Scenario:Pengy - The New and Improved Pengy

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The New and Improved Pengy

Rackam finds mysterious modifications on the Grandcypher, and then Pengy appears. Her upgrades to the ship impress the crew enough for them to keep her.

After a quick break, (Captain) and the crew prepare to take to the skies once more.
But as the Grandcypher pulls out of the port, something strange occurs.
Rackam: Hold on... What do we have here?
Vyrn: Something up, Rackam? Did something happen on the bridge?
Lyria: Oh no... Was there an accident?
Rackam: Nah, nothing like that. No problems with the ship or anything. Just some strange alterations done to the wheel.
Rackam: Hey, (Captain), you didn't do any craft work on the helm, did you?
  1. I don't know what you're talking about.
  2. I might know something about that...

Choose: I don't know what you're talking about.
Rackam: Hmm, I thought so. Who did this?
Choose: I might know something about that...
???: ...
Rackam: I see... You did say those armor plates magically fixed themselves, didn't you?
Vyrn: It sounds like you're on to something, Rackam.
Rackam: You could say that. Hey, Pengy! Quit hiding and get out here!
Vyrn: Pengy's here? Now that you mention it, she wasn't around when we left that last island...
???: Peh...
Pengy: Gy!
Vyrn: Whoa! She actually showed her face!
Lyria: Gasp... Pengy was on the ship?
Pengy: Pegy! Pegu pegu!
Lyria: Hee hee, I'm glad to see you again too, Pengy!
Rackam: Huh? Lyria, you can understand what Pengy's saying now?
Lyria: Well... I...
Lyria: Yeah! It's because we're friends! Right, Pengy?
Pengy: Pen!
Rackam: Nice! Can you ask her why she did all that weird stuff to the bridge?
Pengy: Peh... Pegy! Pen peh-peh!
Pengy: Peh... Gy.
Lyria: Huh? Really?
Pengy: Pengariffic!
Pengy: If you've got penguin questions, I've got penguin answers! But first! Racky Rack!
Pengy: Don't call my art, "weird stuff"! Those are my Super! Amazing! Upgrades! Now apologize!
Rackam: Hey, you should apologize to me!
Rackam: My Grandcypher isn't your penguin playground, Pengy!
Pengy: Pegu...
Rackam: This ship's important to me, and you messed with it. That's no good.
Pengy: Gr... My pengueatiful work is not a hot mess!
Pengy: I knew the minute I saw that steering wheel that if I choom'd this part and shimmie'd up the rest, the whole thing would fly easier!
Pengy: That's what I call a Super! Amazing! Upgrade! Yay!
Pengy: Whaddaya think, Racky Rack? Way nicer than before, right?
Rackam: Hmm... Well, it does handle a little better, I guess.
Lyria: Wow, Pengy! You're really good at tinkering with machines, aren't you?
Pengy: P-kow! You really know what a penguin likes to hear, Lee-Laa!
Pengy: Which means it's time for more Super... Amazing... Upgrades!
Rackam: Wait a sec... Don't tell me you snuck on the Grandcypher to upgrade it?
Pengy: Pen-no!
Pengy: I figured I could find new parts and other stuff I've never seen before if I tagged along with you guys!
Pengy: So don't worry about me, okay?
Pengy: Pengy-bye!
Vyrn: Does that mean she wants to join the crew? Like, as a real member?
Lyria: We'll get to travel with Pengy? The real Pengy? Oh my gosh!
Pengy: Pegu! Pe-pehn Pen Pen!
Rackam: Hey, wait! Quit remodeling my ship!
Pengy: Pehn Pe-pehn!
Rackam: Great... She's not listening.
Rackam: Granted, her skills aren't half bad, but just thinking about having her on the ship is giving me indigestion.
Pengy: Pe-pehn!
Rackam: I guess making her part of the crew is better than having to kick her off the ship over and over.
Vyrn: What's the problem, Rackam? She seems pretty useful to me!
Pengy: Pegyyy!
Lyria: Let's welcome her aboard, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Haha! (Captain) seems a-okay with it, so I guess you're in, Pengy!
Pengy: Penn! Peggy peggy pegu!
Lyria: That's right, Pengy! We're glad to have you!
And so, Pengy ends up joining (Captain) and the crew on their journey.
In time, Pengy's name will no doubt spread throughout the Grandcypher.