Scenario:Krugne - Lucky Roll

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Lucky Roll

The crew arrives at a tavern to meet Krugne, a glum-looking man on a journey to create true rune dice. Seeing Krugne struggle with finding lodging, (Captain) invites him to join their crew.

The crew decides to stop by a tavern for a meal in a certain town.
Just as they are about to enter the tavern, they hear an angry voice shouting.
Angry Customer: What? I should stay put for a day? What's that supposed to mean?
???: Ha-ha. Well, I don't blame you for not being able to trust a reading from a pessimist like me.
???: But that doesn't change the fact that your results were a fumble. These rune dice are telling me that you'll drown today.
???: I'm not just trying to scare you. It'd be good to avoid going out today... or even better, to not leave this tavern.
Angry Customer: Yeah right! Sounds like a load of crap to me!
Angry Customer: No way I'm paying for your so-called reading!
???: That's fine with me, but do be careful around water.
Angry Customer: Ha, nothin' but a bunch of crap!
Soon after the angry man exits the tavern, the crew hears a cry from outside.
Angry Customer: Ahhh! That's freakin' cold! Where'd this water come from?
Angry Customer: Ergh! And how'd I trip over this bucket?
The man's yells and the sound of splashing continue for a while, just as the fortune-teller had predicted.
Lyria: Ahaha... Looks like the fortune-teller was right after all...
Vyrn: Yeah! Hard to believe he can make predictions like that with nothing but those cubes!
???: C-cubes?
Lyria: H-huh? Is something wrong?
???: Ha-ha... Oh, it's nothing.
???: And cut it out with the praise. What I did back there was nothing more than imitation.
???: This isn't my real job, and my skills pale compared to those of a real fortune-teller.
Vyrn: But c'mon, I saw what you did with the cubes. That obviously makes you a fortune-tel—
???: Ha-ha... That was the third time. The third time, lizard!
Vyrn: Huh? What're you goin' on about!
Vyrn: And I ain't no lizard!
???: Ain't no lizard? Ha-ha.
???: And my dice ain't no mere cubes!
Vyrn: Wha?
???: You hate it when people call you a lizard, right?
???: Well, I hate it when people use an ugly, everyday term like cubes to refer to my dice.
???: I dare you to call them cubes one more time.
???: I'd be happy to reward your ignorance by tearing out your spine and making some rune dice.
Vyrn: Eek! What are you talking about?
???: Ha-ha... You call that an answer?
Vyrn: Okay, okay, I get it... Sorry for callin' your dice "cubes."
???: I accept your apology. Ha-ha.
Lyria: Um... You said fortune-telling isn't your real job. What do you do?
Krugne: Ha-ha. My name is Krugne, and I'm actually a humble rune dice craftsman.
Lyria: Rune dice... Would you mind telling us what they are?
Krugne: Ha-ha, I guess it's no surprise that you've never heard of them. After all, they're relics from the ancient past.
Krugne: Perhaps it'd be easier to just show you what rune dice do than to bore you with an explanation. Take a look!
Krugne throws some dice onto the table. The moment the dice stop rolling, tiny snowflakes appear.
Lyria: So pretty!
Krugne gather the dice and tosses them onto the table again. This time, sparks appear.
Vyrn: Whoa, amazing! How does that work?
Krugne: These are called rune dice. They enable even people who don't have magical powers to easily use magic.
Krugne: Different rune dice have different effects. Right now I'm just playing around, but they can also be used for divination, rituals, and so much more.
Krugne: The bones of monsters with magic are used to make them. Spines are especially suitable for this.
Lyria: I see... So that's what you were talking about with Vyrn earlier...
Vyrn: Hey, that doesn't make it okay!
Vyrn: Anyway, if you're not a fortune-teller, then why were you doing a reading earlier?
Krugne: Ha-ha. I'm actually on a journey to create true rune dice.
Krugne: I use my rune dice for some fortune-telling or gambling to earn the money I need.
Vyrn: I see... But what do you mean by true rune dice?
Krugne: True rune dice enable you to alter fate just by rolling them.
Vyrn: What? There's really something like that out there?
Krugne: Probably. Or at least it sure would be nice if there were...
Vyrn: What! So it's just wishful thinking?
Lyria: So these true rune dice don't actually...
Krugne: Ha-ha. Yeah, it's just something from my imagination that I gave a name to.
Vyrn: Aww... So these true rune dice don't actually exist, huh?
Krugne: Sadly, no... but I'm going to make them no matter what it takes!
Krugne: And I'm not talking about imitation... I'll make them with nothing but my own skills!
Lyria: Hmm... You said something about imitation earlier too. What do you mean by that?
Krugne: Ha-ha... Nothing you need to worry about. Let's talk about something more productive.
Krugne: How'd you like to have your fortune told or maybe gamble with me?
Krugne: The last guy didn't pay, so I don't have enough for a room tonight. Ha-ha... I'm in a tight spot here.
  1. Then come with us.
  2. Sorry, but we can't help you.

Choose: Then come with us.

Krugne: Huh?
Vyrn: What are you thinking, suddenly saying things like that? Look how uncomfortable you made him!
Krugne: I appreciate the thought, but I could never ask children for help...
Lyria: Ahem... We're not just children!
(Captain) tells Krugne that they are skyfarers.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Sorry, but we can't help you.

Lyria: Oh, (Captain)... Don't tease him like that!
Lyria: Um... If you're in trouble, then why don't you come with us?
Krugne: Huh?
(Captain) reveals that they are skyfarers.

Continue 1

Krugne is surprised to hear about the crew and their adventures.
Krugne: It's amazing that kids like you would go on such a journey...
Krugne: I guess lodging won't be a problem if I go with you, and it'll probably be easier to find rune dice materials.
Krugne: I might even learn a thing or two about how to make true rune dice.
Vyrn: But we get into all kinds of battles. Are you gonna be okay with a bit of danger, dice boy?
Krugne: While I do seem like a wimp, I don't consider my fighting skills below average. Why don't we step outside?
Once they are outside the tavern, Krugne throws a pair of rune dice into the air.
The moment the dice hit the ground, a blast of magical energy is unleashed.
Krugne: Sadly, this is about all I can do.
Vyrn: Whoa, are you kidding? You definitely won't have any problems travelin' with us!
Lyria: Yeah! Both you and your rune dice are very impressive, Krugne!
Vyrn: It's really amazing that you can make dice like that!
Krugne: Ha-ha... You're really too kind.
Lyria: Huh? Krugne, did you just laugh?
Vyrn: Hm? He's been doing nothing but laughing... though I guess it was a little mirthless.
Lyria: But the one just now... sounded like a laugh from the heart.
Vyrn: Really?
Krugne: Ha-ha-ha.
Vyrn: Um...
Krugne: Ha-ha-ha.
Vyrn: (Captain)... Let's just hurry up and get him onto the ship.
At Vyrn's suggestion, the crew shows Krugne back to the Grandcypher.
As Krugne follows them, he leisurely tosses some dice in the air.
Krugne: Oh... Double sixes. A crit?
Krugne: Looks like this is going to be quite the journey!
For just a moment, Krugne's usual, dry smile is replaced by one of genuine warmth.