Scenario:Jin - Aspiring Samurai

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Aspiring Samurai

Jin apologizes to (Captain) and company for causing them trouble and then asks to join the crew. Though his reasoning seems naive, his convictions are solid, so the crew welcomes him.

(Captain) meets a man named Jin, who's utterly lost, and helps him find his way.
A later misunderstanding causes Jin and (Captain)'s group to fight, but they manage to clear it up.
Jin: Still, my erroneous belief caused so much trouble for you all.
Vyrn: Aw, don't worry about it! I mean, you were only trying to help people out.
Jin: You're all so very openhearted and understanding. Listen, (Captain)... I have a favor to ask of you.
Vyrn: Oh, what's this? You're asking us nicely? This doesn't seem like you at all.
Jin: Heh-heh... Perhaps you're right, but this is important.
Jin: (Captain), please let me join your crew.
Lyria: Oh no! Jin! There's no need to lower your head like that!
Jin: I see my sudden selfish request has startled you. But I must ask this of you.
Vyrn: Oh? Then you must have a good reason. Why don't you tell us?
Jin: A long time ago, I was attacked by monsters, and a gentleman saved me. I yearned to be like him, so I chose the path of a swordsman.
Jin: But once I became an adult, I found out just how hard life can be. And people need to eat to survive.
Jin: Before I knew it, I was claiming to want to help people, but it was really the money I was after.
Lyria: I guess that was painful for you.
Jin: Precisely. I hated myself, and I only ended up hurting all of you as a result of trying to save so many people.
Lyria: Please don't say that. You were tricked, Jin! You had no way of knowing.
Jin: You're very kind. But it's because of who I am that (Captain)'s willingness to selflessly help others strikes me as radiant and noble.
Jin: I would give my everything and lay down my life to help you follow that path, (Captain). So will you count me among your friends?
  1. I'm no one important.
  2. You know the Erste Empire's after us, right?

Choose: I'm no one important.

Jin: You don't realize the importance of what you do? I guess all that kindness just comes naturally to you, (Captain).
Jin: Heh-heh. That only makes me admire you even more! Please take me with you.
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Choose: You know the Erste Empire's after us, right?

Jin: Oho, the Erste Empire, huh? You've gone and made yourself a powerful enemy, my friend!
Lyria: Um... They're only pursuing us because (Captain) rescued me.
Jin: I see. Ha-ha! So you rescued a damsel in distress, did you, (Captain)? I'd expect no less from you.
Jin: It sounds like you need all the help you can get. Please take me with you.

Continue 1

Jin: Ha-ha. Have I embarrassed you? I apologize for pushing my naive ideals onto you.
Vyrn: Ha-ha! Aw, (Captain), you don't gotta be so bashful over a little compliment!
Vyrn: All right! Welcome aboard, Jin!
Jin: Thank you kindly. Rest assured that I shall lend my strength to (Captain) until my last breath!
Thus (Captain) and company gain another reliable ally.
Though a little naive at times, Jin is a strong man ready to sacrifice himself for his ideals. Surely he'll accomplish great things for the crew.