready to change the course of the Grandcypher to save Jamil.
Vyrn: (Captain)... You sure about this?
Vyrn: I mean, coming all the way out here right in front of the Grim Basin wasn't easy...
Vyrn: Going back now means we'll have to do it all over again... Just making sure you know the stakes...
  1. Jamil's a friend.
  2. No question about it.

Choose: Jamil's a friend.

Lyria: That's right! Jamil's a valuable friend!
Lyria: Let's go save him, (Captain)!
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Choose: No question about it.

Vyrn: Hehe! I thought you'd say that!
Vyrn: There's no way you'd ever abandon a friend in need!

Continue 1

With a nod (Captain) sets a course for the location Jamil is being held captive.

Uncertain Tomorrow: Scene 2

A former IIB spy explains that he captured Jamil in an attempt to worsen relations between (Captain)'s crew and the Erste Empire. Jamil grows worried, but his fears are quickly allayed when (Captain) and company come in to save the day.

(Captain) and company blaze through the skies, fast approaching Jamil's location.
Meanwhile, Jamil carefully watches for an opportunity to make his escape.
Jamil: ...
Former IIB Spy: Heh, you don't look the least bit terrified. 'Course I'd expect no less from a survivor of the Urzhuwan Clan.
Jamil: ...
Former IIB Spy: How's about I go ahead and crush that smug face of yours?
Former IIB Spy: Humph, why do you think we went through the trouble of capturin' ya?
Jamil: ...
Former IIB Spy: It's to make a big stink between your crew and the Erste Kingdom. Make y'all hate each other and all that.
Jamil: Wha!
Former IIB Spy: Finally changed your tune, eh? Overly powerful crews like yours only upset the balance of the world.
Jamil: And that's a detriment to information-controlling groups like yours, I take it.
Former IIB Spy: So you do get it. Look, I know my buds and I are now former members of the Intelligence Bureau, but we're citizens of the Erste Kingdom first and foremost—
Jamil: And so you want Princess Orchis to take some responsibility in all of this.
Jamil: Diminish the crew's influence by destroying its relations with major players, huh? What a cheap trick.
Former IIB Spy: Heh. You better hope this master of yours don't go blamin' Princess Orchis for the mess.
Jamil: Rgh!
Jamil: (This costly mistake has caused trouble not only for (Captain), but also for the princess, to whom I should be most loyal to...)
Jamil: (The thought of offing myself as a last resort had crossed my mind, but...)
Jamil: (Such a course of action would only further the ends of these nefarious men!)
Jamil: (I must find a way to escape!)
Jamil is now fully determined to make a run for it.
Former IIB Spy: What's that sound?
Lyria: Jamil! You're hurt all over!
Jamil: (Captain), my master... And Lyria, Vyrn... Why have you come?
Vyrn: Hehe! Orchis sent us a letter telling us everything that's going on here! So we came to bust you out!
Jamil: You've come for me?
Lyria: Mm-hm! You're our dear friend after all!
Jamil: ...
Former IIB Spy: You're not gettin' outta here so easy!
Jamil: ...!
Lyria: Hyaah!
Free of his constraints, Jamil repels the former IIB spy's attack aimed at Lyria.
Jamil: I will not allow you to harm Lyria!
Vyrn: All right! Let's cream these guys and get back to the ship, (Captain)!

Uncertain Tomorrow: Scene 3

Jamil wants to torture the former IIB spy for info, refusing at first to hand the spy over to the authorities, but the crew convinces him that torture would only aggravate the cycle of hate. Deep down though, Jamil is torn between his loyalty to (Captain) and his thirst for vengeance.

Jamil and the others obliterate the former IIB spies present.
Vyrn: Whew! We should hand them over to the authorities!
Jamil: Not so fast, Vyrn. These men likely have info concerning the traitor I seek.
Jamil: A bit of torture should make them talk. I don't think it'll take too long, so perhaps you can wait out here while I—
  1. That's enough.
  2. Are your master's words absolute?

Choose: That's enough.

Lyria: Yeah, Jamil! Haven't we seen enough violence for today?
Jamil: But, Lyria...
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Choose: Are your master's words absolute?

Jamil: Absolutely.
Vyrn: We already kicked their butts good. Ain't that enough?
Jamil: But I...

Continue 1

Lyria: Umm... I don't want to hurt these people anymore...
Lyria: But more importantly, this is not something I want to see you doing, Jamil...
Jamil: Lyria...
Lyria: You'll be the one with others bearing grudges on you if you go to such extremes...
(Captain) pats the teary-eyed Lyria on the shoulder and looks Jamil in the eye.
Jamil: Very well... Let us hand them over to the local guards.
Jamil: Lyria... I'm sorry for making you worry so much.
Lyria: It's all right... I'm just really glad you've made the right choice on this!
Vyrn: Time to haul these guys away!
Former IIB Spy: Darn it!
The crew ties down the former IIB spies and drags them out of the hideout.
Jamil gazes at (Captain)'s back while following behind everyone.
Jamil: ...
Jamil: (Forgive me, Master (Captain)... But I cannot so simply give up the feelings of hatred and vengeance I've harbored for all these years.)
Jamil: (That wouldn't be me...)
Though he walks beside the glimmer of hope that is (Captain) and company, Jamil cannot abandon the vengeance he seeks.
Yet even he himself cannot foresee where such feelings may land him one day.