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A Chitchat with Kat

A nobleman who is a fan of Katalina sends his son to invite the crew to dinner. While searching her wardrobe for something special to wear, Katalina finds the cloak from her time in the imperial army. She wants to throw it away, but Lyria convinces her to keep it.

(Captain) and the crew arrive at a small island and complete a quick mission.
While preparing to depart for the next destination, a visitor comes by.
A young fellow who's heard about the crew's departure insists on speaking with Katalina.
???: So, Katalina, it's in your hands now. I've done my part!
Katalina: Oh, but I can't accept this! I really can't...
???: Don't say that! My father's just dying to see you. You'll at least consider it.
Katalina: Now, hold on. I'm telling you I can't accept this!
But her protests are for naught as the fellow forces the envelope into her hands and hurries away.
Lyria: What was that about, Katalina?
Vyrn: Yeah! Who was that guy?
Curious about the commotion, (Captain) and the others show up to find a perplexed Katalina.
Katalina: Well... it's nothing to fret over. That man was the son of a noble on this island.
Vyrn: A noble's son, huh? Well, what did he want to talk to you about?
Lyria: Is it something to do with this letter you have?
Katalina: Yes. He said that his father is sort of a fan of mine, and they'd like for me to attend their dinner party.
Lyria: Wow! That's incredible, Katalina! I'd love to be invited to a dinner party!
Katalina: But I always feel like a fish out of water at those kinds of things...
Vyrn: No way! There'll be tons of good food there, right? I wouldn't wanna miss out on that!
Katalina: I suppose you're right... And if you all are willing to come along...
Lyria: Yay! I can't wait!
Vyrn: But, Knightalina... you're not gonna go to the party dressed like that are you?
Katalina: Hm... I guess I could try putting together something a little different.
Lyria: I agree! It's the perfect chance to show a different side to you!
Katalina: Don't get your hopes up... With what I have, that side might not look so different.
Katalina accepts the dinner invitation but worries that wearing her traditional armor will be unfitting as the guest of honor.
She searches through her wardrobe for anything that could appear more formal or stately for the event.
Katalina: What could I possibly wear? It's not like I brought along anything formal for the journey.
Katalina: You can never find something when you need it most...
She pours through more clothes until suddenly her hand pauses above a special garment.
Katalina: This is my imperial uniform... What's this doing here?
She takes the thick cloak made of fine silk and spreads it before her.
Provisioned only to high-ranking officers, the cloak was given to her while assigned to Pommern's troop.
Katalina: I could've sworn I'd thrown this away. But here it is...
Katalina: Well, it's useless to me now.
As Katalina goes to throw away the cloak, a fervent voice calls out to her.
Lyria: Are you really gonna throw that away, Katalina?
Katalina: Oh, Lyria... Even you wouldn't want to see this ever again, would you?
Lyria: Katalina... Have you forgotten already?
Katalina: Forgotten? What exactly did I forget?
The sorrow in Lyria's eyes jars loose a vivid memory within Katalina.
Katalina: Lyria! This way!
Lyria: Huff... Huff... Huff...
Imperial Soldier: You're not going anywhere!
The imperial soldier shoots an arrow from his crossbow.
But Katalina's body reacts naturally without hesitation.
Katalina: Lyria, watch out!
Katalina covers Lyria with her cloak, its thickness stopping the arrow from piercing through. Katalina counters the shooter's attack in an instant.
Imperial Soldier: Agh...
Lyria: Thank you, Katalina...
Katalina: It's all right. Let's hurry now.
Lyria: I was so happy to feel so close to you then.
Lyria: The truth is... I was pretty scared to see the outside world.
Lyria: But at that moment I knew that as long as I was with you, there would be nothing to fear.
Katalina: Lyria...
Lyria: Katalina... do you really hate that cloak?
Katalina: ...
Lyria: All right. I see what you're trying to say...
Katalina picks up the cloak and pulls it about her shoulders.
Katalina: What do you think, Lyria? Does it suit me well?
Lyria: Yes! You look amazing!
With her outfit picked out, Katalina sets off with (Captain) and the crew to the mountain villa where the dinner is being held.
Monster: Groar!
Lyria: Katalina, there's a monster! Watch out!
Katalina: All right. Just stay behind me and I'll protect you!
Vyrn: Whoa! Is it me or is there some pep in her step today?
=== A Chitchat with Kat: Scene 2===
After hearing Katalina's heroic tales, the nobleman asks her to marry his son. She objects, but is somehow roped into a bet as to whether she's a good cook. The son leads the crew to a dragon's lair for a rare ingredient, but something about him reminds Katalina of someone.

At the foot of the mountain just a short distance from the town lies a luxurious villa.
The crew arrives to find a nobleman waiting at the entrance.
Nobleman: Welcome, skyfarers! I, Gaston Gourmet, am so grateful you could join us for a dinner party this evening!
Nobleman: Truth be told, I've a bit of fame as an epicure. So I'm eager for you to try the gourmet dishes I've selected, Katalina!
Nobleman's Son: Father, you're boring them with your speech. I'm sure our visitors are famished, so shall we continue this conversation at the table?
Nobleman: Yes, you're right. My apologies! Come this way, everyone, and let us feast!
And it truly is a feast fit for an epicure. Each dish is exquisite in flavor and form, complementing the blissful atmosphere at the table.
The nobleman is dazzled by (Captain)'s adventures thus far, and he's pleased to hear how much Lyria and Vyrn are enjoying their meal.
But nothing brings him more delight than hearing Katalina's epic accounts highlighting her bravery and chivalrous spirit.
He listens attentively, occasionally nodding his head and slapping a hand against his knee in glee.
Nobleman: I knew you were an extraordinary warrior! So tell me, Katalina...
Nobleman: How would you like to eat like this every day?
Katalina: Well... pardon me? I'm not sure what you mean exactly...
Nobleman: It's exactly how it sounds, Katalina! We'd love for you to tell us about your fantastic adventures every day!
Katalina: Wait, I'm still not sure I understand. What are you trying to say?
Nobleman: Now tell us more, Katalina!
Servants: Tell us more, Katalina!
Nobleman: You can marry into the Gourmet family, making you my daughter with lots of tales to tell!
Servants: Tell us more, Katalina!
Tell us more, Katalina!
Vyrn: Yikes! What's going on here?
Lyria: Oh gosh! This is getting creepy, Katalina!
Katalina: My lord, could you please stop joking around? I'm afraid I don't share your taste in humor.
Nobleman: It's no joking matter! I'm being completely serious, in fact. By all means please consider joining our family...
Katalina: What drivel is this? You can't even hear yourself speak...
Nobleman's Son: Father, please let go of this matter at once! Katalina is obviously upset.
Nobleman's Son: And I don't need your help finding a wife. I'll choose for myself who to marry.
Nobleman: Oh! Is that so? Then tell me, what sort of woman do you like?
Nobleman's Son: Well... I...
Nobleman: And look at that! You haven't an ounce of resolve! You'll forever be half complete without your father's help!
Nobleman's Son: You're wrong!
Nobleman's Son: I have... taste.
That's right! I have taste!
Nobleman: You have taste?
Nobleman's Son: Yes, I do! My taste tells me that the woman I'll marry should be able to fill a table with delicious food.
Nobleman's Son: Or could it be you don't care if unsavory and flavorless food finds its way to your plate every day?
Nobleman: Humph. You have a point. So let's put it to the test!
Nobleman: Katalina, can you make a delectable dish to please my palate?
Katalina: What? A delectable dish? No, let's back up a second here!
Katalina: Why do you still speak as if I'll be marrying your son? You haven't even asked him how he feels.
Nobleman: Ha-ha-ha! What a display of humility! You're a perfect match for him!
Nobleman: Now then, be sure to give it your all! If you want to become a member of the Gourmet family, you'd better bring us a real treat!
Katalina: My lord, please listen to what I'm saying! I won't have you laughing this off!
Nobleman's Son: I sincerely apologize for my father's behavior.
Katalina: Unbelievable... But it sounds like you have it tough too with a father like that.
Vyrn: So what'll you do now? With the way things are going, you two are about to tie the knot!
Lyria: Is that true, Katalina?
Lyria: It'll be kind of lonely without you, but I wish the best for you both.
Katalina: Wait! Wait! What are you saying? As if I'd marry a guy like—
Nobleman's Son: ...
Katalina: Ah, that is... I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that...
Nobleman's Son: It's no bother. I'm not surprised you feel that way.
Nobleman's Son: And I think you're a sensational lady of course. But I'm afraid we're no match.
Katalina: Well, it's just...
Nobleman's Son: But I'm curious to know. That cloak is provisioned only to highly ranked individuals, isn't it?
Nobleman's Son: As an officer of the empire, you carried hope for the future. So why did you become a skyfarer?
Katalina: Wait a second. Have you and I met somewhere else before?
Nobleman's Son: Ah... no. I just happened to know about your position.
Katalina: ...?
Lyria: Sorry, but where are we headed right now?
Nobleman's Son: The lair of the Xilia Dragon.
Katalina: What? Do you mean the dragon that's used in expensive delicacies?
Nobleman's Son: That's right. We'll need one to make a dish that'll impress my father.
Katalina: But impressing your father isn't the goal here. I have no intention to marry—
Nobleman's Son: Look, everyone! It's just up ahead, so let's be careful. The Xilia should be inside that cave!
Katalina: Unbelievable... Like father, like son. Neither are capable of listening to others...
Katalina: Hm... A guy who doesn't listen...
Why does that sound so familiar?
=== A Chitchat with Kat: Scene 3===
The nobleman's son decides they should use his father's favorite mushroom as an ingredient. A monster suddenly appears, and the son mistakenly calls Katalina a cadet. She realizes that he's an old classmate from the military academy.

The crew battles against the Xilia Dragon, knocking it unconscious in order to use the fin on its tail for a special dish.
But taking the fin would cause the dragon to lose its sense of balance and even its ability to fly.
To such a rare species out in the wild, it's the same as condemning it to death.
Katalina: We can't. If that's what will happen, then I won't allow it.
Nobleman's Son: But why? Are you saying that we should lose to my father then?
Katalina: That's not what I'm saying. No matter what's at stake, it doesn't mean we should do anything to win.
Katalina: There's no way I could go against reason for the sake of glory.
Katalina: Wait! What am I saying? Why am I taking this cooking test so seriously all of a sudden?
Katalina: I've had enough... This is exactly what you and your father want.
Nobleman's Son: That's just like you, Katalina! You turn steely whenever there's something you're up against.
Nobleman's Son: I'd say you haven't changed a bit...
Katalina: Hm? I haven't changed? That means we surely must've met somewhere before...
Nobleman's Son: No, I'm afraid we haven't.
Nobleman's Son: Now then, I've got one more idea of where to get excellent ingredients. Let's begin the search!
Katalina: ...
The young fellow leads them to an area nearby where a first-rate mushroom is said to grow.
With tender flesh and an aroma as fragrant as sweetcaps, this mushroom is one of the finest foods in all the skies.
But the nobleman's favorite food doesn't come easy. There's no other option but to head out and search for it.
Nobleman's Son: It's a bit of a silly question, Katalina, but might I ask if there's anyone you're interested in at the moment?
Katalina: What? Why would you ask me that? Of course there isn't.
Nobleman's Son: But I'm sure there are plenty of people who've tried to court you. Is there really no one?
Katalina: Look, I'm not sure what you're playing at, but thoughts of courtship have never crossed my mind...
Katalina: At least... that's what I'd like to say. But I'm a woman after all. I'm not as stiff as everyone thinks.
Katalina: Perhaps I've always held on to these girlish hopes without knowing it.
Katalina: You wouldn't expect a tough soldier to say something like that, eh? Feel free to laugh at me if you wish.
Nobleman's Son: No, nothing's funny...
Katalina: Hm? What's wrong?
Nobleman's Son: My apologies... I was so busy listening to you that I've led us in the wrong direction.
Nobleman's Son: And this area is home to some ferocious monsters. Even the local hunters avoid coming near here.
Katalina: Then it's dangerous. Let's hurry back—
Monster: Groarrr!
Katalina: !
Nobleman's Son: Watch out, Katalina!
Nobleman's Son: Hurry! While you still can, Cadet Kat!
Katalina: (Did he say cadet?)
Katalina: (And that artless sword wielding... Could it be...)
Katalina recalls her time at the academy.
And of a young fellow who wouldn't listen nor give up on a challenge no matter how many times he failed.
Nobleman's Son: Aaah... It's frustrating, but I'll be back!
Katalina: You'll be back? I've told you the same thing every time.
Katalina: If you call yourself a knight, you've got to be strong enough to defeat me.
Nobleman's Son: Right! I will! And when I do, you'll accept my marriage proposal!
Katalina: Who said anything about that! You have a real hearing problem, you know.
Nobleman's Son: ...
Katalina: But... I'll give credit for your effort. I suppose I could make you a homemade dish as a reward.
Nobleman's Son: Really? That's a promise, Cadet Kat!
Nobleman's Son: Nghh... This time I won't lose!
Nobleman's Son: There's no way I'll let her see me lose!
Katalina: (Good grief... What kind of swordplay is that? I guess I'm not the only one who hasn't changed...)
=== A Chitchat with Kat: Scene 4===
Katalina makes a dish for the nobleman and his son who then realize she's a terrible cook. Before seeing off the crew, the son asks Katalina if she'd accept refuge from the empire through his family. But he soon realizes that she has the strength within herself for the journey ahead.

After defeating the monsters and gathering mushrooms, the crew returns to the villa to begin cooking.
But Katalina shuts everyone out of the kitchen to whip up a fine dish all on her own.
Some time passes before the doors fly open.
Katalina: Sorry for the wait, but I put everything into making this dish!
Lyria: Wow! It looks terrific! And with these rainbow colors... I've never seen a soup like this before!
Katalina: It's a mushroom chowder that's perfect for cold weather, but with my own flare added to the flavor.
Nobleman: Hm... Then let's be sure to taste it while it's hot. Slurp...
Nobleman's Son: I'll try it as well, Katalina. Slurp...
Vyrn: Hm... So what's the verdict? Is it good?
Lyria: Gulp... My heart's pounding...
Nobleman: ...!
Nobleman: Delicious!
Vyrn: Wow! I was worried, but I guess a mushroom as fancy as that can't be beat! Knightalina really did it!
Vyrn: Heheh! I suppose I could have a taste too... Slurp...
Vyrn: ...!
Vyrn: Yuck!
Vyrn: What is this? It tastes as bad as her other food!
Nobleman: What splendid fare is this? My gourmet lifestyle has been turned upside down by this novel and radical cuisine.
Nobleman: Slurp... Fantastic! It's regrettable—slurp—but I must reconsider my wager thanks to this sublime dish. Slurp...
Nobleman: I will concede this as my loss. Slurp... I won't force my son to marry you. Slurp... Our family can't monopolize a cook such as yourself...
Nobleman: Slurp... I just can't get enough!
Vyrn: What? You're pulling my tail... What's really going on here?
Nobleman's Son: Slurp... Indeed. Slurp... It's just as my father says... Slurp.
Nobleman's Son: Slurp... I am envious of you lucky few in all the skies who get to eat such succulent food every day. Slurp...
Vyrn: I think I get it... They've eaten so much delicious food that their tongues are out of whack, right?
Lyria: Vyrn, don't you see that something's wrong here?
Vyrn: Huh? Something's wrong?
Lyria: I mean, just look... The two of them are trembling.
With shaking hands, the two men continue to shove spoonfuls of Katalina's chowder into their mouths.
It's clear to everyone that their praise is only to mask the fact that they're straining themselves to eat it.
Katalina: ...
Having accidentally locked eyes with Katalina, they bring the bowls up to their mouths and drink it all at once.
Then they both begin to shout with huge smiles on their faces.
Nobleman: Delicious to the last drop!
Vyrn: Wow... That was incredible to watch. I guess that's what an epicure's gotta do to save face.
Lyria: Hm... Are you sure? Katalina doesn't seem to agree...
Vyrn: Huh?
Katalina: ...
Nobleman: Please take care, everyone. I pray for your safe journey.
Lyria: You take care too, mister! Your food was so scrumptious!
Vyrn: When all's said and done, we had some fun! Well, most of us did...
The two look over at Katalina and the nobleman's son who are saying goodbye.
Katalina: You've gotten pretty strong. I see you in a whole new light now.
Nobleman's Son: Huh?
Katalina: Oh, have you forgotten? That leaves me a little disappointed.
Nobleman's Son: You mean... you remember me, Cadet Kat?
Katalina: I remember a boy from the Albion Military Academy who had a bad habit of never giving up...
Katalina: And I guess I finally came through on my promise.
Nobleman's Son: Katalina...
Nobleman's Son: Yes. I got a homemade dish like you promised.
Katalina: Then I'll be going...
Nobleman's Son: Please wait!
Katalina: Hm?
Nobleman's Son: I heard through the grapevine that you betrayed the empire and now they're after you.
Nobleman's Son: If you wish, the Gourmet family is prepared to give you refuge. Perhaps, pretending to be my wife...
His gaze meets hers and suddenly he realizes the determination and strength flickering in her eyes.
Nobleman's Son: Heheh... I take it back. That just won't do at all.
Katalina: What won't do?
Nobleman's Son: I've no interest in women who can't cook. If you call yourself a knight, you've got to be good enough to impress me.
Nobleman's Son: And no matter how many times it takes you... I'll gladly accept your challenge!
Katalina: Ha-ha... Ha-ha-ha! Well, you said it!
Katalina: Fine then. If I find myself here again, I'll cook you something that'll really make you smile.
Nobleman's Son: That's a promise, Cadet Kat... So you take care until then. I pray for your safe journey.
Katalina: You take care as well.
Katalina boards the Grandcypher with (Captain) and the others following behind.
The anchor is raised and the sails are unfurled. The airship slowly lifts off and heads into the blue.
The nobleman and his son remain, looking up to the sky until the giant silhouette disappears in the distance.