Scenario:Kanako Mimura - Sweets You Don't Eat

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Sweets You Don't Eat

Since arriving in Sky World, Kanako has gained the ability to magically summon various sweets and desserts. However, there are some things she can't summon, such as baumkuchen, a German donut shaped cake. At Kanako's description of the cake, Lyria becomes interested in making one, so they set out to obtain the required ingredients.

Kanako: Hmm…
While taking a break in the middle of a forest, the usually smiley Kanako looked very displeased.
She was summoning dessert after dessert with her magic, while stroking her chin thoughtfully.
Lyria: Huh? What's the matter, Kanako?
Kanako: Well, I… here in Sky World it seems as though I can conjure various cakes and such.
Kanako: But there are cakes that I can't seem to make appear no matter how hard I try. So I was just trying to figure out why that is.
Vyrn: Hmm, sounds strange! What kinds of things can't you summon then?
Kanako: Hmm… Well I can't show you what it looks like, but there's a cake known as baumkuchen…
Lyria: Uhh… Balm something? What's that?
Kanako: Well, they have these rings when you cut it that look like a tree's growth rings, and they're really sweet, delicious and fluffy.
Vyrn: What? They look like a fluffy tree? I can't really picture it…
Lyria: Hehe, well if you like it, Kanako, it must be delicious. I'd love to try it!
Kanako: Yeah they're great. I wonder if I could still make one after all this time.
Vyrn: Oh? Can you make all the things you summon, Kanako? You must be really good at baking!
Kanako: Heehee, I used to bake a lot to keep my producers happy!
Lyria: I see… Yeah, they must have been super happy to get so many homemade cakes.
Lyria: Um, would you let me help you bake, Kanako? I want to learn how to make delicious things too!
Kanako: Of course! It'll be hard work though, Lyria!
Lyria: Aye aye, Captain Baker Kanako!
Vyrn: All right then! How do we make this baumthingy then?
Kanako: Let me see… Well we'd definitely need flour, eggs and vanilla essence for the ingredients, then we'd need…
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa, this is already starting to sound complicated!
Kanako: Heehee, well if it wasn't, then it wouldn't be as fun to make!
Lyria: Hehe, I'm really looking forward to this now!
Vyrn: OK! Let's finish up with this quest and then go and get the ingredients we need!

Sweets You Don't Eat: Scene 2

The party try to purchase the things to make the baumkuchen, but find that the store is all out of one crucial ingredient, the vanilla essence. Sierokarte requests that they travel to the place where vanilla grows naturally to procure some more for him. So for the sake of baumkuchen, (Captain)'s crew take flight once more!

After the party finished dealing with their quest, they headed to a general store to purchase the ingredients for baumkuchen
Kanako: Excuse me! Um, do you sell cake ingredients here?
Sierokarte: Why yes, of course! Tell me, what is it you require?
Kanako: Well let's see here, we need flour, sugar…
Kanako listed the rest of the required ingredients from memory. However─
Sierokarte: Hmm… I'm afraid I've never heard of vanilla essence, what is that exactly?
Kanako: What? It's used as a flavoring in a lot of baking recipes, it's got wonderful sweet aroma…
Kanako: (Hmm, how can I explain what vanilla smells like…)
Kanako: Ah! I know! It smells like this!
As she said this, Kanako pointed her finger and summoned a pile of ice cream.
Sierokarte: Aha I see, yes, this flavoring is a very crucial part, isn't it?
Sierokarte: Although, I'm afraid we have just sold our last bottle. I'm afraid I'll have to send you to procure some more if you need it.
Vyrn: Hey, hey! What's with the back-to-back requests all of a sudden?
Sierokarte: Hehehe, since it can only be gathered quite far from here, it is very valuable. You will of course be rewarded for your help.
The shopkeeper then explained the considerable sum that the simple product was worth.
With the promise of a free bottle for them to use thrown in, (Captain)'s party agreed to take on the request.
Vyrn: All right, (Captain), let's go! For the baumthingy!
Kanako: Phew… Who knew vanilla would need to be harvested from such a hard to reach place in this world…
Kanako: Hehe, this is almost becoming more trouble than it's worth…
Kanako: But, the more we walk, the more cake we can eat later! Let's keep going, Lyria!
Lyria: Aye aye! Let's go!

Sweets You Don't Eat: Scene 3

(Captain)'s party gathers the ingredients, and Kanako finally gets to cook. Then, after finishing the baumkuchen, Kanako finds that she is able to magically summon perfect replicas, and the whole crew enjoys some. However, later in her room, Kanako realizes she has gotten a stomach ache from all of the sweets she's been eating recently, and resolves to eat more healthily before returning to her old life as an idol.

After travelling for a few more days, (Captain) and the crew finally obtain the vanilla essence.
The rest of the ingredients were obtained without issue, but even Sierokarte was interested in watching the baumkuchen being made.
Kanako: OK, first let's check we have all the ingredients… Yep, that's all of them! Well then, first let's soften the butter a bit…
One by one, Kanako added the carefully measured and sorted ingredients with a practiced, steady hand.
Kanako: A dash of vanilla, then the milk… What's next? Oh yeah, the meringue!
Lyria: Whoa! You're incredible, Kanako! I'm almost getting dizzy just watching you!
Kanako: Ah! Sorry, Lyria. I just kind of zoomed on by myself there, didn't I? I got carried away having too much fun baking again!
Lyria: Th-that's fine… I'm enjoying just watching you cook!
Vyrn: Whoa! You're basically a pro at this!
Kanako: Haha, I'm getting kind of embarrassed with all of you watching me so closely though.
Sierokarte: What a magnificent talent you have, even a master alchemist would turn green with envy upon seeing such deft technique.
Lyria: Hehe… It's like another kind of wonderful magic that Kanako can use.
Kanako: (…! Magic!)
Vyrn: Hm? Hey, what's the shopkeeper still doing here?
Sierokarte: Ohoho, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see a cake from another world being made.
Vyrn: Yeah right, you're just looking for something else to sell I bet, there's always a bottom line with you!
After a few more complicated tasks, Kanako's baumkuchen was finally completed.
Then, focusing on the completed cake, Kanako manages to conjure an exact duplicate, enough for the whole crew to enjoy.
Kanako: (Heehee, everyone looked so happy, I'm glad, but…)
Kanako: (Magic… wonderful magic… that takes me back.)
Kanako: (Wonderful magic, just like Mr. Producer used to say to me.)
Kanako: (The producer who helped me even when I didn't think I had any talent…)
Kanako: (Working hard for the production team and all of our fans… I really miss it.)
Kanako: (I've loved meeting (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria and everyone here. But…)
Kanako: (I do want to go back. I want to go home…)
Ever since coming to the Sky World, Kanako had buried her true feelings, and kept smiling.
Thinking back through all the happy days spent in her own world, Kanako laid back on her bed.
Kanako: …Hm?
Kanako turned onto her front, and felt a familiar feeling of discomfort.
Kanako: (Ohh I must have eaten too much again, I've got a stomach ache!)
Kanako: (As nice as it is to be able to create sweets from nothing, I'm going to have to be careful with what I eat.)
Kanako: (Especially if I'm going to go back to being an idol again, I can't afford a stomach ache when I'm on stage!)
And so, Kanako resolved to only use her magic in moderation from then on.
And from the next day onward, Kanako started trying to learn to use her magic to conjure something that wasn't a dessert too.