Scenario:Magisa - The Witch's Dream

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The Witch's Dream

The mysterious witch Magisa attempted to make off with Lyria. When our heroes stopped her and asked her to explain herself, she told them that she had been looking for Lyria so she could fulfill her dream of seeing the Island of the Astrals again. Seeing as they shared the same goal, Magisa and our heroes decided to journey together.

During their travels, (Captain) and company came to a small town.
Finished with their errands, the party were about to get back on the airship when someone called out to them.
???: Excuse me... You there, girl. Girl with the blue hair... Yes, you.
Lyria: Umm... M-Me?
???: Yes, you... Oh, I’ve finally found you. I’ve been looking for you for a long time, you know.
Lyria: Huh? You’ve been looking for me...? For a long time...?
Vyrn: Whoa there, chick... You gotta be kidding me... You know Lyria?!
???: “Chick?" That’s a rather rude way to refer to someone... Is “pretty lady” too much to ask? I suppose it is...
Magisa: Hmm. Well then, please call me Magisa.
Magisa: As I was saying... I’ve been searching for you for a long time. But at last, I’ve found you!
Magisa: Now then, you’re coming with me. Don’t worry. You will not be harmed.
Lyria: What?! H-Hold on just a second, please!
Vyrn: Yeah, bucko! Who do you think you are, giving her orders like that?! Are you with the Empire?!
Magisa: The Empire? Oh, Erste Empire, you mean? I have no interest in such things...
Magisa: Teehee... You’re quite chivalrous, aren’t you? You’ve got a good look in your eye... Are you Miss Blue-Hair’s bodyguard, perhaps?
Vyrn: (Captain) is the captain of our order!
Lyria: That’s right! You won’t find a more reliable skyfarer in all the Skydom!
Lyria: And besides... There’s more to it than that... We’re, how do I put it... Inseparable, I guess...
Magisa: Oh...? Don’t tell me... Whaaat?! Really? Is that so? Heehee...
Lyria: Oh, uhh... I really don’t mean it in a weird way... Wh-Why are you smiling at me like that?!
Magisa: Smiling? Who, me? Don’t be silly. Hm... Well, this is a problem...
Hooligan: Hey there, pretty lady! What seems to be the problem?
Vyrn: Ugh... Who the hell is this guy...?
Hooligan: What’s this? Lizard hunting, are ya?
Hooligan: More importantly! Can I buy you a cup of coffee? I’ve got some time to spare!
Magisa: Oh my. You wish to... spend time with me?
Magisa: I see. Well... I’ve got a friend with me right now. Would it be all right if I brought her along?
Hooligan: Of course! If she’s a knockout like you, then by all means!
Magisa: Really? A knockout, huh... Well, that’s apt, isn’t it, Moo Moo?
Magisa: I, too, have a lot of free time on my hands. Now then, let’s spend some quality time together.
Hooligan: Wh... what the hell is that thing?!
Magisa: This is my dear friend. Don’t worry, she’s not as scary as she looks. Although she does have a sliiiight... temper.
Hooligan: G-Gimme a break! To hell with this! Damn it... You damn witch!
Magisa: Heehee... Awww, I got rejected again.
Magisa: Well... Who cares about that loser?
Magisa: Anyway, this girl is ABSOLUTELY necessary for the sake of achieving my goal...
(Captain) told her everything that had happened on the journey so far, starting from meeting Lyria.
Magisa: I see... That’s quite the story.
Vyrn: So? Care to explain why you think Lyria is so “necessary”?
Magisa: Lyria is... the key. You know that, don’t you, (Captain)? You know what Lyria is.
Magisa: You see... I had a dream. One night I dreamed of another world, and ever since, I’ve desperately yearned for that world.
Magisa: I can remember it even now. It’s all so clear, even the smells... And so I searched for the world from my dream.
Lyria: Don’t tell me... The world you saw in your dream... Could it be...?
Magisa: Teehee... You see, I’m a naturally gifted witch, so I’ve had my share of special dreams...
Magisa: But that world was in neither the past nor the future...
Magisa: When I finally realized, I was in shock, as you might imagine. I couldn’t believe it was the Island of the Astrals.
Vyrn: Wha...?!
Magisa: So, there you have it. I require Lyria. Now then, don’t bother telling me to give up, okay?
Magisa: I’ve got a bit of a single-track mind. And right now, my mind is made up. No matter what you throw at me, I promise you, I won’t yield to you.
Magisa: Now then... Let’s hear your answer. Try not to disappoint me.
  1. Why don’t we all go together?
  2. I won’t let you have Lyria

Choose: Why don’t we all go together?
Magisa: Together...? You would have me join your group, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Yeah! We’re headed to the same place, so why not travel together?
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Choose: I won’t let you have Lyria
Lyria: Oh my gosh, oh my gosh...!
Magisa: You’re so very chivalrous... How enchanting. But it looks like we won’t be able to settle this with words.
Vyrn: H-Hold up! If you want to be with her so bad, then why don’t you just come with us?!
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Magisa: Oh, I see... Teehee! You’re right. That’s an interesting suggestion... It’s a good idea.
Magisa: In that case, I suppose I will be coming along with you and your friends on your little journey, (Captain).
Magisa: You seem quite reliable, so don’t make me regret this, okay, (Captain)?
(Captain) had made a new friend in the most unlikely of places. Their goals were the same.
With the unfulfilled land in their sights, (Captain) and company crossed the sky.