Scenario:Jeanne d'Arc - Tough Choices

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Tough Choices

Jeanne d'Arc helps Camieux and Izmir to reorganize one of the rooms of the Grandcypher when she comes across a bathing suit. Jeanne asks the two girls to help her pick one out at the store, and for once she is able to spend the day as a normal girl.

No version of Jeanne d'Arc in crew

One night in the town of Orleans, a young woman named Jeanne d'Arc receives a revelation from a great entity.
It tells her to save the world but leaves her with nothing else to go on. Shortly thereafter Jeanne meets (Captain)'s crew who had come to Orleans.
Vyrn catches Jeanne's attention. She senses the presence of the great entity surrounding the little dragon and is convinced it's a sign.
Jeanne asks to join the crew, and (Captain) is quick to oblige.
She's been traveling with the crew for some time now.
Any version of Jeanne d'Arc is a crew member

Days have passed since Jeanne d'Arc joined (Captain)'s crew.
Jeanne is walking down a hallway of the Grandcypher when the sound of thumping makes her stop.
???: Eeeep!
Jeanne d'Arc: That sounded like...
Jeanne d'Arc: Excuse me. I'm coming in.
Izmir: Oh? Jeanne?
Jeanne d'Arc: I was walking by when I heard something fall and then someone screamed. Is everything all right?
Camieux: Oops, did I startle you? I accidently dropped the box I was carrying, and well...
Jeanne d'Arc: No, it's quite all right. I'm glad no one is hurt. Rather, I'm sorry if my barging in took you by surprise.
Jeanne looks around the room.
Jeanne d'Arc: May I ask why this room is in such disarray? There are boxes everywhere.
Izmir: We're trying to organize all the supplies we've picked up so far. We thought it'd be a good idea to lay everything out first, but...
Izmir: We didn't expect there'd be so much stuff.
Camieux: How'd we ever get so much stuff?
Jeanne d'Arc: Well, we often end up acquiring all sorts of items while in the field.
Jeanne d'Arc: It's not hard to see how all those little things can pile up over time.
Izmir: Not only that, but whenever we travel to a new island and see something new, we just have to have it...
Camieux: Worrying about empty wallets is one thing, but making sure we have empty shelves is important too.
Camieux and Izmir get back to organizing while they chat with Jeanne.
Jeanne, for her part, contributes to the conversation and the cleanup effort.
Jeanne d'Arc: Hm?
Jeanne d'Arc: Camieux, this garment... Er, I assume it is clothing. What should I do with it?
Camieux: Oh! That's the swimsuit I bought in Auguste!
Jeanne d'Arc: So this is what a swimsuit looks like. Clothing made specifically for swimming...
Camieux: Hmm... I won't be wearing it for a while, so you can pack it away for now.
Izmir: Hold on a minute, Camieux.
Camieux: Huh?
Izmir: There are times when we have to camp outside. I think it will be useful when we bathe in a river or lake.
Camieux: Bathing with a swimsuit... on?
Izmir: Why, yes. I imagine camping works up a sweat.
Izmir: If we split our crew by boys and girls, figuring out how to form groups of lookouts would be a pain, wouldn't it?
Jeanne d'Arc: That is astute reasoning. We must remain vigilant against monsters even when camping.
Camieux: Bathers, lookouts, and people to watch the camp... Everyone will be separated.
Jeanne d'Arc: On top of which, being split by gender adds to the headache.
Camieux: Oh, I get it! If everyone wears a bathing suit, we won't have to worry about taking turns in the river!
Jeanne d'Arc: It would not hurt to test it out first. Let us inform (Captain) about our idea.
Jeanne d'Arc: Which I suppose would mean I need a swimsuit as well.
Izmir: Yes, you do. You should own at least one set.
Izmir: If not for camping, we're still bound to return to Auguste's beaches some day.
Camieux: Yeah! And even if we don't go to Auguste, I'm sure there'll be other places to splash around in.
Jeanne d'Arc: In that case there's no time like the present. I have no other matters to attend to today. Perhaps I shall go look for one after finishing here.
Camieux: Are you okay with helping us?
Jeanne d'Arc: Yes, it would be my pleasure.
Jeanne d'Arc: To change the topic slightly, I have a favor I would ask of you two.
Izmir: A favor?
Jeanne d'Arc: If it's not too much trouble, could you two help me pick out a swimsuit?
Jeanne d'Arc: You don't have to go out of your way if you are busy. It's just that I don't know where to start...
Jeanne d'Arc: But if we go together, your opinions would be greatly appreciated. What do you think?
Camieux: That hardly seems like trouble at all! We'll find the perfect swimsuit for you!
Izmir: I agree. It would be most fun to shop together.
Izmir: Korwa and Carren told me a lot about swimwear. I think I can be of some help to you.
Jeanne d'Arc: I feel much better having both of you along. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
Camieux: Great! Let's hurry and organize all this stuff in a jiffy!
Izmir: Mm-hm. The faster we finish here, the more time we have to look for swimsuits.
Camieux: Turbo cleaning mode! Charge!
Three pairs of hands fly as they sort and pack inventory with lightning-quick efficiency.
Once finished they set off for the Knickknack Shack.
Camieux: Look at all the styles to choose from! You can always count on Siero to have the best stuff.
Jeanne d'Arc: I cannot believe this entire section contains only bathing suits!
Jeanne d'Arc: How am I to make a decision with so many to choose from...
Izmir: Let's start with sizing. Hm... The ones on this rack look about right.
Izmir: I sure hope we can find one to your liking.
Jeanne d'Arc: Preferably one that does not hinder my mobility if possible.
Izmir: Then I guess we should rule out pareos...
Jeanne d'Arc: What is a pareo?
Izmir: It's a cloth that wraps around your body on top of the swimsuit. It'll probably get tangled in your legs when you run.
Jeanne d'Arc: I see. I think we can eliminate that style then.
Camieux: Any dangling bits and accessories would get in the way too, right?
Jeanne d'Arc: That is correct. It should be neither ornate nor gaudy.
Camieux: Got it! What are your thoughts on this one?
Izmir: Oh my. Look at those frills. How cute.
Jeanne d'Arc: It certainly is cute...
Jeanne d'Arc: Maybe a tad too cutesy for the likes of me?
Camieux: Really? I think cutesy is a nice look for you, Jeanne.
Jeanne d'Arc: I... No... Cutesy is...
Izmir: Any style would suit you, Jeanne. Instead of hiding your figure, I think you should flaunt it.
Camieux: Of course! What you need isn't poofy. You need something form-fitting!
Izmir: Sounds like what we're looking for is a bikini rather than a one-piece.
Jeanne d'Arc: Biki... ni?
Camieux: The tops and bottoms are split into two pieces instead of one! Like this!
Camieux grabs one off the rack to show Jeanne, whose eyes become like saucers.
Jeanne d'Arc: Gasp! Wh-why is there so little cloth?
Izmir: Well, it leaves your limbs free to move about in the water. And it's actually very comfortable.
Jeanne d'Arc: Um, no, I do believe Camieux's bathing suit was more...
Camieux: My bathing suit is a one-piece that Izmir mentioned earlier.
Camieux: But if you're worried about being underdressed, you can wear a cover-up when you're out of the water!
Izmir: And on top of that, it will protect you from getting sunburned.
Jeanne d'Arc: Y-yes... A cover-up will do.
Jeanne d'Arc: I am sorry if I seem reluctant. I have just never seen such an article of clothing before...
Izmir: That's just how swimsuits are designed, but I can see how you'd be surprised at first. I was a bit shocked at first too.
Jeanne d'Arc: Is that so?
Izmir: Mm. But it's also nice to wear something that isn't as confining as a dress can be.
Izmir: It's a break from the norm, so you end up dropping your guard a little, but you could say that's part of the fun.
Jeanne d'Arc: It can be fun to do things differently...
Jeanne d'Arc: You are right. This is my chance to wear one. What a waste it would be should my embarrassment allow this opportunity to pass.
Jeanne d'Arc: But the question of which choice to make still remains...
Camieux: Hmm. Do you have a favorite color, Jeanne? Maybe that will help!
Jeanne d'Arc: That would have to be...
Jeanne d'Arc: It's not easy choosing just one, but I prefer softer shades over vivid ones.
Camieux: How about this one? This color feels warm to me.
Izmir: Or this one. It's a little darker, but I think it goes well with your hair color.
Jeanne d'Arc: Hmm, either one is agreeable. I wish I had a mirror...
Jeanne d'Arc: Oh... This color is hard to let go though...
The three ladies evaluate one swimsuit after another. The day is over by the time Jeanne makes her choice, and they return to the ship.
After parting ways with Camieux and Izmir, Jeanne goes to her room. She puts on her new purchase and stands in front of the mirror.
Jeanne d'Arc: Hehe... Looks like a perfect fit.
Jeanne d'Arc: Camieux and Izmir were a big help. I must remember to thank them again later.
Jeanne d'Arc: Hmm... It has been a long time since I had the pleasure of discussing fashion with anyone.
Jeanne d'Arc: It was as if I were a normal girl again...
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
Jeanne d'Arc: ...!
Jeanne d'Arc: Ah, (Captain)? Um, these garments...
(Captain) had come to see Jeanne about something but gets more than bargained for.
  1. Looks good on you.
  2. Did you just buy that?

Choose: Looks good on you.
Jeanne d'Arc: Er...
Jeanne d'Arc: Do you really think so? I'm glad to hear that.
Jeanne d'Arc: Camieux and Izmir helped me pick it out. They are the ones that have the sense for style.
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Choose: Did you just buy that?
Jeanne d'Arc: Yes... Camieux and Izmir came shopping with me.
Jeanne d'Arc: I was wondering if... I mean, how do you think I look?
Continue 1
(Captain) flashes a coy smile.
At this moment Jeanne the skyfarer appears to be just like any other young woman.
The heavy-hearted warrior with the weight of the world on her shoulders is actually enjoying herself.
In the days of struggles that are sure to come, this memory of tranquility will lend strength to her resolve.