Scenario:Laguna - Potentially Invincible

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Potentially Invincible

One day, (Captain) and crew see Laguna feeling down. Her room is a mess with souvenirs, but she can't bring herself to throw any away. To help her get things in order, Lyria suggests they go into town to buy some shelves.

One day, (Captain) and company see Laguna feeling down. Nearby, Rackam looks guilty for something he said.
Concerned, the crew approaches the two of them to help.
Vyrn: What's wrong? Were you arguing?
Rackam: No, it's not that. I know Laguna doesn't like people peering into her room, but...
Lyria: Why, what's wrong with her room?
Laguna: Umm...
The group takes a peek into Laguna's room and are astounded by what they see.
Strange souvenirs fill the room from corner to corner, taking up any and all available space.
Vyrn: Wow...
Laguna: Well, uh... I saw all these things in the places we've visited and I just couldn't help myself.
Rackam: You'd better think about ditching some of it. How are you supposed to live in here?
Laguna: But if I throw anything away, the memories will go with it! There's no way I could bring myself to do that.
Laguna: And don't say things like that! You sound just like... him.
Lyria: She doesn't really have to throw anything away, does she?
Laguna: What do you mean? It sounds like you've got an idea, Lyria.
Lyria: An idea? Well, how about buying some nice big shelves to put it all in?
Vyrn: Hey, yeah! That's a great idea! Let's go find some!
Laguna: Sorry to be a bother. I just can't bring myself to throw any of it away.
Rackam: Heh heh, don't you worry about it! I'm just sorry I couldn't think of a better idea!
Rackam: We'll have to fly through monster-infested skies to get to town, though. Stay sharp!
Nodding, (Captain) prepares the ship for the journey ahead.

Potentially Invincible: Scene 2

The crew arrives at the town and buys some shelves. After shopping, they visit a local restaurant, where the crew asks Laguna about someone she keeps mentioning. It turns out he is Omar's Odyssey, her legendary spear containing countless memories. As the crew prepares to leave, they are stopped at the door by some strange men.

The crew arrives at the town and buys some shelves. After shopping, the crew visits a local restaurant.
Waiter: Welcome! Here are some drinks, on the house!
Rackam: Wow, this place is great! Thank you!
While enjoying their free drinks, the crew decides to ask Laguna about something that's been on their minds.
Rackam: Hey Laguna, who exactly is this guy you keep mentioning?
Laguna: I wasn't trying to keep it from you, but he's... Well, it's kind of a long story.
Laguna pulls out a massive spear and raises it up for everyone to see.
Vyrn: He's... a spear?
Laguna: This isn't any ordinary spear. This is Omar's Odyssey.
Laguna: It's a legendary weapon that's existed for thousands of years, and contains memories from countless battles.
Lyria: It's thousands of years old? That's incredible!
Laguna: When it shares its memories with me, those memories become my memories. Its experiences become my experiences.
Laguna: With the knowledge it provides, I can defeat any enemy in any environment, no matter the odds.
Vyrn: Wait, what? I'm, uh, not sure I understand what you mean.
Laguna: Basically, I can use the memories from this spear to predict, analyze, and counter any enemy I run into.
Laguna: I guess what I'm sayin' is, it can make me unbeatable.
Laguna: On top of that, it has a mind of its own. He talks to me all the time in a gentlemanly voice.
Rackam: Man, that's awesome! Wait, so... why don't you use it?
Laguna: I just don't feel right about it. It would be like cheating or something.
Rackam: That's not exactly the kind of weapon anyone can use, though!
Laguna: Yeah, you're probably right. I'm the only person who can wield the thing.
Rackam: Well then, it's not really cheating, is it? It's just proof of your strength!
Laguna: Maybe you're right. Anyway, don't worry about it. He and I both agree this way is best.
Vyrn: But if you're not gonna take advantage of it, why keep that thing around?
Laguna: Simple. We get along. We both like fightin', and we both like travelin'.
Lyria: Oh, I get it! You and Omar's Odyssey are friends!
Laguna: Hahaha. Yep, you nailed it. We're about as close as friends can be.
Rackam: Friends, huh? Can't complain about that. Well then, ready to head back to the ship?
Just as they stand up to leave, a group of mean-looking guys steps in front of the door.
Mean Guy 1: Heh heh heh. Where do you think you're goin'?
Mean Guy 2: Time to empty your pockets, pals!
Laguna: Heh, these guys don't know what they're up against. Rackam! (Captain)! Let's send 'em running!
Rackam: I guess we're gonna have to do just that. You're goin' down, boys!

Potentially Invincible: Scene 3

Our heroes put up a good fight against the thugs, but their foes have a trick up their sleeves. The waiter had poisoned their drinks, causing them to collapse. Laguna fights back by drawing memories from Omar's Odyssey, and then banishes the attackers. Awakening, the crew returns to the ship with the shelves, but ultimately finds that Laguna's room is not much better off than before.

Mean Guy 1:
Mean Guy 1: Agh... We can't even touch these guys!
Laguna: Well, duh! I hope you've learned your lesso—
Laguna: What the? What's... going... on?
With a puzzled look on her face, Laguna slowly collapses to the ground.
Rackam: Hey! What's... happening?
Vyrn: Wait... It's... happening to me... too?
Lyria: Oh no... (Captain), I can't...
Succumbing to the same fate, the rest of the crew collapses to the ground, unable to move.
Waiter: Whew. It's about time that poison started working.
Rackam: What? Those drinks were... poisoned? You conniving little—
Mean Guy 1: Hahaha! That's right! The waiter was in on it the whole time!
Mean Guy 2: After our little guests fall asleep, we go and take all their stuff!
Mean Guy 1: Heh heh heh! Don't worry, you won't remember a thing. You'll just be taking a little nap! Heh heh...
Laguna: Well, that's reassuring.
Mean Guy 1: Yeah, if we roughed ya up, it'd be a pain in the neck to clean up the pl— Wait, what?
Mean Guy 2: What the—? Hey! You're supposed to be sleepin'!
Laguna: I pulled some memories from this guy. Memories of fighting while enduring poison.
Laguna: Those memories are now my experiences, so now I've got an immunity.
Mean Guy 2: Huh?
Laguna: To put it in tiny words you'll understand, your poison can't hurt me anymore.
As Laguna picks up her spear, a ruthless grin slides across her face.
Laguna: It's just my opinion, but... guys like you don't deserve any mercy. Omar's Odyssey, it's time.
Laguna: Thrash 'em.
Mean Guy 1:
Mean Guy 1: Aaargh!
The screams of the thugs end with the sound of a blade. As the room goes silent, the crew loses consciousness.
Rackam: Ungh...
Rackam: Huh? Hey, are you guys all right?
Lyria: Uh, yeah... I think so.
Laguna: Oh, you're awake.
Laguna: While you were out cold, I had the pleasure of kicking those thugs out of town. And that waiter went with 'em.
Vyrn: Did you do all that by yourself?
Laguna: Nah, I had this guy with me the whole time. All right then, let's go! I wanna get those shelves set up!
Vyrn: Wow, so what you said about Omar's Odyssey was true...
Laguna: Hey, what's that supposed to mean? You didn't believe me? That's not very nice.
Vyrn: Sorry! I'll get you some milk! Just don't hurt me!
Laguna: Fine. Let's get outta here, (Captain).
Laguna begins to walk back toward the ship with a scowl on her face.
Wondering about Laguna's powers, but also needing to get back, (Captain) and company make their way toward the ship.
Laguna: Why can't I get everything to fit in this thing?
Vyrn: Hey! I told you to organize it! You're just stuffing it all in!
Lyria: Hee hee... Laguna sure is a strange one.
Rackam: She can clean up a battlefield, but she can't even clean up her own room.
Laguna: Those things aren't related, you guys...
Lyria: Hee hee... Let's help her clean up her room, everyone!
With a smile, (Captain) steps in to help finally get Laguna's room in order.