Scenario:Mahira - Flap Those Wings!

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Flap Those Wings!

Rackam and Eugen assist Mahira with modifications to her mini-airship. An altercation breaks out over how best to go about the task, but Mahira remains calm the entire time.

Days before the end of the year, the crew stops by Golonzo, an island famed for its expertise in shipbuilding.
Their main purpose is to help Mahira prepare for the Joya confrontation.
Mahira: So this thing is a shock absorber?
Rackam: Well, you did say you wanted to get the jump on the Joya. I customized it to fit your mini-airship.
Mahira: Thank you. I'll put it on Clucky right away.
Rackam: Wait, we ought to tweak the load balance first. Should save us some time in the long run.
Mahira: I've already completed calculations for that. A bit of extra weight won't be an issue.
Rackam: Yeah? Gimme some numbers.
Mahira: Right, in just a bit...
Mahira: Actually, I forgot them.
Rackam: Hahaha, I figured! Though I'm sure your calculations are spot-on, of course.
Eugen: So how's the ship lookin'? I picked up a few parts in town that might come in handy.
Mahira: Eugen.
Mahira: Wow, that's a big haul. A lot of those parts are scarce this time of year.
Eugen: Haha, that's what connections are for. I've been around a long time after all.
Rackam: Always appreciate the help, Eugen. Can you lock in the airframe? I need to attach the shock absorber to the bow.
Eugen: I'm on it. Good thing I came with heavy-duty adhesive from the local mechanic's guild.
Mahira: Wow, you really know everyone here.
Mahira: I just hope I'm not taking up too much of your time. What with it being the end of the year and all...
Rackam: Oh, it's fine. Even the Twelve Divine Generals need a little help with skyfaring sometimes, and I'm just glad to help.
Eugen: Yep, what he said. Leave this to us grown-ups. You need to be well-rested for the showdown with the Joya anyway.
Mahira: Rackam, Eugen...
Mahira: It's true I'm still just a young chick in many ways. I may know a lot, but it's nothing without actual experience.
Mahira: That's where you two come in!
Rackam: Mm-hm! Ready to do this, Eugen?
Eugen: Ready as can be! Let's rig this baby!
Mahira and the veteran skyfarers bond over their love of all things aerial, bringing together knowledge, technology, and experience.
But a blind spot remains. Such is the nature of airships.
Mahira: Here I go with the adhesive...
Rackam: Eugen, hold up. Why are you using that old plywood when we've got a fresh lightweight batch right here?
Eugen: Can't vouch for anything I haven't tested myself. She's gonna need the ship in tip-top shape for this face-off.
Rackam: I see what you mean, but trust me when I say this plywood's been battle-tested. Sorry, but I'm gonna tear off the tattered old stuff.
Eugen: Quit it, I already had it just right! C'mon, Rackam. How many times do I gotta tell ya not to put so much faith in the latest tech?
Mahira: Hammering away, dum-de-dum...
Rackam: How about we leave the past out of it? Nowadays I always make sure to test things out for myself—
Eugen: Heh, sounds like you need a refresher, Rackam. Watch me at work and learn.
Rackam: You're kidding, right? I ain't no damn kid anymore!
Eugen: Humph. You're still just a runt if you ask me.
Vyrn: Yoo-hoo, Mahira! How are enhancements on Clucky going?
Lyria: Is there anything we can help with? Ah, looks like you're all in the middle of something...
Mahira: Ah, it's you guys. Yes, everything's going swimmingly.
Rackam: Rgh! You have any idea how out-of-date your design is?
Eugen: Why don't you try learning from the past for once, ya dunce!
Vyrn: Um... What was it that was going swimmingly again?
Lyria: Ahahaha... They always get like this when it comes to the itty-bitty details of airships.
Noa is a crew member

Noa: Hehe... You never change, Rackam.
Mahira: Noa. Thanks for your advice the other day. I patched up the wings just now.
Noa: Yeah, I noticed. They look great. You just might be ready to learn the next step.
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Noa not in crew

???: Hehe... You never change, Rackam.
Mahira: Hm? Could you be...
Vyrn: Noa, good to see ya! Mahira, don't you remember how we mentioned he's the shipwright of the Grandcypher?
Lyria: Um, Rackam? Noa's—
Lyria: Ooh, he's pretty busy.
Noa: Sure is. But it's okay—I already know that you need help with ship modifications.
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Mahira: Great. I really appreciate it.
Pilot: Huh? That you, Rackam? What's with all this fuss?
Rackam: Good timing, bud! Let's show 'em the rough-and-tumble we helmsmen have to go through!
Shipwright: Y'all young'un's ought to know we shipwrights got our own struggles to deal wit'!
Eugen: Heheh, as if! Them greenhorns are nothin' more than fish in a fish bowl!
Mechanic: That's going too far, Eugen! We young folks even hold study groups to make sure we stay up-to-date!
Former Skyfarer: Hah! Sounds like the bare minimum. You've got another thing comin' if you think that alone's gonna keep you up to snuff!
Vyrn: Whoa... Why's everyone from the docks even here? Not to mention we're getting way off topic.
Mahira: Hm, hm, how enlightening. My, you're really deft with your hands, Noa.
Noa: You should know this differs from my usual method though. I figured it'd be nice to try it their way for once.
Lyria: Ahahaha... You two are so calm about this whole thing.
Rackam: Noa! Should've given me a holler if you were around! Back me up here!
Noa: Rackam, don't you think you're taking it too far? The last day of the year draws near.
Rackam: Rgh, gimme a break...
Eugen: Hahahaha! You just got told off like the lil' brat you are!
Rackam: That does it, Eugen!
Vyrn: Ahaha, are they playin' tag now? They're like a pair of kindergarteners!
Noa: It's the same for all who are infatuated with the skies.
Lyria: You think so? How does Mahira stay so calm then?
Mahira: Aha... So I just insert one of these tiny gears in here.
Noa: Hehe... Don't you see how engrossed Mahira is? She's just like them in her own way.
Mahira: Mm-hm... I could probably make a table with the leftover planks.
Mahira: Ah. I've read before about converting a heat source and placing a futon over it...
Mahira: (Captain), I know what to do now. I need to make a kotatsu after we finish up with Clucky.
Vyrn: What? Kotatsu? Come again? Is that another airship like Clucky?
Mahira: Mm... Let's just say it'll help us brave the winter.
Vyrn: Woo-hoo! I can't wait!
Mahira's preparations for the big day with the Joya come to a close amid all the clamor.
The skies and the ships that soar across them. Their wondrous charm is enough to bring out the inner child in any upstanding adult.