Scenario:Mizuki Kawashima - Miku's Adventure

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: Scene 1

Miku, who has been transported into the forest in the same way as Mizuki, believes that she's in a hidden camera show, and wanders off into the forest to search for her friends. Following the appearance of the strange green creatures and a mysterious rabbit, Miku encounters (Captain) and the crew, and they escape. The crew deduce where the rabbit must be heading and so follow its trail, hoping it will take them to Anzu.

Miku: Helloooo! Can anyone hear meeeeeow!
Miku: (Glancing around)
Miku: Yikes, this is a tight spot. What should I do I wonder…
Miku: (Glancing around)
Miku: (An inexplicable phenomenon assailing stars who have come to shoot a movie…)
Miku: (I bet this is for a special hidden camera show, meow)
Miku: (being surrounded by a dazzling light, and then coming to in this forest…)
Miku: (though I have no idea what is actually going on…)
Miku: (I hope the audience is enjoying my reaction!)
Miku: (Ha ha ha… The paw, defenseless little kitty, bravely searching fur her friends, the ratings'll explode!)
Miku: Miss Kawashima! Anzu! Where are you? Answer me-eeow!
Miku: (But, if this is a hidden camera show, which direction is the prank going to come from… ?)
Miku: (Was the whole film just a part of this hidden camera show… ?)
Miku: (And if that's the case, does that mean that Miss Kawashima and Anzu are in on the prank as well…?)
Miku: grrrrrr…
Miku: Be that as it may! I will show them just how purrfessional I can be!
Miku: Mew? Wh-what was that? Come out, whatever you are, hiss!
???: Shnarg… Shnargle…
Miku: Meow? Wh-what are you?
Miku: Meow? Don't come any closer, hisssss!
???: ………
???: Shnargle shnarg…
???: ………
Miku: (I-is this still the hidden camera show, mew? That stuffed animal, it's moving!)
Miku: (Meow? But that rabbit… I feel like I've seen it somewhere before…)
Kirari: Awwww… I could squeeze this cute little lizard's squishy tail forever!
Vyrn: Humph… If you could let go of me, any time this century would be nice…
Lyria: Heehee… Vyrn, you look just like a stuffed animal right now!
Mizuki: That's so weird…
Mizuki: Hey, Lyria. In this world, are there any animals apart from lizards that talk?
Lyria: Sure… why do you ask? I think that some of the Primal Beasts can talk.
Mizuki: Primal Beasts… There really are a lot of unusual phenomena in this world…
Lyria: There are! There are still so much that even I don't know about it.
Mizuki: Hee hee hee… Your enthusiasm is dazzling, Lyria!
Mizuki: Well, I say that, but I'm not ready call it quits just yet!
Lyria: Huh? Um… What do you mean by…
Miku: Meooooooow!
Mizuki: Wha-? M-Miku!
???: Schnaaaaaaaaaaaargle!
Vyrn: Wha-! Those weird green things is back! Ready your weapons! (Captain)!
The crew repelled the strange creatures and, having calmed Miku down, began to explain to her about the Skydom. However…
Miku: What? There…there's no hidden camera?
Vyrn: What are you talkin' about, "hidden camera"?
Miku: Oh? Of course! You won't fool me that easily! You guys are all part of the hidden camera set-up, I bet!
Miku: Ha! And what about that stuffed animal behind those weird green things?
Miku: That stuffed rabbit is just like the one that Anzu has!
Miku: Which means that Anzu and the others are in on the prank, just as I thought!
Vyrn: Huh? Behind the green dudes?
Vyrn: I thought there were only the green dudes.
Miku: Not nyacessarily! I was sure I saw a stuffed rabbit behind the green things…
Miku: Huh? It's gone? Where'd that rabbit go, nyaow?
Mizuki: From the look of things then… Miku, it seems you also encountered that rabbit.
Lyria: But there's no rabbit here… You were separated from your friends on your journey here, right?
Mizuki: Hey, is it possible that the rabbit was protecting something?
Mizuki: So after it drove Miku and the others away, it just decided to come back here…
Miku: ………
Vyrn: I see! Well, that's certainly a possibility!
Kirari: Wow Mizuki, you're such a brain box!
Miku: W-wait just a moment! This doesn't have anything to do with what I was just talking about!
Miku: If this isn't a hidden camera show, then what was that thing? One of you have to explain it to me in a way I can understand, meow!
Vyrn: All righty! In that case, let's head in the direction this cat girl came from!
Mizuki: Anzu has probably come to this world as well. We have to find her quickly.
Mizuki: If we can find Anzu we should be able to get some clues about that rabbit.
Lyria: Yes! If we're all agreed, let's go and get her!
Miku: Meeooooooow! Don't forget about me, meow!
After that, the crew explained everything to Miku all over again, and set off on the trail of the rabbits.