Scenario:Mariah - Atonement

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At that village, the party was reunited with Mariah, a warrior who wielded a spear when she fought alongside the party before in the past. The party had been worried about Mariah, as she had put herself in danger while looking for a way to compensate for the past. They called on Mariah to join their Order. Mariah wished to become useful to others. Thus she decided to join the party on their journey.

After arriving at a village, our heroes went to a Knickknack Shack to receive a mission.
Riffraff: Hahaha... Why don’t you play with us?
Woman: Oh, stop it! I have things to do... Let me through!
Vulgar Man: Huh? Hey girlie... Didn’t I say we were gonna play? Why are you heading back?!
Woman: Ah! Let go! What are you doing?!
Vyrn: This is bad! That woman is trouble! She needs to be taken to task for that!
Vyrn: Hey, dummies! Wait, what?
???: Wait, boy. You’re upsetting her! Let her go.
Vulgar Man: Wha?! Don't mess with us!
Lyria: Huh? You... Aren’t you Mariah? Hey, you defeated a primal beast before...
Mariah the spear wielding warrior had fought alongside the party before and helped defeat some thoughts.
Mariah had been led astray by the power of a sealed primal beast, and ended up killing her sisters.
Afterwards, her hatred for that primal beast backfired on her. She opened the seal on that primal beast so that she could defeat it with her own hands.
However, Mariah realized that this action unleashed a calamity on other people, and she would do her part in cooperating to reseal that primal beast.
Mariah: Aren’t you the ones who were getting in the way? Weren’t you taught to not meddle with others affairs?
Vulgar Man: Oh shut up! Aaaaahhhh! Your arm! Your arm is coming off!
Mariah: I have an errand to run. Leave this to me and get out of here!
Woman: Eh... Y-yes! Thank you!
Riffraff: Damn you! Do what you want! Surround her!
Lyria: Ahh! There’s too many of them! We must help Mariah
Vyrn: Look at who's running away! You cowards!
Our heroes joined forces with Mariah to defeat the men.
Mariah: Wow, I can’t believe you are in this town! It’s been a while, (Captain)!
Lyria: Indeed! Miss Mariah! There were too many of those men! It would have been too dangerous for you to fight them alone!
Mariah: Yeah, but, that lady was in trouble. If I hadn’t helped her...
Lyria: That is true...
Mariah: Anyway, you all came along, and everything turned out fine! Right?
Mariah: Anyway, why are you and your friends in this town, (Captain)?
Vyrn: We decided to go to the Knickknack Shack to undertake a mission.
Mariah: Really? That’s what I was doing. My travel funds have finally bottomed out.
Lyria: Huh? Weren’t you protecting some scholars at a history research Institute, Mariah?
Mariah: Yeah... After that upheaval when I met you, I quit my job as a guard.
Mariah: Although it is true that I was influenced by the power of the primal beast, that doesn’t change the fact that I fought with my sister and robbed her of her life...
Mariah: Great care has been taken to seal up that primal beast, but I unleashed it and created a great disturbance for the people of Cizierma. I am searching for a way to indemnify for this.
Lyria: I see... That sounds scary...
Lyria: The people of Cizierma Island were not angry with Miss Mariah. Please do not trouble yourself too much with that thought.
Mariah: Hahaha, both Lyria and the people of that island are so very... Kind.
Mariah: Oh, sorry, sorry. I got a little melancholy there somehow, didn’t I. Let’s go to the Knickknack Shack, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Hey! Wait, Mariah!
Sierokarte: Hello, everyone!!! You came along at just the right time!
Lyria: Miss Siero?! What happened?
Sierokarte: A gaggle of violent monsters has built a nest close to the town.
Sierokarte: Please and thanks! Would you be willing to go on a mission to eliminate those monsters?
Lyria: I see... That’s a very dire matter! (Captain), this mission...
Mariah: Monster extermination, right? Understood. I accept!
Lyria: What? Miss Mariah! W-wait! There is a whole bunch of them! It’s too dangerous to go on your own!
Mariah: It’s okay, it’s okay! I had experience with being attacked by groups of monsters when I was guarding the scholars.
Lyria: B-but! That mission wasn’t necessarily the same as this one will be!
Lyria: It looks like you are deliberately putting yourself in danger, Miss Mariah...
Sierokarte: Yes, it’s just as Miss Lyria says. I can’t send who deliberately seek out danger on my missions!
Mariah: Um, uh... That was not my intent. ... Is that how I look?
  1. You should take better care of yourself.
  2. I feel concerned just from looking at you

Choose: You should take better care of yourself.
Mariah: To myself...? Yeah, but, I ran rampant and unleashed a disturbance...
Mariah: Therefore, at the very least I should try to help out others.
Mariah: Oh? Would you be uneasy if I were to get hurt, (Captain)? If you’re worried, should I just join your order...?!
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Choose: I feel concerned just from looking at you
Mariah: Is that so... I was getting ahead of myself, wasn’t I.
Mariah: Even though I was trying to make up for what I had done, I ended up instead causing others worry.
Mariah: Wha!? So you’re saying you want me to join your Order so that you can keep me out of trouble?
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Lyria: That’s right, (Captain)! I would also like for Miss Mariah to be allowed into our order!
Lyria: However, if you keep overdoing things, Miss Mariah, you are liable to pass out somewhere.
Mariah: Won’t I get in the way, (Captain)? Or is it the case that leaving me behind all alone with trouble you more? Oh, nothing...
Mariah: Don’t throw your life away... Aster told me the same thing in Cizierma.
Mariah: That was never my intent... But I may have come to think lightly of my own life.
Mariah: If I stay like that it definitely won’t make up for what I have done. It would also dishonor my sister, who put her life on the line to save me...
Mariah: I’m sorry for making you worry. And thank you!
Mariah: Your order... Tell you what, if I join together with you in successfully completing this mission and you decided I would be useful, let me join your Order.
Mariah: I’m sorry for being so much of a bother. I had better show you what I am made of!
Vyrn: We already know how strong you are. Anyway, if Mariah says that that it’s okay with (Captain) too, right?
Sierokarte: Then please, exterminate the monsters! Here’s a map you’ll need.
Vyrn: Ahh! It’s right next to the town! If we don’t do something fast, people are gonna get hurt!
Mariah: (My sister... All I ever did was worry my sister. And at the very end, she thought of me...)
Mariah: (I wonder if she is still worrying about me where she is? I’m sorry...)
Mariah: (Although it seems that I’ve been able to make some very brave friends. I think they will set me straight if I should ever take the wrong path again. )
Mariah: (Look after me so I can do my best to do the right thing...)
Mariah: Now let's go! We better clean up this mess and put the townsfolk at ease!
Lyria: Yeah! We must do our best to help the townsfolk!
Mariah was still affected by the death of her sister. It troubled her greatly and put her on a path toward redemption.
Would her anguish dissipate at the end of the path she walked with (Captain) and company?
This spear-wielding regretful warrior was led by her friends into taking the first steps into a new life.