Scenario:Paris - Paris's Determination

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Paris's Determination

Paris brings the crew to the castle guest rooms where he passionately explains the need for Romeo and Juliet to be together. The crew notices the similarities between Paris and Romeo.

(Captain) and the crew reunite with Juliet at Castle Capulet.
Afterwards Paris takes the crew to the castle's guest rooms.
Vyrn: Sorry for making you show us around. I know how busy you must be!
Paris: No. Providing special guests with proper hospitality is another important duty of mine.
Lyria: Thank you, Paris.
Vyrn: Say, I know the Montagues and Capulets aren't on the best terms and all, but...
Vyrn: Um, what are your honest opinions about everything that's going on?
Paris: Hmm. There was a time when both sides worked side by side on the reconstruction.
Paris: If we can find the right opportunity, I think we can come to an understanding once more.
Lyria: Yeah. Just when Romeo and Juliet were finally able to be together... Oh, it's so sad.
Paris: Yes. I agree.
Paris has a pained expression, and Vyrn looks like he wants to say something.
Paris: Hm? What is it?
Vyrn: Er, so... You were gonna marry Juliet first, weren't you?
Vyrn: I was just wondering why you go through so much trouble for those two.
Paris: It's simple. I'd be much happier if those two were together.
Paris: If the heads of the two opposing sides could come together in harmony, that would solve a lot of problems.
Paris: They're a rare breed of young people with genuine hearts.
Paris: I just can't stand that a perfect couple like that can't be together.
Paris speaks with passion in his voice.
Vyrn: Hehe!
Paris: What is it? What's so funny?
Vyrn: Nah, it's nothing bad. I thought you might have been more of a jerk, but it turns out you're a pretty cool guy!
Paris: Humph. Couldn't you have phrased that a little more kindly?
Lyria: Hehe! You know, you and Romeo are kind of alike.
Vyrn: Yeah! You're both direct and kinda awkward, but deep down you've got similar natures.
Paris: Hmm. I'm not entirely sure about that, but the idea strangely doesn't bother me.
Paris: But right now my bigger concern is Romeo and Lady Juliet.
The tension shifts, and now it's the crew that feels nervous.
Lyria: Knowing those two, it'll be okay.
Vyrn: Yep! Just let us know if there's anything we can do!
Paris: Heh. Thank you. Nothing's more reassuring than having you and your crew around, (Captain).
They arrive at the guest rooms and Paris gives a bow.
Paris: This is where I take my leave.
Paris: I'm sorry I can't show you more hospitality under these circumstances, but I hope you enjoy your stay.
Vyrn: Thanks! Don't work too hard, Paris!
(Captain) and company bid farewell to Paris with smiles on their faces.
They take the opportunity to rest up in preparation for what lies ahead.

Paris's Determination: Scene 2

As an inevitable war approaches, Paris proposes that Juliet run away with Romeo, but she refuses. Her strong determination to stay with her people spurs Paris to end the war by his own hands.

The signing of the peace treaty between the Capulets and Montagues ends in tragedy. Day has turned to night.
Paris heads to Juliet's room with a serious look on his face.
Paris: (Damn it. I guess we can't avoid war any longer.)
Paris: (Are they fated to never be together?)
Paris takes a deep breath and knocks quietly on Juliet's door.
Juliet: Yes? Come in.
Paris: I apologize for disturbing your rest, Juliet.
Juliet: No, thank you for working so late.
Juliet: I always end up relying on you for practically everything, Paris. Even now I'm completely useless.
Paris: That's not true, Juliet. You should be with Lord Capulet.
Juliet: Thank you. With your help, he's made it through the worst of it.
Juliet attempts to get up from the bed, but stumbles, perhaps from fatigue.
Paris: Juliet!
Paris gently catches Juliet before she collapses.
Juliet: I'm sorry. I'm all right now.
Paris: You've been taking care of Lord Capulet all this time, haven't you?
Paris: If you push yourself any further, you'll only be harming yourself as well. Please get some of rest.
Juliet: No, I'm fine.
Juliet: I represent this land now. I can't be the one resting when everyone's working so tirelessly.
Paris: Juliet...
Paris concedes to her stubbornness and looks at her with a stern expression.
Paris: I'm sorry for bringing this up in your condition, but I have something to report.
Paris: The relationship between the Capulets and Montagues has come to a head. War may be unavoidable at this point.
Juliet: Yes...
Paris: Please consider the worst-case scenario.
Juliet: Yes. I understand.
Paris: Do you? Really?
Juliet: Huh?
Paris: When war breaks out our soldiers will kill each other and much blood will be shed.
Paris: Until either Capulet or Montague takes responsibility for this fight, we will never see an end to this hell.
Paris: And a future in which you and Romeo join hands will be destroyed forever.
Juliet: ...
Paris: You've certainly grown in your capacities, Juliet.
Paris: But you're still as naive as ever.
Juliet: But there has to be some other way!
Juliet rarely raises her voice, but she does so this time.
Paris falls silent, as if in thought.
Paris: You want to protect the Capulets and the Montagues, and you want to save Romeo. Is that right?
Juliet nods.
Paris: In that case when dusk falls you and Romeo should escape.
Paris: After that I'll go and surrender Capulet territory to the Montagues.
Paris: If all goes well, we can minimize the damage, and you two can have a future together.
Juliet: I can't do that.
Juliet: I love this land. I love the Capulets.
Juliet: I could never abandon the people just so that I could run away.
Juliet: I'm sure Lord Romeo feels the same.
Paris bows deeply.
Paris: Juliet, please forgive me for presenting you with such a brazen suggestion.
Paris: Your resolve is all too clear to me now.
Juliet: Paris?
Paris: Therefore, allow me to end this war with my own hands.
Juliet: ...
Paris leaves the room without waiting for Juliet's response.
All traces of hesitation have disappeared from his expression, replaced by unwavering determination.

Paris's Determination: Scene 3

Order returns to Verona months after the fighting ends, but Juliet is overworking herself to cope with the loss of Romeo. Paris wishes to bear her sorrow with her and proposes to Juliet, but Romeo is still in her heart.

A few months have passed since the end of the war. Peace has returned to Verona.
Juliet looks out at the city sprawled out below.
Paris: So this is where you've been, Juliet.
Juliet: Paris...
Juliet: Being here helps me calm down somehow.
Paris: You seem slightly overworked, Juliet.
Paris: Could I ask you to have a little more faith in me and entrust me with more work?
Juliet: Thank you for your concern.
Juliet: But right now I want to find out just how much I can do with the strength I have.
Paris: ...
Juliet: If I ever feel as though I'm going to cause more trouble, I'll ask for your help.
Juliet smiles wearily.
Paris: If I may, Juliet?
Paris: You don't have to force yourself to smile.
Juliet: What?
Paris: I can see you're straining to put a smile on your face.
Juliet: That's not true. Really, look! I'm feeling fine!
Juliet smiles in desperation to prove that she is in good spirits, but Paris looks on with worry.
Paris: Juliet. I believe I've spent more time with you than anyone else these past few years.
Paris: I understand the state you're in at least to some extent.
Juliet: Hahaha. I guess I can't fool you.
She chuckles weakly before speaking again, this time with frankness.
Juliet: I can't lie to myself. I've been sad ever since that day.
Juliet: Even when I'm looking at the clear blue sky, or picking wildflowers, or hearing the birds sing...
Juliet: I'm always thinking about him and wishing he was here with me.
Juliet: Some people tell me that time heals all wounds, but that hasn't been the case.
Juliet: Time doesn't solve anything. Time only takes, not gives.
Paris: That's all the more reason to stop forcing yourself to smile.
Paris: When you feel sad, just be sad. Don't fight it.
Juliet: Paris...
Juliet: Do people smile because they're happy, or do they feel happy because they're smiling?
Juliet: I believe that if I force myself to smile, I can somehow motivate myself to keep moving forward.
Paris: I'm sorry. It was wrong of me to speak without your consideration in mind.
Paris: Forgive me for my impertinence.
Juliet: No, you're not wrong!
Juliet: You always know the right thing to say, Paris!
Juliet: It's I who should be apologizing for indulging in my own words.
Paris: Not at all.
Juliet: Um, seeing as the evening wind has gotten a bit chilly, shall we retire to our chambers?
Juliet hastily tries to return to her room, but Paris suddenly stops her.
Juliet: Huh? Paris?
Paris: Could I speak with you for a little longer, Juliet?
Juliet: Certainly...
Paris takes a deep breath.
Paris: You've always cared for Romeo with all your heart, and you do the same for all of the people of Verona.
Paris: I find it honorable, pure, and beautiful.
Paris: But the reality that has been thrust upon us is far too cruel.
Paris: And yet I see you desperately fighting that reality without letting it break you.
Paris: I want to support you in both official and personal capacities, but you're the one supporting me.
Juliet: Paris? Where is this coming from all of a sudden?
Juliet: Are you sympathizing with me because I'm so pitiable?
Paris: No, this isn't about compassion, love, or any of the like.
Juliet: Then why?
Paris: I simply think that this is the best course of action.
Paris: I want to stand beside you and shoulder the burden of all the pressure and anguish you feel.
Paris: I know what I'm about to say will only confuse you.
His expression becomes unusually serious.
Paris: Marry me, Juliet.
Juliet: Gasp!
Paris: You don't have to answer me now. No matter what your answer is I'm prepared to wait for as long as it takes.
Silence falls between them.
Juliet: Um... I'm grateful for how much you care for me and this land.
Paris: I apologize for interrupting you during your rest.
Paris: I'll be going now. Good night.
Paris leaves before Juliet can reply.
Juliet: (But... I...)
Juliet stands alone, gazing into the night sky.