Scenario:Naoise - Summer Sentinel

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Summer Sentinel

The Irestill gang searches for the local chamber of commerce to conclude negotiations regarding Alster Island's household sunscreen. But first, Naoise slips into a swimsuit and surrenders himself to some fun at the beach.

Alster Island... Home to people who lived in peace under the rule of Irestill Kingdom.
The foundation of that peace lay with the True Dragon Deirdre, who had survived the War beside the skyfarers of the time.
Deirdre had made a pact with the king of Irestill to be granted a new body every three hundred years...
In exchange for keeping the kingdom safe from the island's indigenous monster population.
But after so much had happened to Irestill over the generations, that pact came to be forgotten.
King Connor, the last king of Irestill, saw Deirdre as a threat to the island's peace and commanded me to slay the dragon...
Without Deirdre to keep them in check, the monsters of the island freely rampaged across the island, resulting in the destruction of Irestill Kingdom.
Falling into utter despair and regret for single-handedly causing the destruction of the kingdom I swore to protect, I left to wander the world.
It was in those migratory days that I happened upon the young captain (Captain) and found new hope in life.
When I set foot back in my homeland, I found Connor's children, Heles and Seruel, leading the island's reconstruction efforts.
With Deirdre's core in their possession, the siblings had given the dragon a temporary vessel. I took the opportunity to show her around the island.
I suggested the name Scathacha for the true dragon—a name which she had taken a liking to. Interacting with us on a daily basis gave her new meaning in life.
Scathacha came to forgive the great sin committed against her and agreed to protect Alster Island once again.
Purged of my guilt, I rejoined (Captain) in his efforts to reach the ends of the skies.
Because it was decided that Irestill would be run in a more democratic fashion from that point forward, Seruel and Heles also left the island.
Scathacha, too, takes up her Erune form through her temporary vessel to visit (Captain) every now and then.
Encounters with the new and confrontations with the old dot the course of (Captain) and company's ongoing journey to Estalucia.
The crew's next destination is one of the smaller islands of a certain archipelago.
Naoise, Seruel, and Heles prepare for a meeting with the Auguste chamber of commerce.
Seruel: Sister, what is the meaning of your manner of dress?
Heles: We're in Auguste. This is the ideal dress code if we're to blend in with everyone, and it is rather hot.
Seruel: Sigh... To think that slipping into a swimsuit is the first thing on your mind upon landfall... We didn't come here for leisure.
Heles: Oh, I'm just following everyone's example really. And for that matter, you should get changed too.
Seruel: ...
Seruel: Fine. I know better than to defy you, Sister.
Heles: Good. You can use the swimsuit in this bag. Take it.
Seruel: Oh dear...
Naoise: I must say, I never imagined Alster-produced sunscreen could become a staple in the beaches of Auguste.
Naoise: What sound judgment it was on your part, Heles.
Heles: The credit goes to (Captain) really. I still have to give our captain thanks for making me see the business opportunity.
Heles: For Alster Island's continued prosperity, reconstruction alone isn't enough—trade with other territories is an absolute necessity.
Scathacha: Heles! I'm done changing! Does this look right?
Heles: You look splendid, Scathacha. I am pleased to see you've grown accustomed to the garments of people.
Heles: Is it all right if I fix up your hair?
Scathacha: Mm, of course. Hair can be such a hassle to deal with, especially when it gets all tangled.
Scathacha: Hm?
Scathacha: Naoise, Seruel. What are you two doing? Why is your armor still on?
Seruel: By Heles's command, I am on my way to change into something more comfortable.
Scathacha: Hm? And you, Naoise? Where's your swimsuit?
Naoise: I'm here only as their protection for the meeting with the chamber of commerce.
Naoise: As such I have no business taking off my armor. You can never be sure what might happen.
Seruel: Good on you, Naoise. We're counting on you.
Naoise: Certainly! I swear to keep you all from harm!
Scathacha: I don't get you boys...
Naoise: What do you mean?
Scathacha: It's precisely because we don't know what might happen that I'm asking you to strip.
Seruel: Could you elaborate on that? Without a clear explanation, we find it difficult to acquiesce.
Scathacha: Fine. Listen up...
Scathacha: Armor is something you wear to ward off danger.
Scathacha: Attending a meeting with your armor on only signifies that you're on the lookout for some sort of threat.
Scathacha: In other words you'd be sending a message to the chamber of commerce that they're incapable of dealing with any dangers that might arise.
Heles: So you believe that going in armor might rub them the wrong way...
Scathacha: That's right. Why trust someone who doesn't trust you in return?
Seruel: Perchance you overthink the matter?
Scathacha: Can you really say for sure what the folks at the chamber of commerce might think?
Scathacha: Consider what a bargain it is to buy their trust simply by putting on a simple garment or two.
Naoise: Hm... You do make a good point, Scathacha.
Seruel: But we must bear in mind if anything were to happen, Naoise would be the first to suffer injury.
Scathacha: Naoise is not so frail as to be bested by the likes of a few ruffians.
Naoise: Seruel, I appreciate your concern.
Naoise: But I must say I do see the merit in Scathacha's argument.
Naoise: If you don't mind waiting a short while for me, I'd like to go off in search of a suitable swimsuit.
Heles: It's good to know you've changed your tune. I'll help you pick one out. Here, come with me.
Naoise: You are most gracious, Heles. I could certainly use the assistance.
Seruel: Phew...
Seruel: (Well... Looks like things turned out the way Scathacha and Heles wanted it.)
Seruel: (Naoise seemed legitimately convinced, but we'd have had to follow their lead either way.)
Scathacha: Did you say something, Seruel?
Seruel: No, nothing at all. I'm just glad Naoise will be better equipped to handle this summer heat.
Seruel: I'd better put on my swimsuit as well. Scathacha, if you would please refrain from wandering off on your own and getting lost.
Scathacha: Hey, show some manners!
Pssh, let's see that swimwear already!
Seruel: I'm going, I'm going...
Some time passes after Naoise and Seruel depart for a change of clothing.
(Captain) and a few others drop in to find Scathacha and Naoise running laps around each other.
Scathacha: Stop right there, Naoise!
Urgh, the sand got the better of me!
Vyrn: Heyo! Looks like you guys are having a blast already!
Heles: Hm? Ah, (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn.
Seruel: Back from your swim already?
Lyria: Oh no, we came back to find a ball for beach volleyball! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods and invites Seruel's group to join them.
Seruel: I'm grateful for the invitation. But until the disturbance you see before us settles down, I cannot offer a definitive answer.
Vyrn: Er... Those two playing a game of tag or somethin'?
Heles: Actually...
Scathacha: Oh, no you don't, Naoise! I'm putting this sunscreen on you one way or another!
Naoise: A lady should not so casually run her hands across the body of a man!
Naoise: You may be the true dragon, but you must act in a way befitting of your current form.
Scathacha: What's wrong with a little physical contact? Don't tell me you've forgotten how we bled all over each other!
Naoise: Enough! I can apply sunscreen on myself!
Heles casts a glance at the wide-eyed (Captain).
Heles: ...
(Captain) takes a bottle of sunscreen from Heles and circles behind Naoise to launch a surprise attack.
Naoise: Eeeeeek!
Naoise's vigilance fails him, for he is completely taken off guard when (Captain) plasters the sunscreen all over him.
Heles: Now! Surround him, everyone!
Lyria: Okay!
Vyrn: I've got this!
Scathacha: Give it up, Naoise!
Naoise: Yeeeeeow!
(Captain) and company close in on the devout knight and proceed to rub the lotion over his body every which way.
Seruel: Sigh... I suppose I should be glad they're enjoying themselves...
Seruel: (Which reminds me... I should apply sunscreen on myself before they come over... Sorry, Naoise.)
Vyrn: Okay, so now that sunshine can't hurt us anymore, how about we get in some playtime?
Naoise: Yes, you should all enjoy yourselves.
Lyria: Huh? How about you, Naoise?
Naoise: I came here to accompany Seruel and Heles on their meeting with the chamber of commerce—not to play.
Scathacha: Gah, enough talk!
Naoise: Wha...
Naoise: Rgh! Scathacha, what is the meaning of...
Scathacha: Follow his lead, everyone!
Vyrn: Whoo-hoo!
Naoise: Eeh? We should really start with a warm-up before jumping into these frigid waters...
Naoise: Hack! Cough!
Naoise: W-water in my nostrils...
Seruel: What a cruel thing to do, Scathacha. You remind me of my sister when we were youn—
Seruel: Urgh!
Heles: Got you, Seruel!
Seruel: Ngh! You haven't changed at all, Sister!
Heles: Let's make this an Auguste summer to remember, everyone!
Scathacha: What she said! That means you too, Naoise!
Naoise: Okay, okay! I'll do as you say! Just make sure you all warm up!
Still stuck in Scathacha's painful armlock, Naoise desperately pleads to the crew.
And thus the watchful knight is forced to enjoy the summer vacation with his fellow crewmates.