Scenario:Lancelot - The Dedicated Knight Falters

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The Dedicated Knight Falters

The royal capital of Feendrache has now twice been saved from catastrophe by Lancelot, (Captain), and the crew. The crew are visiting the capital once more to attend a ceremony of recognition being held in their honor. The crew are delighted to be publicly lauded for their deeds by King Carl, but that evening, Lancelot and the King ask (Captain) to help out with a monster-hunting raid in order to help cheer up the citizenry.

Previously, Lancelot, (Captain), and the crew had twice saved the royal capital Feendrache from a seditious plot.
The crew are visiting the capital once again to attend an awards ceremony that has been arranged to thank them for their deeds.
Lancelot: Thank you for coming out of your way to visit our capital.
Lancelot: His Majesty insisted that I convey his gratitude to you, (Captain), and your crew, in person.
Vyrn: Heheh! What an honor!
Lancelot: The people are still anxious over the two calamities, so this awards ceremony is also to soothe their worries.
Lancelot: Nonetheless, you really have very little to worry about, (Captain).
Lancelot: People have already set up stalls in town ahead of the ceremony, why don't you soak up some of the atmosphere before we start?
Vane: Lancey, you're here!
Vane: You have to get changed into your ceremonial armor! You're running late!
Lancelot: Oh my! You're right!
Lancelot: Vane, can I ask you to show (Captain) and the crew to their places?
Vane: My liege!
The citizenry assembles in the throne room and the ceremony finally begins.
King Carl: Most esteemed (Captain). On this occasion we thank you for your steadfast support during our kingdom's darkest hour.
Vyrn: Heheheh, (Captain) can't resist a kingdom in peril!
King Carl: And our gratitude to you for your dedication to helping people knows no end. Thank you.
King Carl: And Siegfried. Time and time again you have come to our aid.
Siegfried: No, without the redoubtable efforts of these young knights, the capital would surely have been lost.
King Carl: Nevertheless, without you, the capital would have fallen.
King Carl: Feendrache is indebted to you.
Siegfried: Your Majesty! This is the greatest honor.
King Carl: Vane, Percival. We must also express our thanks to the two of you.
Vane: That his Majesty and his subjects got through this unscathed is reward enough for me!
Percival: Anyone would have done the same, considering the circumstances. There is no need to thank us.
King Carl: Haha, is that so? I see you two are the same as ever.
King Carl: …And finally, Lancelot.
Lancelot: …Your Majesty!
King Carl: It's good to see your new armor fits you so well.
King Carl: That armor is a gift from me to show my thanks for your devoted service.
Lancelot: I humbly accept this gracious gift! It has inspired me to redouble my efforts to serve you!
King Carl: Now, my citizens! Acclaim your heroes, the saviors of Feendrache!
In response to King Carl's behest, the crowd breaks out into applause and shouts of joy.
After the ceremony, a banquet is held at the castle, and all present feast and make merry to their heart's content.
That evening, King Carl, accompanied by Lancelot, pays a visit to (Captain) and the crew in their guest chambers.
King Carl: Thank you once again! I trust you enjoyed yourselves at the banquet?
Lyria: Yes, it was a lot of fun, and the food was delicious!
King Carl: Hahaha, well that is good news! I'm glad you were kept entertained.
King Carl: Now, Lancelot.
Lancelot: Majesty!
(Captain), we have another big favor to ask of you.
Lancelot: I think I mentioned this before the ceremony. The people are uneasy after being brought so close to disaster not once, but twice.
Lancelot: So in order to demonstrate the prowess of the Order of the White Dragons, the frequency of monster-quelling raids has been upped.
Lancelot: That way, the townsfolk can feel that the knights are close at hand, and their fears should be assuaged.
Vyrn: Hmmm… Sounds like a plan to me!
Vyrn: So what was the favor that you wanted to ask us?
Lancelot: (Captain), we'd like you and your crew to join those monster-hunting raids.
Lancelot: If they see you and your crew, (Captain)?the saviors of our kingdom?fighting once more, they'll feel inspired.
Lyria: No problem, we're glad to help.
Right, (Captain)!
King Carl: Good gracious, once again we are indebted to you. One day we will repay you this favor, of that you can be certain.
Vyrn: Heheh, well it's certainly reassuring to hear that from a king!
Thus it was decided that the next day (Captain) and the crew would join the Order of the White Dragons in hunting monsters.

The Dedicated Knight Falters: Scene 2

Proceeding with their monster-quelling raid, (Captain), the crew, and the members of the Order of the White Dragons reach a small village. The villagers are excited to see Lancelot, (Captain), and the crew, hailing them as the heroes who saved the kingdom. But then Lancelot overhears some villagers questioning King Carl's abilities as a ruler.

Proceeding with their monster-quelling raid, (Captain), the crew, and the Order of the White Dragons reach a small village.
Villager 1: Wait, isn't that the Order of the White Dragon? They're the knights who protect our realm!
Villager 2: And those guys with them are the skyfarers that saved the kingdom!
The villagers cheerfully greet (Captain), the crew, and the knights of the Order.
Vyrn: These villagers love us! They have plenty of love for the knights from the Order too.
Percival: It's because this is such a small village. They aren't able to keep away all the monsters that live in the area.
Lancelot: That's why they've been looking forward to us coming, and why they're giving us such a warm welcome.
Lancelot: We'll have to do our best not to disappoint them.
Lancelot starts to prepare for the coming expedition against the monsters.
As he is doing this, the chatter of the villagers reaches his ears.
Villager: …We were depending on the Order, but thanks to old King Carl, we got caught up in two major calamities…
Villager: Trouble's brewing again, I can sense it…
Villager: …That's 'cause back in the day, King Carl ascended to the throne right after the last king died.
Villager: He's always been known for his generosity, but I'm not so sure he's cut out to be king…
Villager: I've heard that his older brother always kept a firm hand on the rudder… If he'd stayed healthy, then perhaps…
Lancelot: !
Lancelot: (…What are they saying! I knew that the people had been shaken by what's happened, but this…)
Lancelot: (…To go so far as to question His Majesty's ability to rule…)
Lyria: Lancelot, what's the matter?
Lancelot: Oh… no, it's nothing.
Lancelot: Let's head out monster-hunting soon!
Vyrn: Leave it to us! (Captain), let's get going!

The Dedicated Knight Falters: Scene 3

Lancelot is disturbed by the extent to which unease with the king's rule has taken hold in the hearts of the people. Percival also overhears the villagers' grumblings, but he sides with them and issues a scathing criticism of King Carl. He questions Lancelot on who it is that a knight should be defending, their ruler, or the people. On hearing these remarks, Lancelot can barely conceal his trembling rage.

Lancelot: (…Even though we have purged the realm of evil, unease has still taken root in the hearts of the people…)
Lancelot: (…There has to be something I can do for the people, for the kingdom… but what…)
Percival: …Lancelot.
Percival: Lancelot!
Lancelot: Uh, yes! What is it, Percival?
Percival: …What are you doing?
Percival: We don't know which direction the monsters might strike from. You need to stay on your toes.
Percival: I shouldn't have to tell you that.
Percival: We can't afford to slip up now.
Lancelot: You're right. I'm sorry.
Percival: Humph… Were you shocked to hear those villagers questioning the rule of the king?
Lancelot: What! You mean you heard them too?
Percival: I wasn't particularly surprised. That was pretty much what I expected, given the circumstances.
Percival: …It seems his reputation as a soft touch has become a cause of concern for these people out here.
Lancelot: Of all the! You mean that even you would scorn His Majesty!
Percival: Quit yapping. What are you, his obedient little lap dog?
Percival: Humph… "His Majesty this, His Majesty that", you're more lickspittle than knight.
Lancelot: What did you say! You dare question my chivalry?
Percival: Look. If you're going to call yourself a knight, don't mistake what it is you're meant to defend.
Percival: Which do you defend, the person who wears the crown, or the entire populace of the realm?
Lancelot: !
Percival's words send Lancelot into a barely concealed rage.
Suddenly monsters fly out from a thicket, aiming to strike Lancelot's back.
Lancelot: Gah!
Percival: If you're gonna mount a surprise attack you'll have to do better than that.
Vyrn: Oh no! They got us surrounded!
Lancelot: A horde of monsters this vast… If we don't hold them at bay here then this village is done for! Let's get to work!
Lancelot: (…I've got to get back into the flow of this…)

The Dedicated Knight Falters: Scene 4

(Captain) and crew help the knights of the Order of the White Dragon complete their monster-hunting duties and they all return to the capital. Lancelot, however, continues to fret over the enduring unrest among the people. King Carl visits him, and orders him to temporarily leave the country and lend his services to the skyfarers. As well as being a much-deserved break from his service to the realm, this sojourn will allow him to find his way back to the chivalric path.

(Captain) and crew help the Order complete their monster-hunting duties, and they all return to the castle unscathed.
Though the monster-hunting is set to continue the following day, Lancelot agonizes over the unrest he observed.
Lancelot: (…At any rate, just defeating monsters and enemies alone is not going to assuage the people's fears…)
Lancelot: (…There has to be something I can do… But what…)
Lancelot: (…According to Percival I'm a fool for being so dedicated to the king…)
Lancelot: (…Hmm? Who could that be at this time?)
King Carl: I'm sorry to disturb you, Lancelot.
Lancelot: Your Majesty! I'm sorry you have to see the knights' quarters in such a state…
King Carl: Hahaha, I see what you mean…
King Carl: I believe Vane was supposed to have tidied all of this up.
Lancelot: I'm sorry.
King Carl: But you must also take some of the blame for allowing your quarters to get into such a state.
King Carl: And just what is it that has you so vexed that you neglect such basic duties?
Lancelot: Forgive me. It's… something too trivial for a knight to be as troubled over it as I have been.
Lancelot: But sire, I have by no means been neglecting my duties!
King Carl: Yes yes, don't strain yourself. Hehe… you really do take things seriously don't you?
King Carl: I've been worried about you for some time now, Lancelot. You work too hard.
Lancelot: I am a knight! Of course I'm going to work hard in service of my king and country!
King Carl: And for that I am thankful. Nevertheless, I'd like for you to stretch your wings every once in a while.
King Carl: How about it? If I were to ask (Captain) in person…
King Carl: It might be good for you to temporarily lend your services to their crew, and get away from your duties here for a while.
Lancelot: Sire?
King Carl: Hehe… This is an order, Lancelot.
Lancelot: (…Maybe His Majesty is right. Maybe I should take some time away from my duties…)
Lancelot: …I am most grateful for Your Majesty's kindness.
And so it was decided that Lancelot would join (Captain)'s crew, at King Carl's request.
Lancelot is being given the chance to observe his country, and his Order, from a wider perspective.
He will need some time to discover the way back to the chivalric path.