Scenario:Magisa - The Witch Hunting Village

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The Witch Hunting Village

On their travels, (Captain) and the crew visit a small village. However, a strange atmosphere looms over the village, and there is no sign of any people. Suddenly, a young girl runs by, being pursued by a guard readying his sword. While they may not understand the situation, the crew decides to intervene and stop the guard.

(Captain) and the crew continue their journey in search of the Island of the Astrals.
On their travels, they stop to rest at a small village in the depths of some mountains.
Vyrn: What's going on here? There are hardly any people in this village…
Lyria: Strange… There are lots of houses, but nobody around, even though it's still light outside.
Magisa: There could be all sorts of reasons, so we shouldn't assume something strange is going on just yet.
Magisa: It does seem like they're scared of something though.
Magisa: Look closely at the doors to the houses. They all have charms to protect against evil spirits on them.
Vyrn: A charm? What on Sky World is going on in this village?
Girl: (Pant)… (Pant)…
Lyria: Look, that girl! She must be from this village!
Girl: !
Lyria: She's gone… I wonder where she was running to.
Guard: Wait! Stop running already! Blast, that witch!
Magisa: That girl just now…
Lyria: This isn't good! Looks like the guard is chasing after that girl who ran by just now!
Vyrn: Eh! B-but, he looks like he's getting ready to brandish his sword!
Magisa: I have no idea what's going on in this town, but I'm not prepared to just stand aside and watch what happens.

The Witch Hunting Village: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew are confronted by the villagers for saving the girl. Recently, the villagers have been tormented by monsters, and are calling the girl, who can communicate with monsters, a witch and holding her responsible. Hearing this, Magisa offers to help catch the girl, but this is just a rouse, and her true intentions are to find the girl and ask her side of the story. As such, the crew head out to the woods in which the girl lives.

Villager 1: Blast it! Why are you meddling in other people's affairs!
(Captain) and the crew have protected the girl from the guards.
However, the crew lose sight of the girl, and the villagers start blaming them for interfering.
Villager 1: What do you think you're doing? Why did you help that girl?
Magisa: Are you honestly saying that we should ignore a little girl being chased by a guard with a sword?
Villager 1: Yes we are! This matter doesn't concern you, but it's for the sake of the village.
Vyrn: For the sake of the village? What is that girl supposed to have done?
Villager 2: That was no ordinary girl just now?that was a witch. A fearful witch, threatening the wellbeing of the village.
Magisa: Haha… A witch? That little girl?
Villager 3: Yes, a witch! For some reason that little girl has the ability to control monsters!
Villager 3: All the monsters that have been appearing in the town lately are the work of that witch!
Village Chief: I've actually been attacked by one of that witch's monsters before.
Village Chief: Perhaps it looks strange to you outsiders…
Village Chief: But we need to catch that witch to protect the village.
Lyria: Huh? There's something about the chief…
Vyrn: Huh? What is it, Lyria?
Lyria: Errrr, it's n-nothing! I think I just got the wrong idea for a second.
Magisa: Excuse me, but where does that little girl live?
Village Chief: She lives in some woods on the outskirts of the village. Why do you ask?
Magisa: Hahaha, please don't pull such a scared face. We just wish to atone for our mistake earlier.
Magisa: How about we take over the hunt and catch that girl for you?
Vyrn: H-hey! Magisa, what are you saying!
Village Chief: We appreciate the offer, but the witches house is protected by monsters, so getting close is no easy task.
Magisa: That's no problem. Please just leave it to us.
Vyrn: Hey, Magisa, what are you thinking! Why would you offer to catch the girl for them?
Magisa: If I didn't say that then the villagers wouldn't have let us leave.
Magisa: And now we know exactly where the girl lives, also.
Magisa: Let's go find our little witch and hear her side of the story directly.

The Witch Hunting Village: Scene 3

(Captain) and the crew manage to get past the monsters and find the little girl. The girl tells them that she has never deliberately tried to set monsters on the villagers, but there is something in the village that makes the monsters lose control. Magisa trusts the girl’s story and comes up with a plan to send the village into turmoil. Amid the confusion, the source of the trouble is revealed to be a dark crystal that the village chief is hiding. The crew takes on the challenge to destroy the crystal and put an end to the matter once and for all.

Monster: Graaaaaawl…
Vyrn: Darn it! And we're so close to the place they told us.
Girl: Excuse me, but… are you the people from before?
As the little girl appears, the monster that had been growling threateningly suddenly becomes quiet, and snuggles up to her.
Magisa: Hello there, my little witch. Nice to meet you.
Girl: H-hello… Urrrm… Is there something you want with me?
Magisa: Indeed there is. We heard about you from the villagers and decided to pay you a little visit.
Girl: So you're here to capture me!
Monster: GRAAAAWL!
Magisa: Hahaha, don't worry. We haven't come here to try and capture you.
Girl: So, what then?
Magisa: Well, I was hoping that you would be kind enough to tell us your side of the story?
The little girl lets her guard down, and speaks at length to the crew.
The girl has no relatives, and was born with the ability to form bonds with monsters.
However, according to the girl, she has never tried to set monsters on the village even once.
Girl: But recently something strange happened. Normally my monster friends stay quiet and keep to themselves.
Girl: But now, whenever one gets near the village chief's house or storehouse it suddenly becomes restive.
Girl: It never used to be a problem, but a few people got injured…
Magisa: And that's why they started brandishing you a witch, I assume.
Girl: Yes.
Lyria: I knew it. Before, I could sense something strange about the village chief.
Lyria: It was an unpleasant feeling, almost as if I knew him from somewhere…
Vyrn: I think I smell a rat, (Captain)!
Magisa: Now, little girl, was everything you told us the truth?
The little girl looked directly into Magisa's eyes and nodded firmly.
Girl: I'm not lying to you. It's all true.
Magisa: Hmmmm, I see. How about we have a little fun with the villagers?
Villager 1: Aaaargh! S-someone! Someone help me!
Village Chief: What is it? What's happened?
Villager 1: It's the witch! That little brat, she's finally coming to do away with us!
Villager 2: Monsters are closing in on the village from all directions! They're already inside the village!
Village Chief: What! Blast it!
Villager 2: H-hey, wait! Where are you going! HEY!
Villager 2: YIIIIKES!
Villager 2: …Huh?
Each monster growls threateningly at a villager, but turns away and heads for a different villager without attacking.
The monsters continue to behave this way, growling at villagers but never attacking.
Villager 2: Wh-what's going on?
Villager 1: I dunno, but that was a close call! Quick, let's go indoors before it's too late!
Girl: You can growl as loud as you want, but make sure you don't hurt anyone! Got it?
Monster: Garp!
Girl: All right, I'm counting on you. If things get hairy, just run away!
Monster: Garp!
Magisa: Hahaha. Seeing the monsters behave like this is adorable.
Girl: Urrrm, is it really OK for us to be doing this?
Magisa: It may scare the villagers a little, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
Magisa: And this way they'll come to see the truth behind what's really going on.
Magisa: Hmmmm, so this is the village chief's storehouse you mentioned?
Monster: Graaaawl!
Girl: Yeah. My monster friends don't want to get any closer than this.
Lyria: There is something inside this storehouse. I can feel some strange power.
Vyrn: Whatever it is, looks like it's the cause of all the strange goings-on in the village!
Vyrn: Let's investigate inside and put an end to all the misunderstandings once and for all!
Village Chief: I can't let you do that.
Magisa: Why, its none other than the village chief. What perfect timing; I happen to have a favor to ask.
Magisa: Whatever is going on in this village, we can help. We're quite resourceful, you know.
Magisa: So do us a favor and show us what's inside this storehouse.
Village Chief: I refuse.
Magisa: Ah! Well, it seems you'd be in a tight spot if anyone found out what was inside.
Village Chief: Just drop it, will you? I'm sure you already know what's inside, no?
Village Chief: I bet that little brat's been dropping you hints, too. Thanks to her my plan is all ruined.
Lyria: I sense that strange power coming from the chief again. Wait, I feel something else, too.
Village Chief: I should've known to be weary of outsiders. But who'd have thought someone who knows about dark crystals would come along.
The irritated village chief mutters to himself as he pulls out a crystal he had concealed on himself.
Vyrn: It's a dark crystal! But why does the village chief have one?
Village Chief: It's not over for you all just yet. If you keep your mouths sealed, there's still hope that you could make it out of this alive.
Village Chief: Then again, luck would have it the village is overrun by monsters. No one'll think twice if they hear you lost your lives to them?
Magisa: Humph, it would seem we're at an impasse, then. You couldn't possibly sink any lower, could you?
Magisa: Calling this little girl a witch! You brought this on yourself!
Magisa: It's time to show you the true meaning of the word witch.
Magisa: So terrifying it'll chill you to the bone. You'll want to forget, but it'll be engraved into your mind so deep that you never can.

The Witch Hunting Village: Scene 4

(Captain) and the crew capture the village chief and his henchmen. Stored in the chief’s storehouse is a large shipment of dark crystals, which he had illegitimately obtained from the Imperial Empire to trade on the black market. The crew visits the village again the following day, but the little girl has decided to keep on living in the woods on the outskirts of the village, with the hope of one day becoming a powerful witch like Magisa.

The crew manage to capture the village chief and his guards, and lock them up in the storehouse.
Lyria: Th-this is!
Before the crew is a large pile of dark crystals that the chief obtained illegitimately from the Imperial Empire.
The village chief had been trafficking the crystals, which was the cause of the monsters' rage.
(Captain) and the crew dispose of the crystals at the villager's request and leave.
The following day, the crew visit the village once more to find that the girl is still living in the woods on the outskirts.
Vyrn: But, the misunderstanding with the villagers has been cleared up now, right? Why haven't you returned to the village?
Girl: Urrm, the thing is, the village still makes me feel uneasy somehow.
Girl: Also, there's no way they'd let me live alongside all my monster friends in the village.
Monster: Garp!
Magisa: I see. If that is the way of life you have chosen, then we have no objection.
Girl: But, thank you for helping sort everything out!
Girl: Miss Magisa, you were soooo cool.
Girl: When I grow up, I wanna be a powerful witch just like you, Miss Magisa!
Magisa: Hahaha, thank you. I'm happy that you think I'm so cool.
Magisa: You can definitely become a powerful witch too. I can see the future, so I guarantee it.
Magisa: To be prepared to move away from civilization and live in these creepy woods at your age?it's like you were born to be a witch!
Magisa's face lights up with a mischievous smile.
They see the girl off at the village. Magisa's heart feels warm with the knowledge that they have discovered a bright new star.