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Famed Apprentice

Remembered as the man who pulled off the legendary pole and line catch of a bonito, Jin is invited to join the ranks of the fishermen. Jin turns them down, but is still presented with a fundoshi—classic fisherman gear—as a parting gift.

No version of Jin (Event) in crew

The crew once stopped by an island of sand that was in a struggle with a primal beast. They decided to lend a hand in resolving the conflict.
A misunderstanding led to fighting between the crew and a samurai named Jin. Fortunately, they quickly realized they were on the same side.
Jin was taken with (Captain)'s upstanding personality and decided to join the crew.
Sara, a priestess they had met on the island, became ill and Jin briefly parted with the crew in search of a cure.
Jin: I'm sure there's a bounty of healthy food here in Auguste that I can bring back. You know what they say: you are what you eat.
Jin: Fish caught from the seas of Auguste are an absolute delight!
At one point, Jin had collapsed in the streets of Auguste but was saved by a fisherman named Kaz.
This led him to take up the challenge of catching a bonito for Sara and Kaz's sake.
After running into the crew again by chance, Jin managed to catch a bonito with their help.
Jin receives an invitation from Kaz asking him to come to Venera Beach of the Auguste Isles. The crew decides to tag along.
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Any version of Jin (Event) is a crew member

Jin receives an invitation from Kaz asking him to come to Venera Beach of the Auguste Isles. The crew decides to tag along.
Once there, Kaz takes him to visit the Venera Beach Fisherman's Guild.
Jin: Is it really okay for an outsider like me to be at one of these meet-ups?
Kaz: Bwahaha, you're a legend among us fishermen.

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Jin: Huh? Am I that famous?
Seasoned Fisher: Oh, Kaz! You finally made it!
Kaz: Is everyone here yet? I brought Jin with me today.
Jin: Please excuse my sudden intrusion. My name is Jin.
Proud Fisher: Jin? Did you just say Jin?
Jin: Yes. I'm staying at the beach house run by Kaz.
Proud Fisher: Ah, so you're Jin!
Jin: ...?
The elderly fisherman pokes Jin's shoulder.
Seasoned Fisher: Gahaha! He's just excited to meet the man in person.
Jin: Huh? Whatever for?
Proud Fisher: Anyone who catches a bonito with a pole and line commands our respect.
Jin: But it's not like I caught it myself. I couldn't have done it without the help of (Captain)'s crew.
Jin: I'm sure you can tell I'm still new to this fishing thing. I don't deserve such—
Proud Fisher: Whoa, slow down there bud! This is a bonito we're talking here! How can we not respect you?
Seasoned Fisher: Playing it down would only have the young'uns lose faith. Be proud, Jin!
Kaz: And don't forget you learned from me. All the more reason for you to be bold about it!
Jin: Kaz!
Kaz: I've only taught you the very basics, to tell the truth.
Jin: No, it was more than that! From a fisherman's mindset to the multitude of techniques, your lessons have never left me Kaz.
Jin: It was your tutelage that allowed me to take on the bonito with the crew's help.
Jin: You saved my life and taught me so much. I'm forever grateful to you, Kaz.
Seasoned Fisher: Kaz, you make me jealous nabbing all the good apprentices.
Kaz: Hah. Well, I sure am glad to have met him.
Jin: I feel the same.
People change for better or for worse depending on who they meet.
Jin: People see me as a good person only because I've met so many good people in my life.
Seasoned Fisher: You've really thought things through for someone so young. You'd be the pride of our guild if you joined us.
Proud Fisher: Jin joining our guild would be too good to be true!
Jin: I...
Kaz: No.
Kaz: Jin already has a set path. He can't stay here with us.
Jin: Kaz!
Jin: As Kaz mentioned, I've made a promise and I intend to keep it.
Jin: I intend to continue on (Captain)'s adventure and see it to the end, wherever that may lead me.
Jin: And that means I can't follow the path of a fisherman. I hope you can see where I'm coming from.
Seasoned Fisher: Well, when you put it that way, I guess it would be rude of me to push it.
Jin: I appreciate the invitation, but I'm sorry...
Seasoned Fisher: Hey, no need to apologize! You're too much of a good guy, Jin. Kaz, we need to get him one of those.
Kaz: Haha, you think so too? Oh boy, Jin is gonna be so surprised.
Jin: Huh?
Seasoned Fisher: Gimme a second here. I'll bring it right out!
The fisherman rummages through the drawers and hands something over to Jin.
Jin: What is this?
Kaz: That is no ordinary loincloth. We call it a fundoshi; it's classic fisherman gear.
Jin: Fisherman gear?
Seasoned Fisher: The fishermen of Auguste wear this as a symbol of pride.
Seasoned Fisher: We wear new fundoshi on difficult catches as a gesture of respect to our prey.
Kaz: Know that when you fight from now, we'll be right beside you in spirit—through the fundoshi of course.
Jin: Superb!
Jin: The people of the Fisherman's Guild are too kind! I gladly accept your gift!
Jin goes into the dressing room.
Jin: ...
Kaz: Ooh! What a sight! A true man among fishermen!
Proud Fisher: You look unstoppable, Jin!
Jin: Although I can't stay, I'll never forget the lessons learned here in the great seas.
Jin: I promise to wear this with pride as I tread the path of justice!
Forging bonds deeper than the sea itself, Jin finds new friends among the fishermen of Venera Beach.
With the fundoshi wrapped around his waist, Jin is determined to walk the path of justice—one as pure and white as the fundoshi itself.