Scenario:Koume Shirasaka - She's Something Special

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She's Something Special

Koume is wide eyed with wonder at the world where spirits and zombies roam. There, Koume witnesses Lyria fuse with (Captain), and asks if she would gain the same ability if she came along for the journey too. Koume has an invisible friend, and so that she can one day make physical contact with it, decides to join the crew on their jouney.

Koume: Huh…
Zombie: Braaainnnsss…
Koume: Wooooow!
Koume: So cool! There are real zombies everywhere. This is just like being inside a film!
Vyrn: Say what? I'm not sure I see eye to eye with you on this, Koume…
Lyria: Umm… Koume, are you really not scared?
Koume: Yeah, I'm scared, I can feel my heart racing… That's why it's so fun!
(Captain)'s crew took Koume, the girl from another world, with them to an ominous graveyard.
Koume's eyes lit up with excitement every time she saw a zombie roaming the graveyard.
Koume: Seeing them for real is totally different the movies… I'm so lucky to be able to see real zombies this close up.
Koume: It's like a dream… If I could just stay here forever, where it's always this scary?always this fun…
Vyrn: Hey, hey! You've given up on returning to your own world so soon?
Koume: Hmmm, well… If I stayed here…
Koume: I wouldn't be able to see Mr. Producer anymore… And I'd have to give up being a pop star…
Zombie: Braaainnnsss…
Lyria: Eek!
Lyria: Urrgh, that was too much of a shock! My heart won't stop racing!
Vyrn: Geez! Lyria, you scare way too easily!
Vyrn: If you're really that scared, why don't you go inside of (Captain)?
Koume: What? …Go inside of… (Captain)?
Lyria: Well, yeah. Exactly.
Lyria: I'm sorry, (Captain), may I?
Koume: WHOA!
Koume: L-Lyria! But… How did you… How did you do that?
Lyria: Huh? Well, I've been able to do this since ever I started journeying with (Captain)…
Lyria: But, it's not something I can normally do. It's complicated.
Koume: H-hey, (Captain). If I came along with you guys, do you think I'd be able to do that too?
  1. I don't know.
  2. You definitely would.

Choose: I don't know.
Koume: Oh, I see… I'm sorry, asking strange questions like that…
Koume: But, if you don't know, that means it could be possible maybe, right?
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Choose: You definitely would.
Koume: Really? Someday I would be able to do that just like Lyria?
Lyria: Hahaha. This is the first time anyone's really been this interested in it.
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Vyrn: But, why does Koume even want to be able to do it?
Vyrn: I hope it isn't so you can play pranks or something. There is a proper reason for using it you know.
Koume: Pranks aside, I do want to try it I think.
Koume: But… Not in the same way you guy do it… There's someone I want to join hands with…
Koume: Them… Even though we've been together up to now, I've never held their hand…
Koume: Even though they're an important friend, they're really far away… If I could get closer to them, I may be able to touch them…
Koume: So, (Captain), could I… Could I ask you to take me with you on your journey?
  1. You're very welcome to!
  2. Would they be coming too?

Choose: You're very welcome to!
Koume: Yesss! Thanks, (Captain).
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Choose: Would they be coming too?
Koume: Of course. They're an important friend after all.
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Vyrn: So which is it? Are you wanting to go back to your own world or not?
Koume: Well, I guess I intend to at least look for a way.
Lyria: Right! I'm sure that while we're travelling we'll be able to collect all sorts of information.
Koume: Y-yeah, so, what do I say… It's a pleasure to join you guys.
Koume: They say the same. They want to make friends with Lyria.
Lyria: What? Err, well, one thing at a time now…
Koume: Look, they're right behind you, Lyria…
Koume: Hee hee. They look happy…
And so the crew accepted Koume as one of them.
It may have looked like it would take Lyria a long time to warm up to the mysterious they, but Koume was eagerly looking forward to it.