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Girl in Flux

Kolulu and the crew think they have cornered a band of wanted criminals in a forest, but the criminals set the trees on fire as a diversion and escape. Due to a past trauma, Kolulu freezes at the sight of the flames—once the fire is put out, the crew inquires about her past.

Some time has passed since Kolulu joined the crew.
On this particular day, the crew has cornered a gang of wanted criminals in a forest.
Kolulu: There's nowhere to run!
Kolulu: I show no mercy to those who commit crimes for the sake of achieving notoriety!
Man with a Bounty: Gehehe, full of pep, this one is. But I bet you didn't see this coming!
Far from being beaten in his moment of desperation, the criminal smirks and sets a tree on fire.
Flames quickly leap from tree to tree, leaving behind a wake of burning destruction.
Kolulu: N-no...
Io: How could you do such a thing!
Man with a Bounty: Gahaha! So long, babyfarers! Take good care of the forest, you hear?
The jeering taunts of the criminals can still be heard as they vanish into the thick smoke.
Vyrn: Come back here! Where do you think you're going!
  1. We need to save the trees!

Choose: We need to save the trees!

Io: Yeah, we'll deal with those losers later!
Kolulu: Huff... huff...
Kolulu: (Fire devours all...)
Kolulu: The scrap mountain is burning...
???: Kolulu! Snap out of it! You need to run!
Kolulu: O-okay!
???: Eergh! Gotta find a way to put it out!
Rival Boss: Hey, you old fart! This is your turf, ain't it? Where's your water supply?
Traumatic memories triggered by the flickering flames force Kolulu to her knees.
Kolulu: Huff... huff...
Lyria: Kolulu!
Io: What's the matter? Is it because of the fire?
Kolulu: Fire destroys everything...
Io: Hang in there, Kolulu! I'll put it out faster than you can blow out birthday candles!
Io: Hyaah!
Io: Take that!
(Captain) and company do everything they can to extinguish the blaze, for the sake of the trees and Kolulu.
Thankfully they're able to stop the fire from spreading.
They then comfort Kolulu, who sits shaken on the ground.
Kolulu: I'm sorry for worrying you all, but it's over now. I'm fine, see? Fine, fine, fine!
Io: Um, you can't fool me. You don't have to act tough for us. Everyone has something they don't like.
Lyria: Io's right! I can't stand ghosts...
Kolulu: Hehehe... I guess I can't stand ghosts either.
Io: That's not exactly what I meant, but whatever. Anyway, why does fire scare you so much, Kolulu?
Kolulu: Well...
  1. It's your choice if you want to tell us.

Choose: It's your choice if you want to tell us.

Kolulu: ((Captain)... Everyone...)
Kolulu: (Mm-hm. I'm not alone anymore.)
The thought of having companions who care for her instills courage in Kolulu's heart.

Girl in Flux: Scene 2

Kolulu explains that she was discarded on an island used as dumping grounds when she was an infant, and was later found and raised by an elderly ex-skyfaring couple. Despite the constant poverty, she was happy living with her foster parents until a huge fire consumed the entire island. Kolulu, the sole survivor, managed to escape on a makeshift airship built by the couple.

Somewhere in the vast sky is an island with no name—a land where neighboring isles dump their excess scrap, junk, and other refuse.
Those who live here are escaped convicts and the destitute; poor in comfort, but rich in suffering.
Like everyone else, these two residents claim whatever they can from the garbage dumped by a waste barge nicknamed the Drunk Tanker.
Selling usable salvage is their main source of income.
Rival Boss: This is all junk. None of this is gonna fetch a price.
???: You there. Young'un. It's not nice to dig around in our patch without permission, now is it?
Rival Boss: Aw, stuff it, old man. You got something to say, then bring it.
???: Why don't I give him a free lesson in how to speak properly?
???: The dead have no use for manners. It's pointless to raise a weed.
A life of bitter struggles leaves little room in their hearts for compassion. They don't hesitate to take lives when survival is on the line.
Yet they're keenly aware that it's impossible to survive alone in this lawless land.
To that end they conscript capable hands into their fold and skirmish with other scavengers over limited resources.
Kolulu: The moon was high, partially obscured by a thin haze.
Kolulu: The Drunk Tanker came again on its usual route and spewed its garbage onto the nameless island.
Kolulu: But that night's load was different, for amid the refuse was an infant wrapped in a blanket.
Kolulu: That infant was me.
Kolulu: My biological parents probably abandoned me out of fear. After all, a normal person shouldn't be able to harden their body like steel.
Elderly Father: Such a travesty. How does a poor newborn end up in the trash?
Elderly Father: What in blue blazes? Am I holding a living statue?
Elderly Mother: Peekaboo!
Elderly Mother: Heehee. Oh, little one, you have a bad case of the giggles.
Kolulu: That's how a kind, elderly couple who used to be skyfarers took me in.
Kolulu: Father started teaching me how to wield a spear.
Elderly Father: Only the strong survive in this world! Get up, Kolulu!
Kolulu: Mother doted on me.
Elderly Mother: Are you hungry, Kolulu? I whipped up a hot stew for you.
Kolulu: My parents raised me to succeed them as the leader of our band of salvagers.
Kolulu: Life in the wasteland was difficult to say the least.
Kolulu: Pain was compounded by suffering on top of everything else.
Kolulu: But my parents were the bright spots in an otherwise grueling existence.
Kolulu: Wow! The night sky is so pretty!
Elderly Father: Haha. Kolulu, you make life worth living on this forsaken rock.
Elderly Mother: You're the bundle of fortune we never thought we'd get.
Elderly Mother: Now I feel like pushing myself to live for a couple more decades.
Elderly Mother: Perhaps I'll get to experience even greater joy by holding on.
Elderly Mother: Like seeing you tie the knot someday. Eh, Kolulu? Hahaha.
Kolulu: It worked out more or less.
Kolulu: I figured I would spend the rest of my days salvaging with my parents and our team, and protecting our territory.
Kolulu: But in one single night, that all went up in smoke.
Kolulu: The scrap mountain is burning...
Elderly Mother: Kolulu! Snap out of it! You need to run!
Kolulu: O-okay!
Elderly Father: Eergh! Gotta find a way to put it out!
Rival Boss: Hey, you old fart! This is your turf, ain't it? Where's your water supply?
Elderly Father: What are you doing here?
Rival Boss: Surviving. Do I have to spell it out for ya?
Elderly Father: Right, gotcha. Head for the northern scrap mountain. There's a reservoir behind it.
Elderly Father: There's already another group trying to keep the fire in check on the western flank! We'll handle things here!
Rival Boss: All right, buckos! Keep that fire from devouring our livelihoods!
Under different circumstances, the island inhabitants would be at each other's throats, but tonight they join forces to combat the blaze.
The sight of swift cooperation fills Kolulu with optimism.
Kolulu: (If we all work together, this fire will be extinguished in no time!)
Kolulu: I'll help too!
Kolulu rushes to help quell the blaze.
But far from weakening, the fire continues to rage out of control.
It creeps over every bit of the island, like a snake slowly squeezing its prey to death.
Kolulu: This can't be...
Elderly Mother: Now's probably the right time, don't you think?
Elderly Father: Follow me, Kolulu.
Kolulu: Wh-where are we going?
The elderly couple take Kolulu by her hands and lead her to the southern tip of the island.
Kolulu lets out a yelp when she sees a shabby airship moored just off a natural jetty.
Kolulu: Huh? Has that airship always been there?
Elderly Mother: Hehe. He never could let go of his dream, I guess.
Elderly Father: I know it's a foolish dream to soar through the skies once more.
Elderly Father: But after scrounging enough lumber to put it together in secret, it's time to see if it's fit to carry on a legacy.
With a heavy smile, the elderly father places Kolulu in the small ship.
Elderly Father: Hahaha! You're the cutest little skyfarer I've ever seen.
Kolulu: What are you doing? You need to get on too so we can all get out of here.
Elderly Mother: We'll be fine.
Kolulu: What are you talking about! How are you going to be fine!
Elderly Father: Kolulu, may you experience ample happiness for the three of us.
Elderly Father: Now fly!
Kolulu's father unties the rope from the dock, and a fierce wind catches the ship's sail.
Kolulu: No, don't do this!
Kolulu: Father! Mother!
Kolulu's bitter wails are lost in the gales that toss the powerless ship away from the tiny island.
Her parents watch their daughter escape into the embrace of darkness. They turn to each other with satisfied smiles and then leap into the sea of fire behind them.

Girl in Flux: Scene 3

After escaping Kolulu landed on a different island where she was helped by the same man who would later take advantage of her, which eventually led to her current tenure with the crew. Now that the crew knows why Kolulu is afraid of fire, they are even more determined to capture the wanted criminals who nearly burned down the forest.

Kolulu's rickety lifeboat drifts through the sky.
It eventually comes to rest on an island.
Kolulu: Sniff... Father... Mother...
???: Ahoy, little miss. What seems to be the problem?
Kolulu, hugging her knees, slowly turns and peers through teary eyes to see a bearded man looking down at her.
Kolulu: ...
Weary Man: I'm not a bad guy. I run a general store in a nearby city.
Weary Man: I was on my way home when I heard your sniffles, and I thought I ought to check on you.
Kolulu: ...
Kolulu remains silent, hoping to ascertain the situation, but her stomach betrays her.
Weary Man: Ahaha! Feeling peckish, eh?
Weary Man: All right, let's get you fed. Can't do anything on an empty stomach.
Kolulu: I don't have any money...
Weary Man: Hah, don't worry about it.
Kolulu: Golly. Are you sure?
Weary Man: You bet.
Weary Man: My wife is the best chef. You just keep stuffing yourself until you wanna call it quits.
Kolulu: Gulp... I am ever grateful for your hospitality.
Weary Man: Er... Haha! Your parents are raising you well. Shall we go?
Kolulu: (Mother taught me not to go with strangers, but...)
Elderly Mother: Now I feel like pushing myself to live for a couple more decades.
Elderly Mother: Perhaps I'll get to experience even greater joy by holding on.
Elderly Father: Kolulu, may you experience ample happiness for the three of us.
Kolulu: (I must live a long life in order to find that happiness.)
Kolulu: (I must live to experience their happiness for them!)
Weary Man: Man, I need some food too. Let's get a move on!
Kolulu: Okay!
And true to his word, the man provides Kolulu with a feast.
Kolulu: So all this time I've been operating on the premise of survival first.
Kolulu: I borrowed the title of skyfarer so that the man could secure jobs for me.
Kolulu: I took a variety of odd jobs ranging from simple to dangerous.
Kolulu: But it was a dreary way to live, all work and no play, always clutching an empty purse.
Kolulu: At some point I heard about the fight club, where winning promised large payouts.
Lyria: So you signed up to fight.
Kolulu: If I hadn't, then I wouldn't have met you wonderful people. Life is full of twists.
Vyrn: That con man started off as a good guy.
Vyrn: I guess I can see why you'd forgive him, even after what you went through.
Io: And now we know why you don't like fire either.
Kolulu: Fire devours all. That's why I'll never forgive those criminals for what they did to the forest!
  1. Let's nab the punks and get the bounty!
  2. Don't force yourself.

Choose: Let's nab the punks and get the bounty!

Kolulu: Yeah! The unjust shall face justice!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Don't force yourself.

Kolulu: Thank you for the concern, (Captain).
Kolulu: But I take responsibility for allowing those scoundrels to escape because I was afraid of the fire.
Kolulu: I'll fix that blunder no matter what it takes!

Continue 1

With that, the crew is back on the trail of criminals.
Tracking them isn't easy.
But the crew finally learn that their targets are holed up inside a mountain.
This time the crew locks down all possible escape routes, determined not to allow another failed capture.
Kolulu: You're trapped like rats! Surrender!
Man with a Bounty: Tch, you never learn. Might as well save time and kill you right now.
Man with a Bounty: Off with their heads!

Girl in Flux: Scene 4

After capturing the wanted criminals, Kolulu mentions that filling her stomach is her reason for surviving as well as her idea of happiness. Io wants Kolulu to see more of the world, in hopes that she'll find something truly important to her. Having made her first friend in Io, Kolulu can already feel a newfound happiness in her heart.

(Captain) and company capture the criminals, collect the bounty, and head out for a celebratory meal.
Kolulu: Golly...
Io: Hold on, Kolulu! It's not ladylike to let your mouth hang open like that.
Vyrn: Can you blame her for gawking at that bounty though? She's used to getting paid peanuts after a mission.
Lyria: Are you feeling okay, Kolulu?
Kolulu: Ah, Lyria! I've figured it out!
Lyria: Huh?
Kolulu: With this level of funding, I can eat stew to my heart's content!
Kolulu: Simply put, I eat in order to live.
Kolulu: That, to me, is true happiness!
Io: Hm, that's what happiness means to you, eh?
Io glances furtively at Kolulu, who has a skip in her step at the prospect of a big meal.
Io: Say, Kolulu...
Kolulu: Hm? You look uneasy. Could it be that you're hungry too, Io?
Io: No!
Io: I mean, that's not what I... Oh, how should I put this?
Io: My goal is to become a proper lady.
Io: I get to fly all over the place with everyone in the crew.
Io: I've met so many different people, and I've experienced so much...
Io: Um, anyway!
Io: After everything you've been through, I can see why eating makes you so happy.
Io: I know this is going to sound like me being nosy, but there's so much more to this world that I want you to see!
Io: That's how you'll find it, you know?
Io: That's how you'll find that really special something close to your heart.
Kolulu: ...
Kolulu: That special something?
Io brings up a thought that hadn't crossed Kolulu's mind, and it jolts her into contemplative silence.
Kolulu: (What something is there?)
Kolulu: (What could be more important than eating?)
Io: Er, sorry for laying that on you out of the blue. I guess it's not exactly the easiest thing to talk about.
Kolulu: Yeah, it's a complex subject to be sure.
Kolulu: Even so, thank you for keeping me in your thoughts!
Kolulu: (However...)
Kolulu is unsure how to properly respond to Io's outreach.
Io, for her part, continues to ponder the simplest way to get her point across.
Kolulu: ...
Io: ...
(Captain) watches the two with a smile.
  1. I sense a budding friendship.

Choose: I sense a budding friendship.

Kolulu: Golly! Friendship, you say?
Io: Haha, yeah. I can feel it too.
Io: You don't need to overthink things with your friends.
Io: If there's something you don't understand, you talk it out until you do.
Io: Isn't that right, Kolulu?
Kolulu: Is that what friendship means?
Io: Huh?
Kolulu: The thing is, I've never had a friend before...
Io: So does that make me your first friend?
Io: Haha, that's a big responsibility.
Io beams and offers her hand to Kolulu.
Io: Put it there!
Kolulu: Huh?
Io: Come on. Let's shake hands to seal the deal.
Io: From now on you're not just a crew member. You're a good friend.
Kolulu: Okay! Here's to getting off on the right foot!
Kolulu shakes Io's hand. Her smile is as radiant as the sun.
Kolulu: I know we just became friends, but can I ask you for a favor?
Io: What is it?
Kolulu: Can you tell me more about your goal to become a proper lady?
Io: Haha, sure thing!
As the crew members travel from one location to the next, overcoming hardships along the way, their bonds grow ever stronger.
For the familyless Kolulu, she is more than delighted to have finally met her first friend and people who care for her.