Scenario:Mimlemel - Stand-up Stump

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Stand-up Stump

Mimlemel becomes depressed because her beloved horn has gone missing. The stump she travels with, which has somehow gained sentience, vows to pull her out of her slump.

???: Uh-uh!
???: Stop! Stop it! I ain't fer touching!
???: Argh! What're ya doin' to me—no, no, no!
???: Nooo!
Mimlemel: Tootle-too!
Mimlemel: Tootle-tootle-too!
Mimlemel: Tweedle-deedle-doo.
Mimlemel: Nice.
???: I thought it was a joke at first. There are some truly awful things in the world, ya'know.
???: But now...
Mimlemel: Here. Spring water. It's tasty.
???: Unbelievable. Ya drew so much water just fer little ol' me.
???: That hits the spot. Before I was only waiting fer death, but ya gave me a reason to exist.
???: This is where I belong. That's to say wherever ya go, I go.
Mimlemel is a crew member

???: You've been traveling wit' these skyfarers for a long time now.
???: These people understand ya. It makes the gentle, breezy days feel even better.
???: But they can't see the big picture. Even I let my guard down.
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Mimlemel not in crew

Mimlemel: Phweeet...
Lyria: Oh, hello there! What are you doing in a place like this?
Mimlemel: Tootle-too!
Vyrn: Whoa, nice horn! And what a weird-lookin' stump.
Mimlemel: Toot-toot!
Vyrn: I don't know what's going on, but it's kinda dangerous for a kid like you to be out here.
Lyria: Yes. Why don't you head back home before it gets dark?
Mimlemel: Toot...
Vyrn: All right, be careful on your way back! See ya!
Mimlemel: ...
???: Back then ya encountered some peculiar guests in the forest.
???: I knew they were a good match for ya as soon as I saw 'em.
Vyrn: Don't look now, (Captain), but she followed us again.
Mimlemel: Tootle-too! Too-too-tootle!
Vyrn: Do we owe you something?
Vyrn: Maybe there's a tour guide fee that we gotta pay.
Mimlemel: Not really.
Lyria: Definitely not! I think she wants to come with us!
Mimlemel: Tootle-tootle-too!
Vyrn: Are you serious?
Mimlemel: Nice.
Lyria: Yay! Mimlemel's joining our crew!
Mimlemel: Tootle-too!
???: And that's how ya came to be travelin' wit' these skyfarers.
???: The winds are blowing gently these days. Ya merrily play yer horn every day, surrounded by wonderful companions.
???: But life has both ups and downs. Even I let my guard down.
Continue 1
Mimlemel: Blah...
Vyrn: A-are you okay? What's wrong?
Mimlemel: Feels like death...
Lyria: Don't say that... I don't see any injuries on you. Where does it hurt?
Mimlemel: I'm doomed...
Vyrn: I give up. You've been under the weather a lot lately. You're not eating or drinking much either.
Lyria: I'm worried. I've never seen you like this. We have to do something to help you.
Mimlemel: Urgh...
Vyrn: Yeah, but do what exactly? Every time we ask her what's wrong, all she does is groan.
Lyria: Hmm... Her voice sounds a bit weak too.
Vyrn: This looks serious. She always talks to us through her horn, but I don't think she's in any shape to do that either.
Lyria: That reminds me... Where's the horn?
Mimlemel: Sigh...
Vyrn: Er... Huh... You know what, I haven't seen it at all lately.
Lyria: You're right! I haven't heard any music!
Vyrn: Do you think something happened to it?
Lyria: Yes, that must be why she's feeling so down. Do you know where it might be, Mimlemel?
Mimlemel: No...
Vyrn: You really have no idea? Maybe you forgot it somewhere, or maybe someone stole it.
Mimlemel: No! Nowhere!
Mimlemel: Sorry...
Lyria: Sigh. We're stuck. How are we going to look for it if Mimlemel doesn't know where it is either?
Vyrn: This is weird. A horn that big doesn't just disappear into thin air.
Vyrn: Let's go ask if anyone else has seen it. Rackam's been on the ship the whole time, so I'm gonna go talk to him first!
Lyria: Okay! I'll go ask Katalina. Can you wait for me here, Mimlemel?
Mimlemel: Blah... Sigh...
???: Tch... How could I let this happen?
Stumpeye: This is serious, but there's not much I can do as a stump.
Stumpeye: But that horn... Even she doesn't remember losing it, and no one else seems to have noticed...
Monster: Groaar!
Stumpeye: Oh, shut up. I'm busy.
Monster: Gurgh...
Mimlemel: Hm? Why did it fall down?
Mimlemel: ...
Mimlemel: Whatever.
Stumpeye: Humph. I ain't lettin' anyone hurt ya.
Stumpeye: Just you wait. This ol' stump's gonna find that horn and make ya happy again!
Despite its heaviness, the enigmatic, sentient stump lurches forward on its wheels.
Its words can't be heard by mortals, but the stump embarks on an adventure for Mimlemel's sake.