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La Pucelle

In the town of Orleans the party met Jeanne d'Arc. She spoke of a revelation she had received in a dream compelling her to enlighten the world. She stated that Vyrn had the same presence about him as the being that gave her the revelation, and she decided to join our heroes on their journey to Estalucia.

Our heroes continued with their journey, gathering the Sky Map fragments possessed by the great primal beasts so that they could make it to Estalucia.
The party search for the location of the great primal beasts, and to set out for a town that had been told of in legends since time immemorial.
Vyrn: This town certainly does look old! And it’s a little depressing, somehow.
Lyria: That’s right, you are very lively, but not excessively so, and are also quite calm in a way.
???: Hey... Travelers are rare around these parts. Welcome to our town, Orleans.
Lyria: Thank you for explaining that lucidly! It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss. I am Lyria.
Jeanne d'Arc: It is a pleasure to meet you, Lyria. I am Jeanne d'Arc. I lead the military in this town.
Jeanne d'Arc: I want you to call for me if you have any problems in the town. I will do whatever I can to help you.
Vyrn: Hey girlie, you are turning out to be a great person! I’m Vyrn. Pleased to meet ya!
Jeanne d'Arc: ...!
Vyrn: What's wrong? Girlie.
Jeanne d'Arc: I-I’m terribly sorry. The presence about you reminds me of that of a certain someone...
Lyria: There’s someone out there like Vyrn? Um, Mr. Lizard...?
Vyrn: H-hey! I am NOT a lizard!!! How many times do I have to tell you that, Lyria?
Jeanne d'Arc: This being was not a lizard at all! It was a great being who gave me that revelation in my dream.
Vyrn: Hm? What you mean by this revelation?
Jeanne d'Arc: You do not know of this, do you. However, this feeling...
Jeanne d'Arc: I did not see his form in my dream... It was all so very vague to me... Yet, there is a resemblance...
Jeanne d'Arc: It is kind of a long story, but this town values tradition, and for that reason I would like to talk to you about it.
Jeanne d'Arc: After the God of Creation who had created this world went to sleep, evil deities tried to invade this world.
Jeanne d'Arc: At the time, of all the people who had been created by the God of Creation, a lone human did battle with the evil gods and defeated them.
Jeanne d'Arc: That person was the progenitor of this town, and is considered a great hero.
Lyria: I see... So the people of this town are the descendants of that hero!
Jeanne d'Arc: That’s right. We take pride in that fact...
Jeanne d'Arc: Thus to prepare for the time when those evil deities may return, we train every day in preparation for a battle to protect the world.
Vyrn: That so-called hero is a legend... So probably just a fairytale, right?! Oh how very grand.
Jeanne d'Arc: As far as we are concerned, the training that we undergo to resist the evil gods is the foundation for our lives.
Jeanne d'Arc: It was a day during my days of continuous training that I received my revelation in a dream. I was commanded to enlighten the world...
Lyria: The world...?!
Jeanne d'Arc: Although it was a dream, the being that gave me my revelation had an incredible presence.
Jeanne d'Arc: The beings divinity and magnificence gave me no room to doubt that the revelation was a lie.
Jeanne d'Arc: And that entity seemed to surpass human understanding, with a majesty befitting a grand king of dragons...
Jeanne d'Arc: I can sense that feeling from you as well. Vyrn.
Vyrn: ...
Vyrn: Wh... WHAAAT?!
Jeanne d'Arc: By telling those around me of my revelation, I gained the support of the people of this town and took on the role of the commander of soldiers.
Jeanne d'Arc: However, I do not know based on my revelation if something will actually happen in this world, nor do I know what to teach.
Jeanne d'Arc: On the other hand, if something has perhaps already occurred... I have not been able to even confirm that.
Jeanne d'Arc: I have been waiting but that entity has yet to provide me with a second revelation...
Jeanne d'Arc: I spent my days anguishing over that, but then Vyrn appeared.
Jeanne d'Arc: I do not know if you are that being himself or his envoy, but please stay in this town and lead us!
Vyrn: Don’t freak me out saying weird stuff like that!
Vyrn: I don’t know anything about revelations or any of that stuff...
Vyrn: Our goal is to go to Estalucia to find (Captain)’s father!
Jeanne d'Arc: Estalucia... That legendary land...
Vyrn: Ah. We got a letter from (Captain)’s father. It said that he was waiting in Estalucia.
Lyria: Though we have other reasons for going there. Right now we are in the middle of a journey to Estalucia.
Jeanne d'Arc: I see...
Vyrn: Therefore, we can’t really stay here...
Jeanne d'Arc: It was said that the evil deities who fomented the Great War long ago had come from the end of the sky.
Jeanne d'Arc: And another name for Estalucia is “the end of the sky. "
Jeanne d'Arc: Vyrn. I feel that it is the fate of you who has the same feel as the great entity that gave me my revelation to go to the end of the sky.
Vyrn: Huh, is that so? I feel that this is all mere coincidence...
Jeanne d'Arc: I think it would be difficult to understand this if you are not someone who lives in this town.
Jeanne d'Arc: (Captain)... You are the master of the airship that Vyrn rides, yes?
Jeanne d'Arc: I cannot think of Vyrn and that great being as having no connection.
Jeanne d'Arc: By being by Vyrn’s side, I would like to discover how and by means of what the world can be saved.
Jeanne d'Arc: Perhaps I will be able to find a clue about that which has vexed me since my revelation.
Jeanne d'Arc: Thus I would definitely like to join you on your journey!
  1. Okay, come with us!
  2. It’s all right, I guess.

Choose: Okay, come with us!

Jeanne d'Arc: Seriously?! As you’d expect, Vyrn’s friends are very kindhearted.
Jeanne d'Arc: Again, I’m counting on you. My name is Jeanne d'Arc... I won’t be a burden on you.
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Choose: It’s all right, I guess.

Vyrn: Hey, now! Why do you act so high and mighty?!
Jeanne d'Arc: Vyrn... Is it acceptable for me to come with you?
Vyrn: Uh, well, that... I was kinda joking but...
Vyrn: If you are going to ask that nicely, the all I can do is say, welcome aboard!
Jeanne d'Arc: Again, I’m counting on you. My name is Jeanne d'Arc... I won’t be a burden on you.

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Lyria: Yes! Welcome aboard, Miss Jeanne!
Vyrn: Man, we’ve got a real weirdo in our fellowship now! I’m not sure what to make of her...
Vyrn: Ah! That’s right, Jeanne. We are looking for the great primal beasts. Know anything about that?
Jeanne d'Arc: The great primal beasts... I know nothing about that, but let me check the literature. Here it is!
Ultimately in this town where traditions were passed down our heroes obtained no information about the great primal beasts that possessed the Sky Map fragments
However, obtaining an ally such as Jeanne d'Arc who was so passionate about her mission would no doubt prove helpful to the party on their journey.