Scenario:Narmaya - Summer with Narmaya

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Summer with Narmaya

Narmaya visits the sea for the first time with (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn, who attempt to dote on Narmaya with limited success. Narmaya tries to get (Captain) to rest on her lap, but ends up resting on (Captain)'s lap instead.

Narmaya: Wow...
Narmaya: Oh my goodness! Look, (Captain)! It's the sea!
It's a wonderful summer day, a cool breeze is in the air. (Captain) and the crew have come to a resort area to relax.
Narmaya's eyes sparkle at the sight of the clear blue waters in front of her.
Narmaya: Those swishy things are called waves? Hee hee, they're beautiful!
Lyria: They sure are! Wait... You've never seen the sea before, Narmaya?
Vyrn: Oh right! Because you spent your whole life training in the mountains, right, Butterfly Girl?
Vyrn: Well get ready, because you're in for a whole day of fun in the sun!
Narmaya: Okay!
Narmaya is a crew member

(Captain) can't help but smile at the sight of the crew enjoying themselves.
Narmaya walks to (Captain)'s side, her neck tilted to the side.
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Narmaya not in crew

Seeing the crew having this much fun reminds (Captain) of the first time they met Narmaya.
One day, the crew visited the forest training grounds of a swordsman supposedly capable of fusing magic with traditional sword techniques.
Deep within the forest, they find a girl quietly meditating.
Narmaya: ...
Narmaya: Zzzz...
Vyrn: Wait... She's sleeping!
Lyria: You're right...
Slightly annoyed, the crew draws closer to the dozing Draph, when suddenly—
She flickers like smoke and disappears in a cloud of butterflies.
Narmaya: Good day to you.
Narmaya: What are you children doing here? Are you lost?
Upon seeing her phantasmic movement style, the crew is convinced she's the swordsman they've been looking for.
The crew praises her spectacular sword skills, but this only causes her to become sad and withdrawn.
Narmaya: Please don't tease me. I'm not amazing... And I'm not famous, either...
(Captain) and company continue heaping sincere praise on Narmaya and she slowly begins to cheer up.
Narmaya: I... don't think you're lying. Your eyes seem so honest...
Narmaya: They remind me of someone I used to know...
Narmaya: Thank you.
Soon thereafter, Narmaya grew strangely attached to (Captain), joining them on their journey across the skies.
By the time (Captain) finishes recalling their first meeting, Narmaya is standing at their side.
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Narmaya: Is something wrong, (Captain)? Are you feeling okay?
Vyrn: Narmaya sure looks pretty in her swimsuit, doesn't she, (Captain)?
Narmaya: Oh? I was a little worried about how it'd look on me, actually.
Lyria: It looks great, Narmaya! Super cute!
Narmaya: You think so? Hee hee, I'm glad to hear it!
Narmaya: But I'm also glad to hear that you're feeling okay, (Captain).
Narmaya: Okay then. Let's go have some fun!
(Captain) nods and goes off to join Narmaya in the water.
Vyrn: Whew, I think I could use a little break!
Narmaya: I found a nice patch of shade earlier. Shall we rest there? It's just over here.
Narmaya drapes a sheet out on the sand under the shade of a few nearby trees.
Narmaya: I made sure to prepare some juice and lunches beforehand. Let's eat, everyone!
Lyria: Wow, you thought of everything, Narmaya! Thank you so much!
Vyrn: I'm starved! You sure know how to please, Butterfly Girl!
Narmaya: Heheh. I'm just so glad to help!
Proud to be of service, Narmaya takes a sandwich out and guides it towards Lyria's mouth.
Narmaya: Open wide, Lyria! Say aah!
Lyria: Aah! Mm, this is delicious!
Narmaya: Now it's your turn, Vyrn! Say aah!
Vyrn: It's like there's a beach party in my mouth, and everyone's invited!
  1. You're going to spoil us like this!
  2. (Resign yourself to a delicious fate.)

Choose: You're going to spoil us like this!
Vyrn: What? Hey, yeah! Butterfly Girl is spoiling us rotten. Not that I mind, really...
Lyria: Haha, yeah... We're just letting Narmaya do everything for us.
Narmaya: There's nothing wrong with me doing things for you, is there?
Vyrn exasperatedly whispers in Lyria and (Captain)'s ears after seeing the look on Narmaya's face.
Vyrn: If we keep depending on her like this, we'll forget how to do everything ourselves!
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Choose: (Resign yourself to a delicious fate.)
Narmaya: Hee hee, and here's a bite for you, (Captain)!
Narmaya: Now, say aah!
Vyrn quietly flies up to (Captain)'s ear as Narmaya feeds them a sandwich.
Vyrn: Hey, uh, don't you think we're taking her kindness for granted?
Vyrn: If we keep depending on her like this, we'll forget how to do everything ourselves!
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Vyrn: We have put a stop to this, and fast!
Lyria: Oh, I know! What if we tried being helpful instead?
Vyrn: That might just work! And we can pay her back for all the nice things she's done for us!
Narmaya: What are you whispering about?
Vyrn: N-nothing! So, want some dessert, Butterfly Girl? I'll go grab some fruit!
Lyria: Let me brush your hair, Narmaya!
Narmaya: Huh? Oh, um, thank you...
Lyria begins combing Narmaya's flowing lavender locks, and seems to grow more infatuated with them by the moment.
Lyria: Your hair's so pretty, Narmaya... And I love the way your braids look...
Narmaya: Would you like me to braid your hair as well, Lyria?
Lyria: Oh my gosh, could you?
Vyrn: So um, I found these macadamia nuts, but they're kinda huge...
Narmaya: That's wonderful, Vyrn! It shouldn't take much work to bring them down to size.
With a mere swing of her sword, Narmaya shells the macadamia nuts.
Vyrn: Whoa! I knew I could count on you, Butterfly Girl!
Vyrn: Wait. I was supposed to be helping you, not the other way around!
Lyria: Oh my gosh, me too!
Lyria and Vyrn continue trying to help Narmaya, but only end up being looked after by her instead.
The two soon fall asleep, either due to fatigue, the relaxing shade of the palm trees, or both.
Narmaya can't help but smile at the sight of her peacefully slumbering friends.
Narmaya: Thanks for all the help today, you two.
Narmaya: Care to take a nap too, (Captain)? You can rest your head on my lap, if you'd like.
Narmaya: No need to be shy, now. Here...
Narmaya leads (Captain) to rest their head on her lap.
Narmaya: Hee hee... Rest well, (Captain).
(Captain) slowly closes their eyes.
Narmaya: Snore...
(Captain) awakes to the sound of Narmaya sweetly snoring.
Narmaya: Snore...
  1. The ocean must have really taken it out of her.
  2. Now's my chance!

Choose: The ocean must have really taken it out of her.
(Captain) gets up slowly, trying not to wake Narmaya.
Suddenly, they have an idea.
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Choose: Now's my chance!
(Captain) realizes this may just be the chance to accomplish what Vyrn and Lyria couldn't.
(Captain) gets up slowly, trying not to wake Narmaya.
Continue 3
Narmaya: Mm... Yawn... Huh?
Narmaya: (Captain)?
Narmaya slowly opens her eyes... and realizes she's resting her head on (Captain)'s lap.
Narmaya: How did I end up here?
Narmaya: You were supposed to rest your head on my lap, not the other way around!
But she doesn't try to get up. Narmaya continues to rest on (Captain)'s lap.
Narmaya: Thank you, (Captain).
Narmaya laughs contentedly, and (Captain) smiles back.
As the ocean waves roll by and the summer days sail on, the bonds between (Captain) and Narmaya grow ever deeper.