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Work is Ever Over

A young man named Lowain working in the canteen fell head over heels for a certain female customer. Having fallen in love at first sight with the knight Katalina, Lowain decided to confess this to her immediately. After calling Katalina out to meet him in the evening to confess his love, Lowain's confession was met with a curt dismissal from Katalina. But unable to give up on Katalina, Lowain quit his job and followed her to the Grandcypher. Despite a few setbacks, he and two of his friends were able to get themselves hired by (Captain)'s order as cooks.

The party stopped at a town. The party planned to eat lunch at a canteen that Katalina hoped to find in the town.
Katalina: Hehe. I heard this place does good food. And I thought I should drop round and give it a try.
The party found some seats and sat down. They involuntarily shrank back at the jeers and boos echoing around the room.
Grouchy owner: Hey! Lowain! Oi! The food is gonna get cold you idiot! Go get it you moron!
Lowain: Hi! Sorry for being late!
Grouchy owner: Huh?! What? What kind of answer is that?! Talk about a lack of originality!
Lowain: Umm... (But... ) if I'd called out to you and dropped the food, the customers would be really annoyed with me.
Grouchy owner: What the hell are you doing?! What a load of crap! Try again you idiot!
Lowain: Ok. This food is gonna get cold, better take it out.
Grouchy owner: Gah!
Regular customer: Ahaha! Boss, you got us good!
Vyrn: Wait a minute! Do you not get on with those guys?
Katalina: Hmm... those boys? The one chatting over there, does he work here...?
Regular customer: Ah... that guy? He's really good at his job, in his spare time he watches the boss's kids.
Lowain: Sorry for the wait! (Sorryyy) Here's your order!
Lowain: This here food. It's really tasty ya know! You gotta eat it slow to really appreciate it!
Regular customer: Geez... if he could just fix that attitude he'd do much better. What a waste.
Lowain: Hey, hey! I'm both handsome and an amazing cook! And that's coz I'm perfect! I'm the perfect man!
Katalina: Mmm... well, the cooking certainly lives up to this place's reputation.
Lowain: Oh? Hey miss, is it your first time here?
Katalina: Yes. I'd heard about this place before. And thought I'd give it a try.
Lowain: Aha! Well, that coz the owner's sense of taste is damn good!
Grouchy owner: Hey! No need to use words like "damn"! Choose your words better!
Lowain: If we added in my grandma's secret ingredients from home... this food would be even more awesome!
Lowain: My grandma's cooking is amazing, and so is the owner's! If we just added them together...!
Lowain: It would be... legendary. A totally legendary flavor!
Grouchy owner: Hey! Stop chatting and get back to work! Idiot!
Lowain: Ok! Roger! I'm going, I'm going!(I'm going already!) Ok, enjoy your food miss!
(Captain)'s group finished eating lunch, but as they went to pay... an event occurred that would turn one young man's life upside-down.
Lowain: You leaving already? How was it? Our food I mean.
Katalina: Ah, it was delicious. Though the canteen is a bit noisy. Hehe...
Lowain: Hehe, it's normal when a place is popular... haha!
Katalina: Hm? Huh? What's up?
Lowain: (Gah... that girl... )
Lowain: (Totally beautiful... )
Katalina: ...?
Lowain: U-Um... Miss! When I finish work this evening... would you come and meet me?
And with that, Lowain handed Katalina a piece of paper with the meeting place and time written on it.
Katalina: Hm? What? Why are you suddenly...?
Grouchy owner: Hey! Stop chatting and get back to work! Idiot!
Lowain: Uh... yes. I'll get back to the kitchen!
And so, (Captain)'s party was seen off by Lowain as they left the canteen.
Lowain finished work. He killed time with his friends until the time of the meeting.
Lowain: So... that girl you met at work... Katalina wasn't it? She's... She's like, totally beautiful!
Lowain: I've completely fallen for her. I felt like my heart skipped a beat! That's not good. Normally. But this time...
Elsam: GYAHAHA! You don't fall in love! Just like that, really?!
Tomoi: This is bad! Really bad! Why'd you suddenly fall for her like that? Look, look!
Lowain: Do... do you think Katalina will come?
Elsam: She'll come!
Tomoi: I'm sure she'll come!
All Three: Right?
All Three: YEEEEES!
Elsam: She'll come! She'll want to come!
Tomoi: As soon as she sees you she'll wanna come! Ahhh I really like her!
Lowain: Kya!(This could be bad!) It's time already! I need to go now!
Elsam: GYAHAHA! I'm going too!
Tomoi: Me too me too!
And so Lowain and his friends waited at the agreed meeting place. And Katalina was...
Kat: ...
Lowain: (There!)
Elsam: (What what what! What's this?! What?)
Tomoi: (Hahahaha! She's a knight! She's wearing armor! She looks strong! Really?!)
Lowain: (Shut up! Get outta here! Don’t get in the way!)
Elsam and Tomoi: (Alright!)
Lowain: H-hey... Ah, good evening.
Katalina: Hi Lowain. So what did you need to see me about...?
Lowain: Um... well... uh... t-the sky is really pretty tonight isn't it?!
Katalina: Hm? Ah... yes... you surprised me, I wouldn't have thought you looked like the type to love scenery.
Lowain: Huh? Scenery? Ah, yup, I really love scenery! The scenery in this town is really pretty at night, doncha think?
Katalina: Ah, yes. It's certainly got a really nice atmosphere.
Lowain: If I went out on a date with a girlfriend it would totally be the best kinda atmosphere! And she'd look even more beautiful...
Lowain: K-Kat... y-you're incredibly pretty too! In this light! Very! Ah, what am I saying...
Katalina: Me?! Why the hell are you suddenly saying that!?
Elsam: (Gyaha!! What does he think he's doing?! It's really not going well haha!)
Tomoi: (Hahahaha! He really doesn't know how to talk to girls! Smooooth moves! He's really done it now!)
Lowain: (Argh... I'm really no good at this! Well, no point in stopping now!)
Lowain: I, I fell for you the moment I saw you Katalina... I mean... I'm in love with you! So... will you please go on a date with me?
Katalina: Wha?! D-Don’t tease me! What the hell are you on about?!
Lowain: I'm not teasing you! Ok, maybe we could just be friends...
Katalina: A-Anyway! I'd just like to forget this ever happened!
Lowain: K-Kat!
He made a blunder that was completely unexpected compared for someone with his character. Overcome with despair, he crumpled to his knees. No longer able to stand.
He watched Katalina's back with despairing eyes as she disappeared into the darkness, cloak fluttering.
Elsam: Lowain...
Tomoi: There she is...
Lowain: Don't say anything yet... please...
Elsam: Of course not! Won't say a word!
Tomoi: Of course!That's what friends are for! That female knight...
Elsam and Tomoi: Totally amazing!
Lowain: Riiight? So pretty she was practically sparkling!
Elsam: So... pure...
Lowain: I'm totally in love with her...
Elsam: I've completely fallen for her too...
Tomoi: Me too! Katalinaaaaa!
Lowain: Right!
Elsam and Tomoi: Definitely!
All three: Totally!
All three: Yeeeeah!!
After this, the three friends met up in a cafe later to talk. The three talked through the night about Katalina, spending until they were almost out of money.
And the next day. Katalina was in a cabin on the airship...
Katalina: Jeez... last night was... I didn't sleep at all... even worse than getting hit by a monster...
Katalina: Hmm? There's someone up on the deck...
Katalina came out on deck, rubbing sleepy eyes. There she was greeted by the sight of the three from the night before, standing talking with Rackam.
Thinking that some kind of trouble might be afoot, she drew her sword. And then...
All three: We're on the Grandcypher! Rackam is at the controls! Dreamboat Rackam is in charge!
All three: Rackam! Rackam! Rackaaaam, Rackaaam!
Rackam: Dahahaha! What? Look who it is!
Katalina: Wha?! You're...! What the hell are you doing here?!
Lowain: Katalina... I quit my job. I told the manager that I was leaving.
Katalina: Say what?! Why the hell did you do that?!
Lowain: I just can't forget about you Katalina. I thought I'd do something to surprise you...
Elsam: So, you mean like, you're gonna be a cook or something? We'll help too!
Tomoi: Would you let us work for you?
Rackam: Dahahaha! Ok, ok. It doesn't really bother me. You seem different to the other roughs in this town.
Katalina: I really want to send you straight back... but you've even gone and quit your job... Grumble grumble...
Katalina: Oh...! Th- That’s it! What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. I don't really mind
  2. Taking all three would be kinda annoying

Choose: I don't really mind
Katalina: Nngh...! If that's what (Captain) says, then I'll go along with it...
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Choose: Taking all three would be kinda annoying
Lowain: Ah, annoying? Sorry.
Elsam: We totally misread the situation... Sorry.
Tomoi: We won't do anything bad, promise! Will you believe us? Sorry.
Katalina: Nngh...! Why are you suddenly being so obedient...?
Continue 1
Katalina: Sigh... fine! But... if you do anything weird, you'll have to answer to me!
Lowain: Really?! Reallyreallyreally?! YES!
Lowain: Alright!!!! Kat... just you wait, I'll soon be your number one!
All Three: YEAAAAAH!
Katalina: Sigh... as long as you don't get in the way...
And so the young Lowain and his friends joined the order.
At first Katalina was strained and distant, but as time went on she gradually thawed.