Scenario:Lancelot - An Unyielding Spirit

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An Unyielding Spirit

Lancelot blames himself for what happened to the capital. Hearing this, Percival calls him a coward. However this was just Percival's way of trying to cheer Lancelot up. Lancelot recalls the incident that had split up the two brothers in arms and turned them into rivals. Being back with Percival seems to revive Lancelot more than any medicine could.

Rescuing Lancelot from the capital, (Captain) and crew take shelter in a small village.
Lancelot hangs back in the room alone, with a sour look on his face.
Lancelot: …Humph.
Percival appears, with the rest of the crew in tow.
Percival: …Have you calmed down a bit, Lancelot?
Lancelot: Percival…
Percival: What's with the long face?
Lancelot: It's my fault the capital came to such an end… Am I supposed to look happy at a time like this?
Percival: But your crying is hardly going to bring the city back to life now, is it?
Lancelot: I know… I know that. But still…
Vyrn: Come on now, Lancelot, you can't blame yourself for what happened.
The dejected Lancelot looks anxiously toward Percival.
Percival: Tch. I was only gone a short while and you've turned into a complete coward.
Percival: Where's the man that I remember, huh?
Percival: Anyway, don't worry. I'll take care of everything, you have fun with that idiot of a vice-captain.
Percival makes to leave Lancelot's room.
Lancelot: Watch what you say, Percival.
Lancelot: Say what you will about me, but I won't have anything bad said about Vane.
Percival: So what if I do? Are you gonna make me shut up?
Lancelot: If I must.
The crew rush in to try and defuse the explosive situation at hand.
Percival: Hah, I'd like to see you try.
Lancelot: What?
Percival: Not that winning against a pitiful husk of a man like you would mean much.
Percival: Once the dust has settled, we can settle our business. Until then, Lancelot…
Lancelot: Percival, you?
Percival: I know. Rest up, at least until we leave. I don't want you getting in the way.
Percival leaves the room.
Vyrn: Why can't you guys just say what you want to say?
Lyria: What did he mean by "our business"?
Lancelot speaks up as if to break the silence that has fallen over the crew.
Lancelot: It goes back to the days before Percival left.
Lancelot: Back then we were co-vice-captains in the Order of the Black Dragons, fighting for the position of Captain.
Lancelot: But well, you know what happened next.
Vyrn: Oh, you mean when the old king got… Y'know…
Lancelot: Yes. That was what triggered it…
Lancelot: I chose to fight for my country, he chose to fight for a dream.
Lancelot: The day he left, we… We challenged each other, and each others ideals, in a duel.
Lyria: So when Percival said "our business," he meant…
Lancelot: He meant finishing that duel from all those years ago. I'll admit neither of us expected it to end in a draw.
Lancelot looks over at his swords.
Lancelot: But, however much he gets on my nerves, it's not like I hate the man.
Lyria: I see. You're saying he's an uncomplicated man, he just burns hot like a flame.
Lancelot lets loose a little laugh as he recalls something.
Lancelot: That's right, didn't he ask you to become his retainer, (Captain)?
Vyrn: So I guess he says that to everyone then?
Lancelot: Ha ha, so he did? He doesn't ask just anyone, you know.
Lancelot suddenly shifts to looking far more serious.
Lancelot: (Captain). I want to thank you for bringing us together again.
Lyria: Don't mention it. We were just happy to be back here again!
Vyrn: Heheh, it was nothing! C'mon, where's that smile gone?
Lancelot: Thank you. Talking to you somehow makes me feel a bit better.
Lancelot: Now, as much as it pains me to say that he was right, we do need to get some rest. Tomorrow's a big day.
(Captain) and crew rest up in preparation for the next day.
Through the kindness of his friends Lancelot seems to be finally on the mend.