Scenario:Mika Jougasaki - The Confused New Girl

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The Confused New Girl

Mika has trouble accepting the explanation from (Captain) and company about the world she's wandered into. She is nearly left stranded as she puts on a tough-girl act when invited by Lyria to join them, but Mika fortunately manages to show a bit of courtesy, scoring herself a spot on the crew.

Mika: Sorry! W-wait a second!
I think I might need a moment to straighten all this out in my head.
Lyria: Be our guest! Take your time.
After being rescued by the party from a sticky situation, Mika had this world explained to her, but she was finding it all a bit much to take in.
Mika: So first of all, the islands of this world are all floating in the sky, correct?
Vyrn: Right! Which is why everyone uses airships to get around!
Mika: I'll be honest, even that's a little much for me to take in.
Okay, then...
Mika: So what about...Erste, was it? Lyria-chan was captured by that evil country...
Lyria: That's right. I escaped from there and was helped by people in Zinkenstill...
Mika: And now you're traveling, all the while doing battle with monsters using swords and sorcery...
Vyrn: Precisely! Don't be fooled by appearances—(Captain) is actually very strong!
Mika: I-is that so...?
Mika: (Waaait a second. This is all like something out of a fantasy book, this world and everything in it! Is this really happening?)
Mika: (Doing battle with swords and sorcery... What kind of world have I stepped into?)
Mika: (They seem nice enough and all, but (Captain) and company are practically kids. What the heck are they doing out journeying all by themselves?)
Mika: (If Rika told me she was going to start gallivanting around the world with a bunch of kids, there's no way I'd allow it...)
Mika: (And yet... Wait! Do I even know how to get home from here?)
Vyrn: Hey... What's wrong? You okay?
Mika: Uh, y-yeah! Totally fine and dandy. It's nothing.
Vyrn: Well? What do you want to do, Mika?
Lyria: The sky is a dangerous place teeming with monsters, so why don't you come along with us?
Mika: What to do, what to do... It looks like I'm actually pretty popular!
Mika: (Hmm... Seriously, what do I do, though? Maybe I should go with (Captain) and friends after all? But they're just kids and...)
Mika: Weeell... If (Captain) really insists that I come along, I suppose I could consider it...
  1. Nah, forget about it.
  2. Yes, please.

Choose: Nah, forget about it.
Mika: H-huh? You don't need to be so blunt about it!
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Choose: Yes, please.
Mika: Okay, then! So in that case...
Vyrn: Although... Maybe it's better if we don't pressure her after all.
Mika: Hm?
Vyrn: I mean, if you do come with us, you'll end up being targeted by the empire, which could be even more dangerous...
Lyria: Hmm... Come to think of it, you do have a point...
Mika: H-huh? Hey...!
Continue 1
Lyria: Well, in that case, I suppose it's time for us to part company.
Mika: W-wait! W-wait a second!
Vyrn: Hm? What's wrong?
Mika: Please, I... Actually, maybe I could go with you...
Lyria: Huh?
Mika: I don't feel safe by myself! Please, I want you to take me with you!
Mika: Oooh, why do you have to go and make me say such things! You dumb lizard!
Vyrn: I ain't no lizard!
And with that, (Captain) and company welcome Mika to the crew.
It would still be a while before she forgave (Captain).