Scenario:Novei - Violinist Novei

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Violinist Novei

The crew surveys the orchestra venue in advance of the concert tour. After watching rehearsal, they enjoy a talk with Nobiyo and Novei.

The Sky Philharmonic Orchestra is the most influential of all the musical ensembles in the sky.
(Captain) and company are providing security for the orchestra during its 100th anniversary concert tour.
Narita: There are four entrances into the venue: the main and side entrance, and two more in the back.
The crew is being shown around by Narita. He's a disciple of the orchestra's music director and conductor emeritus, Nobiyo.
Vyrn: So we just need to man these four entrances!
Lyria: Hmm... I think we can pull this off if we all work together!
Narita: The back entrances are only for staff, but it wouldn't hurt to play it safe.
Narita: Ah, that reminds me! The rehearsal's about to begin. Would you like to have a look?
Vyrn: Sure, that sounds fun!
Lyria: Ooh, I want to see it too!
Narita: Great! Please follow me.
Narita leads them to the seats with the clearest view of the entire stage.
Orchestra members buzz around onstage prepping for rehearsal.
Vyrn: (Ooh, they're about to start!)
Lyria: (Wow, that's a lot of people!)
Narita: That's Novei. She leads the first violin section as the concertmaster.
Narita points to a girl giving instructions to the others onstage.
Novei: Is everyone ready?
Pamela: Y-yes!
Augusta: Haha, you won't last during the real performance if you're already nervous at rehearsal.
Pamela: Ah... Uh, okay!
Augusta: Well, that's not much different, is it? C'mon, relax, Pamela.
Cecile: I've been ready.
Robertina: How about a snack, then?
Cecile: Hm? Sure, I'll take it.
Novei: Ahem, one last thing before we start.
The others straighten their posture at her serious tone.
Novei: Our performance the other day went well. It was our first time performing under the new system, but we've been getting fantastic reviews thanks to everyone's best efforts.
Novei: The big 100th anniversary concert is next, so let's up the ante and give them a truly unforgettable experience!
Novei: Now, please begin tuning.
The sound of instruments tuning harmoniously fills the tranquil concert hall.
???: ...
Just then, an imposing figure appears before the performers.
Narita: That's Nobiyo, the conductor emeritus of our orchestra.
Vyrn: Hey, he seems like a really nice guy!
Lyria: I thought it would be someone really scary.
Nobiyo's ears perk up at the sounds of the orchestra warming up.
However, the tuning stops when the members notice Nobiyo.
Nobiyo: It's fine, keep playing.
Novei: Um, well, I thought you would be leading...
Nobiyo: Oh? Is it my turn?
Novei: If you would do the honors.
Nobiyo clears his throat.
Nobiyo: Well, if you insist. Let me hear your melody.
Nobiyo flashes a smile at Novei.
Novei: Y-yes!
Nobiyo: All set?
Nobiyo gets into position on the podium and checks with Novei.
Novei lets out a deep breath and begins playing at the exact moment Nobiyo begins waving his baton.
The entire orchestra begins playing in perfect unison, enveloping (Captain) and company in a glorious homophony.
Nobiyo: ...
Novei: ...
The dynamic sounds from Novei's violin serve as a guidepost for the other members.
Nobiyo: ...
Augusta: ...
The gentle and warm accompaniment from Augusta's cello embraces Novei's melody.
Nobiyo: ...
Cecile: ...
Cecile holds a commanding presence with her piercing high notes.
Nobiyo: ...
Pamela: ...
Pamela, on the other hand, fills the concert hall with a soft, pleasant treble.
Nobiyo: ...
Robertina: ...
Robertina supports the others with a rich, deep bass that elevates the performance to heavenly heights.
Absorbed in the beautiful harmony, the rehearsal comes to a close all too soon.
(Captain) and company remain speechless for a few moments, astounded by the breathtaking performance.
Vyrn: Whoa! That was amazing... I don't know much about music, but you guys rock!
Lyria: Wow... Wasn't that incredible, (Captain)? I loved it, Narita!
Narita: Ah, why, thank you!
Nobiyo hasn't moved an inch from the podium.
Novei: Um, Nobiyo?
Nobiyo: Good work, everyone. That'll be it for today.
Novei: Thank you.
Nobiyo: Ah, right. Come see me later, Novei.
Novei: Okay.
Nobiyo walks off the stage with an upbeat smile.
Novei: Great job, everyone.
Novei: All section leaders meet up later backstage.
Cecile: Well, I'll see you guys soon.
Augusta: Today's rehearsal ended pretty fast.
Robertina: My shoulders are stiff.
Pamela: Will you be okay?
Robertina: Yeah, it always gets like this.
One by one, they clear the stage of their instruments and leave the premises.
Narita: Um, do you guys have some time after this?
Vyrn: Hm? Sure, but what for?
Narita: Well, I was thinking of introducing you all to the orchestra members.
Lyria: Yes, I'd love to talk to everyone!
Narita: Very well, I'll introduce you once they're done.
Narita gives the orchestra members some time to rest before bringing in (Captain) and company.
Meanwhile, the section leaders meet up backstage to reflect on the day's events.
Novei: Again, great job today.
Cecile: You too, Novei.
Robertina: I can have one of those snacks, right?
Augusta: Go for it! I'll grab one too!
Novei: So does anyone have anything to say about today's performance?
Pamela timidly speaks up.
Pamela: Um, not to be a wet blanket, but...
Pamela: Well, I was wondering if we'd really be okay going on like this...
Cecile: What do you mean by that? Our performance today was no different than usual.
Pamela: I don't know how to say this...
Novei: It's okay. Speak your mind.
Augusta: Pamela can be really perceptive.
Augusta: Did you notice something we didn't?
Robertina: You know, I'm not really in the mood for snacks after all...
Augusta: Yeah, you barely touched anything on your plate, Tina.
Cecile: Enough about the snacks.
Cecile: Pamela, tell us what you're thinking. Take all the time you need.
Pamela: Thank you, Cecile.
Pamela: We're rehearsing for a concert tour to celebrate the founding of this orchestra. That's a far cry from our usual performances.
Pamela: I'm really feeling the pressure, more so than ever.
Pamela: Also, it's going be the legendary Nobiyo who'll be conducting us, not Narita like we're used to.
Pamela: I'm kind of scared how this might go. Or maybe, I'm just feeling impatient.
Cecile: Well... The orchestra did feel a little different today.
Augusta: Now that you mention it, the cellos in my section did seem a bit stiff.
Robertina: Ah, no wonder there are so many snacks left over.
Novei is entrenched in deep thought.
Novei: Thank you, Pamela.
Pamela: Huh?
Novei: I know how you feel, Pamela. Touring the skies with Nobiyo has always been my dream.
Novei: We have to do absolutely everything we can to make it turn out well.
Novei: My heart's been racing, telling me we have to surpass our current selves—
Just then, they hear a knock on the door followed by Narita and the crew walking in.
Narita: Oh, sorry. Were you in the middle of a meeting?
Novei: No, it's all right.
Novei: Who are those people behind you?
Narita: (Captain) here leads a brilliant crew of skyfarers.
Narita: They've been assigned to protect us on our concert tour across the skies.
Narita proceeds with the introductions.
Lyria: We watched your rehearsal just now!
Lyria: And it was incredible!
Vyrn: It was so good it brought tears to my eyes!
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Novei: Haha, I'm glad to hear that. Thanks.
Novei: I'm Novei, concertmaster of this orchestra. It's nice to meet you.
Cecile: Greetings, Captain. I'm Cecile and I play the trumpet.
Augusta: Augusta here. I play the cello.
Augusta: It's impressive seeing so many youths as skyfarers!
Pamela: Um, I'm Pamela. I play the flute. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Robertina: My name's Robertina. I play the tuba and love snacks of all kind.
Lyria: Yay! I love snacks too!
Robertina: Really? Would you like one of these then?
Lyria: Hurray! Thank you so much!
Vyrn: Haha, looks like you have a new snacking buddy, Lyria!
Lyria: Yes! We'll do our best to support everyone and make the tour a success!
The crew and orchestra members finish exchanging greetings.
Novei: Do you girls have any plans after this?
Cecile: I'm going straight home. See you all tomorrow.
Robertina: I have something to take care of. Bye.
Augusta: Well, if everyone's leaving, I guess I'm leaving too.
Pamela: Um, I'm going to stay and practice.
Novei: All right, good night everyone. See you here tomorrow.
Narita: Thanks for visiting today, (Captain). Feel free to walk around the premises as you please.
Vyrn: Well, what should we do now, (Captain)?
  1. Follow Novei.
  2. Leave.

Choose: Follow Novei.
Novei: Hm? I'm off to see Nobiyo though...
Narita: That's perfect!
Narita: Can you introduce them to Nobiyo for me?
Novei: Ah, yes! Of course!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Leave.
Novei: Um, do you have a moment?
Vyrn: Hm, what for?
Novei: If you have some time, I'd like to introduce you to Nobiyo.
Lyria: Really? I'd love to meet Nobiyo!
Narita: You know, that would be perfect!
Narita: Well, I'm leaving it in your hands then!
Novei: You can count on me.
Continue 1
Novei: Please follow me, everyone!
Novei heads for the greenroom with the crew following closely behind.
(Captain) and company enter to find a surprised Nobiyo who gives them a curious glance.
Nobiyo: Oh? Who do we have here?
Novei: These are the skyfarers Narita appointed to protect us during our concert tour.
Novei introduces the crew to Nobiyo.
Vyrn: Everything'll be A-OK with us along for the ride! You can rest easy!
Lyria: I was so moved just listening to the rehearsal!
Lyria: We're lucky to be able to support such a lovely orchestra!
Nobiyo: Hahaha... I should be thanking you, actually.
Novei: Is something the matter?
Nobiyo: Oh no, Lyria just reminds me of yourself when you were still a child.
Novei: Myself?
Vyrn: Do Lyria and Novei really resemble each other?
Nobiyo: Yes, the resemblance is striking! I still remember the first time Novei heard my music...
Nobiyo: She came up to me, chatting away like Lyria's doing now.
Novei: Yes, I remember now...
Novei: I'll never forget the emotions I felt that day.
Lyria: What happened back then?
Nobiyo: It's a bit of a long story if you're willing to listen.
Lyria: Yes, of course!
Nobiyo: I was a conductor for a concert that toured around the skies many years ago.
Nobiyo: Unfortunately, disaster fell upon one of the concert sites.
Nobiyo: We figured it was no time to be holding a concert, and aided the relief efforts.
Nobiyo: But then one member proposed that the situation called for our musical talent—something that only we could deliver.
Nobiyo: After much reflection, I decided to hold a memorial concert.
Lyria: So that's what happened...
Nobiyo: Yes. Some unfamiliar with the details accused us of insensitivity.
Nobiyo: But the people there with us in person fully supported our endeavor.
Nobiyo: And it was at that memorial concert that Novei first heard my music.
Novei: That performance changed my life.
Novei: I learned to smile again after hearing Nobiyo's performance.
Novei: If not for that, I would not be standing here today.
Novei: I play the violin so that others can feel what I felt that day.
Vyrn: So that's how Novei got started...
Lyria: We'll support you all the way, Novei!
Novei: Thank you, Lyria.
Novei: Ah, I need to get going!
Vyrn: You still have work after this?
Novei: Haha, I can't just leave an orchestra member to practice on her own.
Lyria: Oh, that's right!
Novei: I'll see you all tomorrow, then!
Lyria: Yeah, see you tomorrow!
Vyrn: Good luck!
Novei runs off.
Nobiyo: Hehe.
Vyrn: Huh, what's so funny?
Nobiyo: Thanks to you guys, I've recalled the single most important thing to a musician.
Nobiyo: Thank you, (Captain). Now I know what to do.
There appears to be some significance behind Nobiyo's grin.
Nobiyo: I'll be heading out. How about you guys?
Vyrn: We should get going too!
Nobiyo: Then I'll walk you to the entrance. Will you be coming tomorrow as well?
Lyria: Yes! If it's okay, of course!
Nobiyo: Sure. I'll ask Narita to guide you again tomorrow.
And thus, the first day of rehearsal comes to a close.
(Captain) and company return to the Grandcypher, eager to hear the music awaiting them on the following day.