Scenario:Percival - The Lord of Flames's Requiem

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The Lord of Flames's Requiem

After visiting a town with Percival, (Captain)'s party receive a request to solve the bandit problem plaguing the town. Just as Percival asks the Mayor about the bandits, they show up in the town. The party face the bandits, and draw their weapons.

After befriending Percival, the party continued on their journey.
Stopping at a town to get some rest, the crew were asked by the Mayor for help defeating the bandits that plagued the town.
Percival: To be asking for help from total stranger, the circumstances must be dire indeed.
Town Mayor: Y-yes… I'm truly sorry we cannot offer you much in hospitality when you come so worn out…
Percival: Let's put that aside for now. So then, is there any form of defensive force in this town?
Town Mayor: Well, while our forces weren't insubstantial they were all too slow to stop the bandits. Now most of them are injured…
Percival: I see, so in other words the only ones able to even defend the town is us?
Town Mayor: That is unfortunately the case, won't you help us?
Percival: Hmm, how unfortunate. If the bandits attack, I suppose that would ruin our chances of enjoying a quiet rest.
Percival: Well, (Captain), should we help out?
(Captain) nodded along with Percival's words.
Town Mayor: Th-thank you! Everyone, thank you!
Percival: Save the thanks for later. For now, pray tell us more of these bandits.
Town Mayor: Of course. Well… They're holed up in some nearby ruins, and every night they come and raid our stores.
Percival: Ruins, you say? And how would you rate their fighting prowess?
Town Mayor: W-well… It's the young men of the town who actually fight them, so you might want to ask them.
Percival: Then call these young men over here! Double time!
Town Mayor: Y-yessir! Right away!
Just then, a young man appeared, panting after running over so quickly.
Townsperson: Mr. Mayor! Come quick!
Town Mayor: Oh, what perfect timing! These people would like to talk to you about?
Townsperson: Bandits! The bandits are here!
Town Mayor: Wh-what! This is terrible! Please, everyone, help us!
Percival: Humph… (Captain), do you intend to join battle with an unknown enemy?
Percival: But then, I suppose we have little choice. Let us advance!
Vyrn: Oho! Just leave it to us!
The party quickly headed to town to face the bandits.
By the time they arrived the bandits were already busy causing trouble.
Thief 1: Mwahahaha! D'you like what ye see?
Townswoman: AAAH!
Percival: Cur… Take your hands off that poor maiden!
Thief 1: Huh? Who the hell're you?
Percival: Apologies, but I never give my name to the likes of you.
Thief 1: Heh! Well, I don' need yer name to beat ye senseless!
Percival: You may try. (Captain), charge!

The Lord of Flames's Requiem: Scene 2

The crew are awed at both Percival's power and his kindness as he beats back the bandits to protect the young girl. Percival orders the crew to join in the battle, and they head off to take care of the remaining bandits.

Percival: Haaa!
Thief 1: Ugh… Wh…what the…
Thief 2: Oi! You all right?
Thief 1: These guys, they ain't from this town!
The young girl took the opportunity to escape from the bandit's grasp.
Townswoman: Y-you rescued me, thank you!
Percival: Get behind us, now!
Townswoman: O-OK…
The crew faced off against the bandits who had come to ransack the town.
Percival: En garde!
The party were blown away by the infernal blaze that Percival summoned forth to dispose of the bandits.
Lyria: I-incredible. Percival could take them all on his own.
Vyrn: Oh come on. He was just complaining that we care too much…
Vyrn: But now look at Sir Burnsalot here, looking out for the little guys.
Lyria: Heehee. I guess Percival is just one of those people.
Lyria: Someone who needs a reason to do anything.
Percival: (Captain)! Now's not the time for idle banter!
Percival: They're coming back!
Lyria: R-roger!
Thief 1: Oi! Watch out fer the fiery feller!
Thief 2: Awright! Let's get 'im!
Vyrn: Hey! You're gonna regret forgetting about us!
Vyrn: Sir Burnsalot! Just hold on, we're coming!

The Lord of Flames's Requiem: Scene 3

Under Percival's command, the crew head toward the bandits' hideout. Arriving at the hideout, they quickly take care of the inhabitants. Once finished, however, Percival starts talking about the "order of the black dragons," and begins to shake. The crew rush to his aid.

Thanks to Percival's pugnacious prowess, the bandits were dealt with down to the last man.
The following day, under the command of Sir Percival, the crew headed to the bandit's hideout.
Percival: The enemy may be numerous, but they are undisciplined.
Percival: Steady… Remember, we didn't suffer through fire and flames to falter at the last step! Failure is not an option!
Lyria: Yes! Failure is not an option!
Vyrn: Hey, don't you think Sir Burnsalot is acting a bit strange?
Lyria: I don't know, this isn't so different to his usual self, is it?
Vyrn: I…I guess not.
Percival: OK, everyone! Victory lies before us! All that's left for us to do is take it!
Lyria: ARGH!
And so, under the influence of Percival's rousing words, the crew quickly dealt with the bandits.
The crew then headed off in search of the bandits' leader.
Leader: Ugh. I ain't never seen anyone fight like that before.
Leader: Who the hell are you guys?
Percival: My name…is Percival.
Percival: Lord of Flames, and second in command of the Order of the Black Dragons.
Leader: The…Black…Dragons?
Percival: If you surrender now, I promise you won't be harmed.
Leader: Dang it… What's a knight doin' round these parts anyhow?
Lyria: Erm… Sir Percival…
Lyria: What was that just now, about knights?
Vyrn: Don't look at me, I wasn't even listening.
Percival: Wha? Are you mocking me?
Leader: (…Hmm…something' seems off here…)
Lyria: Er…erm… Sir Percival! Are you feeling all right?
Percival: I am… A Black Dragon…knight…
Leader: (…Now's my chance…I can get him while he's weak…)
Vyrn: (Captain)! I don't know what's goin' on, but we need to help Sir Burnsalot!

The Lord of Flames's Requiem: Scene 4

(Captain) and the crew join with Percival to take down the rest of the bandits. Returning to the town, Percival reveals his past with Freedreche, and the source of his anguish. Lyria suggests that they all go and talk with Freedreche. Percival decides that it is time to finally put to rest the demons of his past.

With (Captain) and the crew's help, the bandits have been successfully eradicated.
After returning to the town and being welcomed warmly by the townsfolk, they headed to the nearest inn for some rest.
Lyria: Sir Percival hasn't been well ever since the incident in the hideout…
Vyrn: You're right. Ever since he started talking about "knights of the something or other."
Percival: I apologize for what happened earlier. I…I wasn't myself.
Lyria: Eh…ah…um… Sir Percival, all that matters is that you're OK.
Vyrn: But I gotta know, what was that about back there?
Percival: I thought…that just maybe…I had left that part of my life behind me.
Lyria: What part of your life? Only tell us if you're comfortable, of course.
Percival: It's a long story, but if you really want to hear it then I'll tell you.
Lyria: We really do.
With a loud sigh, Percival began to tell his tale.
Percival: I've told you already that I was born into the House of Wales, didn't I?
Lyria: Yes, I think you told us that the day we met.
Percival: Well there was one who stood to inherit all the wealth of that great family.
Percival: But there was an ancient custom in our house to join a holy order of knights, and…
Vyrn: Hmm… So you're sayin' that you used to be an actual knight?
Percival: Yes, I was… Though it was long before I met you.
Percival: Back then, I was the deputy commander of an order of knights stationed in a neighboring country.
Percival: But then… My commander, he took out the king.
Vyrn: Th-the king… Unbelievable…
Percival: Indeed. We had all of us put our faith into that commander. None of us could believe what was happening.
Percival: His betrayal was the beginning of the end for our order.
Percival: Since then I… I've been struggling to believe in anything any more.
Lyria: And your commander? What became of him?
Percival: He scarpered, to goodness knows where. Leaving behind him an empty throne, and a distraught consul.
Percival: I had been… charmed by that backstabbing monster. We all had.
Percival: I would have given my life to serve both the king and my commander.
Percival: I had to tell someone, so I confided in a friend, another deputy commander.
Percival: What do you think he said?
Percival continued his story, with a look of both great sadness and nostalgia on his face.
Percival: A knight's only objective is to serve his country. Once he swears his oath, his life is tied to the safety of his nation.
Percival: After the incident with the king, our order was reformed, and for a time, it was good.
Percival: After making sure that my friend was promoted to the role of commanding officer, I left the country.
Percival: The rest of the story, you already know. I set out on a journey, to learn more about how a country should be run.
Lyria: That's right…
Vyrn: Yeah, so this is where we come into the story, isn't it?
Percival: Indeed. But, though it's been some time, whenever I think back to those days…
Percival: I won't say that I don't have any regrets. For the longest time, myself and the commander of the now Order of the White Dragons…
Percival: We had a long-standing rivalry, each of us feeling we were the best.
With his final comment, Percival looked back at the crew.
Percival: I'm sorry. I'm afraid I went on for a little longer than I expected. You must all be bored stiff.
Lyria: Um… I think we might know the country that you're talking about.
Percival: Wh-what!
Vyrn: Yeah. Now that you mention it, the White Dragons really does ring a bell.
Vyrn: You're talkin' about that Freedreche guy who was protecting Sylph, right?
Percival: This..this is a surprise. I never thought I'd hear those names coming from you.
Lyria: Um… Sir Percival…
Lyria: I don't know if it will do much good, but why don't we go pay Freedreche another visit?
Percival: Humph, it seems you're not going to let this go, are you?
Percival: I admit, you're probably right. If…if I want to find peace…
Percival: I first need to deal with my unresolved issues from the past.
Vyrn: All right! And if there's anything we can do to help, just tell us!
Lyria: Yes! I… I'd love to see your dream country become reality!
Upon hearing Lyria's kind words, Percival actually broke into a little smile.
Percival: Come, the hour grows late.
Percival: Tomorrow is soon upon us, we must sleep.
Percival's ties to the group grew ever stronger, as did his affection for them.
Unbeknownst to all involved, this conversation set into motion elements that inevitably drew Percival toward his destiny.