Scenario:Mimlemel - Pumpkin Gone Wild

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Pumpkin Gone Wild

Mimlemel awakens in a lush farming village replete with pumpkins, and Pun-Kin appears distressed that he is the only pumpkin with a consciousness. When monsters come after the crops, Stumpeye and Hornby come in with the crew for the rescue.

It is Halloween night. The crew had kept their eyes off Mimlemel for only seconds before she managed to wander off.
The truth is her pumpkin had gone out of control, but no one in the crew suspects this.
Vyrn: Yoo-hoo, Mimlemel! Where are you? Answer us!
Lyria: Hm... Doesn't look like she's in the area...
Vyrn: Oh, great... She was right here catching up on z's only a moment ago. Her horn and stump are still around...
Lyria: What to do... How about we wait here for a while? Maybe she'll come back.
Stumpeye: Time's a wastin', everyone! Our tenderfoot pumpkin's gone mad!
Stumpeye: We'd better catch up soon or Mim's gonna be in a jam!
Vyrn: How 'bout we kill time on the shootin' gallery in the meantime? We can gift her that doll if we manage to snag it!
Lyria: Good idea! C'mon, (Captain)!
Stumpeye: Gah, this ain't no time for child's play!
Hornby: It's pointless, Stumpeye. None of them can hear us.
Stumpeye: Whaddya reckon we do then, huh? I sure as heck ain't gonna play stumped while Mim's in danger!
Hornby: We have to come up with something fast!
Mimlemel: Hm? Is the festival over?
Mimlemel: Lyria, Vyrn... Where'd everyone go?
Mimlemel: Wait, where am I?
Mimlemel squints and surveys her surroundings in the darkness.
She appears to be in an affluent farming village, surrounded by rich plots of land.
Mimlemel: Ooh! That's a lot of pumpkins on the fields.
Mimlemel: Wahaha. Looks like you have some big friends here.
Pun-Kin: Friends?
Pun-Kin: Oh, I see what you mean... None of them have consciousness though...
Pun-Kin: Ahaha... Guess you can't expect much from a veggie.
Pun-Kin: ...
Pun-Kin: Same goes for me...
Pun-Kin: I'd be better off as any one of those other lifeless pumpkins!
Pun-Kin: I mean, if everyone can have so much fun, it also means we can feel so much pain!
Pun-Kin: If only I never knew what it meant to feel!
Monster: Graa-ooh!
Mimlemel: Hm? Looks like those monsters are after the food in the fields.
Pun-Kin: Yikes! It's all my fault, Princess. We need to get out of here fast—
Stumpeye: Miiim!
Pun-Kin: S-Stumpeye! Hornby's here too...
Hornby: Sorry to keep you waiting, Pun-Kin! Hope those monsters are ready for a Hornby Home Run!
Monster: Grraahh...
Monsters: Graa-ooh!
Vyrn: Huff... Puff...
Vyrn: Mimlemel's all surrounded by monsters there!
Lyria: We're coming to save you, Mimlemel! Hold on just a bit longer!
Mimlemel: You guys... Thanks.

Pumpkin Gone Wild: Scene 2

After the monsters are dealt with, Pun-Kin explains to the other two formerly inanimate objects what's come to pass. When Stumpeye emphasizes that Pun-Kin's "disposal" is merely a way of giving life to the next generation, a great sense of pride overtakes the pumpkin.

With the monsters vanquished and Mimlemel's safety ascertained, Lyria focuses her gaze on the vast stretch of fields before her.
Lyria: Wow, this is amazing! There's pumpkins everywhere!
Vyrn: Yeah, this is definitely impressive. But why come out here in the first place?
Mimlemel: Dunno. How'd you know I was here anyway?
Lyria: It's all a coincidence, really. The stump seemed to have rolled down the hill, and we were only trying to stop it before finding ourselves here.
Vyrn: Yeah. Especially with the horn on the stump, we didn't want to lose any of your stuff.
Mimlemel: The stump rode out here with the horn? Stumpeye together with Hornby?
Mimlemel: ...?
Pun-Kin: When I thought I'd be disposed of like any other common trash, I just...
Pun-Kin: I'm so sorry!
Stumpeye: I see the predicament. I suppose anyone would be at a loss here.
Stumpeye: Though there does seem to be a misunderstanding here. No one's gonna be tossin' ya into a trash bin.
Pun-Kin: But the people back there mentioned garbage disposal...
Hornby: You're to become the life force that gives way to the next generation.
Hornby: When Halloween ends, the pumpkins are ground into a powdery form to become fertilizer for the following year.
Pun-Kin: Fertilizer... I'm the life force that drives the next generation...
Stumpeye: That's the tradition in this town. It's also how ya came to be, tenderfoot.
Hornby: Can I ask a question? Do you really think you'd have been better off without a consciousness?
Pun-Kin: ...
Pun-Kin: Truth is... To be able to blaze through the vast fields as someone's ride and see how beautiful the world is...
Pun-Kin: Is incredible!
Pun-Kin: I'm so glad to be alive!
Stumpeye: Tenderfoot...
Hornby: Pun-Kin...
Pun-Kin: I hope you two come to this island again next year! I'll play my part as fertilizer and give life to new—
Monsters: Grooaar!
Stumpeye: Tch! Here they come again!
Hornby: Good thing we've brought allies with us! Can't let them get to the crops!
Pun-Kin: Not if I can do anything about it! I'll protect this field... and the next generation!
Pun-Kin: Raaah!

Pumpkin Gone Wild: Scene 3

The morning after Halloween, Mimlemel remarks that Pun-Kin was no mere one-day decoration for the festivities. He is elated to learn that his adventures as a member of the mysterious Mimlemel family will continue for a long time to come.

Vyrn: Phew... Time to put away the costumes...
Lyria: How about all the candy? I put our biggest stash in the dining hall.
It is the morning after Halloween. (Captain) and company are storing away their costumes and distributing the candy gathered.
Then there appears Mimlemel.
Mimlemel: Tootle-too!
Vyrn: Huh? What's goin' on, Mimlemel? You'd better get your things ready before we take off.
Mimlemel: Done with mine. I'm here to help.
Lyria: Oh, so you're going to keep on the witch costume?
Mimlemel: It'll be my work clothes. I've gotten used to its roughness.
Vyrn: Ahaha, guess it all worked out, huh? Now that's what I call making use of what you've got! You gonna do the same with the pumpkin?
Mimlemel: Hm? This was never part of the costume. I only made it as a fun ride.
Lyria: Ah, since you never mentioned anything about it, we all had the wrong impression.
Mimlemel: It's fine. Had fun yesterday.
Mimlemel: Moving that candy? Hm, you're lucky that I'll help you carry half.
Mimlemel descends from the pumpkin to go inside the ship.
Something inexplicable happens next.
Stumpeye: Tenderfoot! Ya heard everything just now?
Pun-Kin: Stumpeye... I'm glad to see you one last time, but what do you mean by heard everything?
Stumpeye: Don't you get it, ya ninny-ninny nincompoop! Halloween's got nothin' to do with ya!
Pun-Kin: Are you sure about that? But then that means—
Hornby: It means you can continue on as Mimlemel's ride!
Pun-Kin: R-really? Does that mean I get to travel with you all?
Hornby: Of course! I won't say it'll be easy, but at least we'll be able to brave whatever comes together!
Pun-Kin: Haha... Ahahahaha!
Pun-Kin: Woo-hoo-hoo! Hurray, hurray! I get to be with you all again!
Stumpeye: Heh, don't get carried away now! Never forget your role as Mim's ride...
Stumpeye: Hold it... If tenderfoot's to continue on as her sole vehicle for transportation, what is to become of me?
Hornby: Why not consider yourself a spare?
Stumpeye: Oh, heck no! Wait... A spare?
Stumpeye: Now why didn't I think of that?
Stumpeye: Yer not taking my place anytime soon, tenderfoot!
Pun-Kin: Rantattaran!
Unbeknownst to anyone else, the enigmatic Mimlemel family continues to grow in size.
With a new ally in tow, their familial bonds continue to strengthen as their journey in the skies continue.