Scenario:Johann - The Lonely Folklorist

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The Lonely Folklorist

The party visits Sierokarte seeking a new mission, where they reunite with the folklorist Johann. After completing the mission, Johann takes a keen interest in Lyria and her ability to manipulate the power of the primals, expressing a strong desire to elucidate its source. With curiosity as his guide, Johann joins the crew.

On a visit to Sierokarte to pick up a new job request, (Captain) and company have an unexpected reunion.
Johann: It has been too long, everyone. I haven't seen you since that matter on Lognos.
Vyrn: Well, if it isn't Mr. Scholar! Doing well for yourself, I take it?
Johann: I am. Quite the coincidence running into you here. I'm looking for a job request.
Sierokarte: Aw, sorry, folks! I only have one request available at the moment.
Johann: All right, then, everyone. I have a proposal. Why don't we undertake it together?
Johann: I believe it may be quite enlightening to work with someone else for a change.
Lyria: Yay! Having you on our side would be really reassuring, Johann!
Sierokarte: All right, then! Be careful out there, everyone!
Shortly thereafter, our heroes complete the mission with Johann and return to Sierokarte.
Johann: These really are more fun if you do them with others!
  1. You always go it alone?
  2. Now goodbye forever.

Choose: You always go it alone?
Johann: Yes, that's right.
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Choose: Now goodbye forever.
Johann: Saying such a thing after we've been apart for so long is a bit cruel.
  1. Just kidding.
  2. Seriously, bye.

Choose: Just kidding.
Johann: I thought so. Really, I did.
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Choose: Seriously, bye.
Johann: You've nearly brought me to tears.
  1. Aw, sorry!
  2. What a baby.

Choose: Aw, sorry!
Johann: Well, that's a relief.
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Johann: Anyway, let's get down to business.
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Choose: What a baby.
Johann: Ngh!
Vyrn: Hey! Where are you going, Mr. Scholar?
Lyria: Wait!
Afterwards, the crew catches Johann as he runs through the market with tears in his eyes, and frantically tries to pacify him.
(Captain) ultimately apologizes for going overboard.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Hmm... So you've been researching as well as taking job requests all by yourself this whole time?
Johann: Well, as a researcher, there was simply no way I could join a crew.
Johann: What if I received a job request during important research, or vice versa?
Johann: As such, I've primarily worked alone up to this point.
Johann: But I've started to think it might be interesting to work with others from time to time.
  1. Care to join our crew?
  2. So what, you want an invitation?

Choose: Care to join our crew?
Johann: Goodness, yes. Assuming I won't get in the way, of course.
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Choose: So what, you want an invitation?
Johann: You're being rather cold today...
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Johann: Truth is, you see... The reason I broached such a subject is because of my keen interest in Lyria.
Lyria: Huh? Your interest... in me?
Johann: As a scholar, I wish to know more about the secrets of the Astrals.
Johann: It's no surprise, then, that I'm curious about the source of Lyria's power to manipulate primal beasts.
Lyria: You want to shed light on the secret of my powers?
Johann: Precisely! At Lognos Island, you said you didn't know the source of your powers, Lyria.
Johann: Do you not wish to find out? Personally, I'm brimming with curiosity.
Lyria: I... I want to know, too.
Lyria: So um, (Captain)! Why don't we have Johann come with us?
  1. Sure thing.
  2. I don't want to have to take care of him.

Choose: Sure thing.
Johann: Thank you, (Captain). That's quite the relief to hear.
Vyrn: Yeah! If it means finding out the secret behind Lyria's powers, I'm onboard!
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Choose: I don't want to have to take care of him.
Johann: You make it sound like I'm a mere house pet...
Lyria: We'll make sure you get taken for walks three times a day!
Johann: Hahahahaha...
Vyrn: Hoo boy... I feel kinda bad about the way you're getting treated here, Mr. Scholar.
Vyrn: Anyway! If it means finding out the secret behind Lyria's powers, I'm fine with bringing you aboard!
Continue 4
Johann: I believe I should prove useful to you. As you may know, I have a certain degree of fluency in the ancient language of the Astrals.
Johann: If you intend to find the Island of the Astrals by tracing the footprints of the Astrals themselves, my expertise will likely come in handy.
Johann: I'm looking forward to working with you again, (Captain). We're going to make it to Estalucia one day. You can count on it.
And with that, the folklorist Johann joins (Captain)'s crew.
His wealth of knowledge will doubtless prove a great help to our heroes.