Scenario:Orchid - Search for Purpose

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Search for Purpose

When the Black Knight leaves Orchid in Mephorash to journey alone, Orchid befriends a golem named Lloyd. Orchis awakes and begins restoring Erste with Adam, leaving Orchid feeling useless. After learning that Akasha is causing problems, Orchid convinces Adam and Orchis to put Akasha inside Lloyd and allow the two to travel while guarding each other.

Orchid: Apollo...
Black Knight: I'm sorry, but... there's just something I have to do. You understand, don't you?
Orchid: Yes. Take care, Apollo...
Orchid: ...
Black Knight: What is it, Orchid?
Orchid: I really want to be with you.
I want to go with you...
Black Knight: Orchid...
Orchid: But I understand. You have things you have to do. And I can't go with you...
Black Knight: I'm sorry, Orchid. I guess I'm always testing your patience...
Orchid: That's not true. It's okay. You don't need to be sad.
Orchid: And I don't want to get in your way... So I'll wait for you. I'll wait for you to come back.
Black Knight: Yeah... And I'll return. You'll see.
Orchid: Okay.
Black Knight: Here, Orchid. I'll give you this.
Orchid: A ring?
Black Knight: Yes. I once received it from Orchis as a sign of friendship. This is a replica of that same ring.
Black Knight: On this ring... I vow that I'll return to both of you one day.
Black Knight: So... this isn't goodbye.
Making her vow, the Black Knight closes Orchid's hand around the ring.
Orchid: Apollo... You're always giving me something. But I want to give you something back.
Black Knight: You've already given me something I treasure above all else.
Black Knight: Just knowing you're alive is a miracle to me. And that's the greatest gift of all.
Orchid: That makes me happy. But I want to do something to thank you...
Black Knight: Humph. If that's what you wish, then I'll just have to look forward to it when I get back.
Orchid: Look forward to it... Yes. I understand. I'll think of something by then.
Black Knight: Good. Now it's time for me to go...
Orchid: Apollo...
As Orchid watches her leave, silent tears begin to fall gently to the ground.
After some time has passed, Orchid wanders the Palace of Elijah Chelm alone one day.
Orchid: What's in here, I wonder...
Orchid: It's so dusty. Has no one ever cleaned this place?
From androids to the amorphous, a motley assortment of golems lie strewn about the room.
Orchid: Golems...
Just as she starts to look around, she finds herself stopping in front of one of the golems.
Orchid: This one looks like Apollo... But just a little. It's all in black...
Orchid sees that something is inscribed on the golem. She peers in for a closer look.
Orchid: Lloyd? It says Lloyd right here. Is that your name?
Orchid: My name is Orchid. Nice to meet you.
From that day forward, Orchid befriends the silent golem, Lloyd, and frequently visits him at the storage facility.
Several weeks pass and one day, Orchid decides to accompany Adam on his duties.
Orchid finds herself staring off into the distance when suddenly something strange happens.
Orchid: Orchis...
Orchis! She's...
Adam: What's happened with Orchis?
Orchis, the last of the Erste Royal Family, opens her eyes after existing in nothingness for so long.
Orchis: Am I... back? This isn't a dream. But it feels unreal...
Orchid: Orchis...
Orchis: Orchid! I'm so glad to see you again, Orchid!
The moment she recognizes Orchid, Orchis hugs her lovingly.
Orchid: Orchis... Yes, I'm happy to see you too.
Orchis and Orchid embrace each other tightly, both sharing the joy of their reunion.
In the coming days, Orchis works with Adam to rebuild the Erste Kingdom.
Orchid: Orchis is amazing. She already knows the things she must do.
Orchid: But what can I do?
Orchid: Isn't there some way I can help the people who created me?
Adam: Our soldiers are fighting in vain to maintain order. Akasha has become difficult to contain.
Orchis: That's troubling... But surely we can find a place to contain such a powerful primal beast.
Adam: If there's a place away from the fearful eyes of the people, then that would be an option.
Adam: But Erste lacks such a felicitous solution...
Orchis and Adam are still discussing the problem when Orchid enters the room with a quiet determination about her.
Her eyes shine with unusual courage as she fixes her gaze on the two.
Orchid: Well... if you put Akasha inside Lloyd, do you think he would turn on?
Adam: Lloyd?
Orchid, just how did you find out about him?
Orchis: Wait! Who's Lloyd? Do you know something about this, Adam?
Orchid: Follow me, Orchis. This way...
Lloyd: ...
Orchis: This golem is Lloyd?
Adam: Lloyd was an attack golem in Mephorash, specially developed with intense battle power.
Adam: It was the pride of Erste craftsmen. They combined their skills to create all the production technology required.
Adam: In other words these golems were killing machines designed for war.
Orchis: But... Orchid said she wanted to put Akasha inside that thing.
Orchid: I come here and talk to him all the time. I'm pretty sure we're friends...
Adam: It is theoretically possible to seal Akasha within Lloyd and power him that way.
Adam: However, at the same time, we would be imbuing an uninhibited killing machine with an eternal soul.
Adam: It would become a war machine capable of destroying entire islands in the blink of an eye.
Orchis: We can't possibly agree to make something so dangerous...
Orchid: But... I can keep it under control. I'm the only one that can restrain Akasha.
Orchid: If we seal Akasha within Lloyd, I can be there to make sure it never falls into the wrong hands.
Orchis: Orchid...
Orchid: And if Lloyd had power, then I could travel the skies.
Orchid: I would be able to go out and see all there is to see.
Adam: Yes... I suppose you could seal Akasha within Lloyd and create your own guardian.
Adam: That being said, you would also be creating a guardian that brings danger to you.
Adam: In avoiding such danger, you wouldn't be able to stay in one place for very long. And it would certainly be a lonely journey.
Orchis: Hold on a second. Orchid, are you saying you're going to leave our kingdom?
Orchid: Yes...
Orchis: How could you!
Orchid: But I won't let anyone see me leave. No one would even know I was gone. There would be nothing to—
Orchis: That's not what I'm worried about!
I'm worried about you going out there all by yourself...
Orchid: Orchis...
Orchis: I mean, I would miss you terribly...
Orchis: And you'd be in constant danger!
Orchis: Why are you asking this all of a sudden? You know I can't possibly let you get in harm's way!
Seeing Orchid willingly choose a life of isolation, Orchis can't help but feel anxious.
But Orchid doesn't show any doubt in her decision. Instead she gazes confidently at Orchis.
Orchid: I've always wondered what I can do to help others.
Orchid: I know I can't be the queen that Erste needs to help them rebuild.
Orchis: What?
Orchid: And I can't possibly become the Adam that helps such a queen.
Adam: ...
Orchid: I'll never be one of the Seven Luminary Knights who protect the skies. I'll never be the captain of a crew...
Orchid: And I'll never be able to fight for Erste, like Freesia...
Orchid: I'll also never be able to stand in place of those who created me. And there are so many things I don't know...
Orchid: But...
But I finally found something that only I can do.
Orchis: Orchid...
Orchid: If Akasha is a threat to you, then I'll stop it. That is something only I can do.
Orchid: I won't let it hurt anyone else...
Orchid: And this isn't all of a sudden. Everyone's always protecting me, but that's not what I want...
Adam: ...
Orchid: I want to protect those dear to me. I want become strong. For them.
Orchid: That's why I want to go.
Orchid's eyes reflect her conviction. Her will is unwavering.
Hearing all the thoughts Orchid had kept inside her heart for so long, Orchis knows she can't stand in her way.
Orchis: You really are stubborn, Orchid.
Orchid: What?
Orchis: I'm sure though... that makes you the same as me.
Orchis: We're stubborn. Once we've made up our minds, we'll never back down. I guess it only makes sense, being sisters and all.
Orchid: You and I are... sisters?
Orchis: We haven't really been able to talk about it...
Orchis: But for a long time now, we've known each other like best friends. We're practically family.
Orchis: I mean, we were born into the same body. So I guess we might be closer than sisters.
Orchid: Family?
My... family...
Orchis: Yes. You're not alone. I'm here. Adam is here. And so is everyone else. Even Apollo.
Orchis: Never forget that. And promise me you'll come home safe. You have to promise!
Orchid: Okay. I promise.
Orchis: Remember, this is your home, Orchid!
Orchid: Yes. Thank you, Orchis.
Orchis: Nope... That's for me to say.
Thank you, Orchid.
Orchid: Oh...
Orchis: ...?
Orchid reaches into her pocket and pulls out an object.
Orchid: Look.
Orchis: But that's...
Orchid: With a ring, Apollo said she would always be with you. And I have one now. That means I'll always be with you too.
Orchid holds out the ring the Black Knight had given her before she left.
Orchis: Wow, you're right! That's exactly what it means! You'll always be with me...
Orchid: So we'll always be together...
Orchid: And... I haven't forgotten that you love happy endings.
Orchis: Orchid...
Orchid: I'll work to create a future where everyone can be happy. With this ring I vow to you...
Orchis: Okay!
With that the two girls go their separate ways...
For each of them bears their own distinct path.
And until the fateful day that they meet again, each of them will continue their struggle alone.
Orchis: ...
Adam: She's truly gone away.
Orchis: With her, Apollo, and everyone else leaving, it seems kind of lonely... But we still have work to do!
Orchis: Because one day... we're going to welcome them all back with a smile!