Scenario:Malinda - Dreaming of Days Past

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Dreaming of Days Past

Malinda dreams about her time on Medvecia, when Feldrac confided in her about his personal thoughts. She and Vania are the hope of the future, but for now, she happily eats lunch with the crew.

The sun shines down on another glorious day aboard the Grandcypher.
Malinda: Zzz... Zzz...
Malinda sleeps soundly in all her pink glory.
Rackam: Hehe. She hasn't got a care in the world.
Malinda: Zzz... Gyoo...
Lyria: Teehee. She looks so happy. I wonder what she's dreaming about.
Malinda: Zzz...
Vania: Hey, Malinda! Stick your tongue out again!
Malinda: Gyoo, gyoo! Bleh!
Vania: Ahaha! So cute!
Veight: Hey, Vania.
Veight: How long are you planning on caring for that accursed dragon?
Vania: Not this again! Forever and ever!
Veight: Listen. That dragon is heresy, and heresy must be expelled. You realize you can't keep it forever, right?
Veight: So hurry up and leave it in a field, or kick it off the island already.
Malinda: Gyoo...
Vania: Grrr! Absolutely not!
Vania: I have to take care of Malinda!
Vania: And you know what else? Feldrac says it's okay!
Vania: He's like the law, right? Are you going to break the law? That's bad, you know!
Veight: Urgh! The only time you talk about the laws is when they work in your favor!
Malinda: Gyoo...
Vania: It's okay, Malinda!
Vania: Whatever happens, I'll always be with you!
Malinda: Gyoo, gyoo!
Veight: Give me a break.
While the two vampires are talking, a white-haired man makes his entrance.
Feldrac: How is the little one?
Malinda: Gyoo! Gyoo!
Vania: Heehee! She says she's great!
Veight: Why, Feldrac? Why did you give her permission to harbor this accursed creature?
Feldrac: Do not raise your voice at me. I can hear you perfectly well.
Veight: I didn't mean... My apologies.
Feldrac: It matters not. I granted Vania permission for one reason.
Feldrac: I believe Vania's growth is tied to this dragon.
Feldrac: Caring for an animal bears great responsibility.
Feldrac: Vania will one day rule this island as the princess. I want her to understand the meaning of responsibility.
Veight: I see. So that's why...
Veight: But heresy isn't allowed on the island. So it is decreed by our laws and customs.
Feldrac: Hm.
Malinda: Gyoo? Gyoo?
Malinda: Gyoo! Gyoo!
Veight: How irritating. Be quiet.
Vania: Hey! You don't have to say it like that!
Vania: First, you tell Malinda to calm down, like this.
Malinda: Gyoo...
Vania: Shh, shh. That's a good girl!
Malinda: Gyoo...
Vania softly strokes Malinda with a smile on her face.
Vania: Heeheehee! She's so soft and squishy!
Vania: Come over here and pet her, Feldrac!
Feldrac: Oh? Let's see...
Feldrac rubs his chin thoughtfully, approaches Malinda, and pets her gently.
Veight: Huh? Feldrac?
Vania: So? Isn't she soft and squishy?
Malinda: Gyooo?
Feldrac: I see, I see. This is quite pleasant.
Veight: ...
Vania: Hm? What's wrong, Veight? Did you want to give it a try?
Veight: Hah. I think not.
Vania: Come on, stop acting all tough! Get your butt over here!
Veight: Ah! Stop pulling me, Vania!
Vania tugs on Veight's arm and forces his hand on top of Malinda's head.
Malinda: Gyoo?
Vania: Well? It feels good, doesn't it?
Veight: Yes, it certainly is a nice feeling, I suppose—
Veight: Ngh!
Veight becomes flustered at his own remark while Vania looks at him with a sly smile.
Vania: See? It's great! Come on, pet her some more!
Malinda: Gyoo!
Veight: N-no, it doesn't feel good at all! I'm done with this!
Malinda: Gyoo...
Vania: Hey! You made Malinda sad! Apologize to her now!
Veight: But I didn't do anything!
Malinda: Gyoo. Gyoo...
Feldrac: Ahem. If you two have time to fight...
Feldrac: Then why don't you go gather food for her? I believe she's hungry.
Vania: Wah! Really? Then we'd better hurry! You're coming too, Veight!
Veight: What? Why do I have to—
Veight: Yeow! Stop pinching me!
Vania: See what happens when you don't come?
Veight: Okay, okay, I get it! I said, I get it! Stop already!
Malinda: Gyoo?
Feldrac: Be at ease. Those two will return shortly.
Feldrac gives her a gentle pat.
Feldrac: The others speak of heresy, but you and Vania are different.
Feldrac: If the both of you can become the winds of change, then maybe there's still hope for us...
Malinda: Gyoo? Gyoo, gyoo?
Feldrac: Heh. It's nothing. Don't worry.
Feldrac smiles and continues to pet her gently.
Malinda: Gyoo... gyoo...
Malinda: Gyoo? Gyoo!
Vyrn: Oh, you're up! What were you dreaming about? It must've been good.
Just at the moment, Malinda's stomach let's out a growl.
Malinda: Gyoo... gyoo.
Vyrn: Sigh. Her stomach woke her up. You sure have it easy!
Rackam: Hahaha! I'd say she's got perfect timing! Let's eat!
Lyria: Woo-hoo! Food! Food!
Malinda: Gyoo! Gyoo!
Malinda enjoys her lunch with the crew while reminiscing about the old days.
She doesn't realize it, but the feelings Feldrac imparted on her remain in her heart.