Scenario:Petra - A New Wind Blows

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A New Wind Blows

Our heroes accepted an application from Petra, who wanted to make others aware of her accomplishments, and headed for Petra’s hometown. However, the village had been obliterated by Imperial soldiers who were hunting for the sealed celestial wind spirit. Petra faced the unleashed celestial wind spirit with resolve. After resealing the celestial wind spirit, Petra learned the truth about her own mother, and once again set out on a journey to find her.

Petra evolved as a wind shaman by completing her trials at the Temple of the Wind Spirit.
She told the party that she wanted to drop by her village and tell her mother what was going on.
Petra: Watch out for yourself...
Petra: I want to tell my mother of my newfound resolve to live as a wind shaman!
Vyrn: I got it now! Of course you don’t mind? (Captain) and Lyria!
Lyria: Yes! It will be fun to meet your mother, Miss Petra!
Petra: My mother was dead when I was a child... I used to visit her grave.
Lyria: R-really? My apologies, for saying I wanted to meet again.
Petra: N-no! My explanation was not good!
Petra: So therefore, don’t worry! Right?
Lyria: Uhh... Thank you...
Vyrn: Alright! Now pull yourself together, and let’s go to the village of the wind shamans!
The party headed for the village of the wind shamans, Petra's hometown.
Thus the party felt a change in the surroundings of the village of the wind shamans after they touched down there.
Petra: How strange... Where are all the villagers?
Vyrn: Look! There's someone laying over there!
Vyrn pointed out a collapsed person to the others.
The party took care of an injured villager who was gasping for breath.
Petra: Are you all right?!
Villager: Uh... Ugh... Petra...? I’m... All right...
Petra: I am back from my trials! Did something happen in the village?!
Villager: It was... The Empire. The Empire has attacked us...
Vyrn: Damnit! So those Imperial scumbags did it!
Villager: They headed for the Windless Valley...
Petra: To the Windless Valley?! What could the Empire be up to?!
Villager: Ah... Probably... cough! *cough*!
Petra: Are you alright?! Take it easy!
Villager: Hah... hah... hah... I'm fine! They took the elder hostage... Petra...
Petra: Yes! I will repel the Empire... I will not fail to save the elder!
The party ushered the villages to a safe place, and were then guided to the Windless Valley by Petra.
Petra: This Windless Valley has been the resting place for wind shamans throughout history... Including my mother.
Vyrn: It is a wind shaman graveyard? What use the Empire have for a place like that?
Petra: Perhaps they are after the celestial wind spirit?
Lyria: The celestial wind spirit... Is that a primal beast?
Petra: I don’t know. According to tradition it seems to originally have been a spirit that coexisted here with the wind shamans.
Petra: In the end, it seems that the celestial wind spirit was sealed up after it ran rampant and attackd people...
Petra: Wha?! Perhaps it has been unleashed?! We had better hurry!
Lyria: W-Wait! It's too dangerous to go on your own!
The party chased after Petra as she rushed into the palace of the celestial wind spirit.
Inside the palace, Imperial soldiers stood in a circle surroundign the altar.
Petra: You people?! Do you understand what kind of place this is?
Imperial Captain: Who are you? There are still villagers running free?
Vyrn: Alright! First we gotta beat those guys!
Petra: Wait! It’s the elder...
Elder: Oh! Petra! Get these guys away from the altar...
Imperial Soldier: Shut up! Put a sock in it, old man!
Elder: Wha?!
Petra: Elder!
Elder: Don’t worry about me! Hurry and stop these guys!
Imperial Captain: Good grief... Even though you guided us here, you were against us all along?
Imperial Captain: Don’t you realize what will happen to the villagers if you resist us?
Petra: Ugh... You fiends!
Imperial Captain: If we are able to obtain the power of the celestial wind spirit who wields the power of nature...
Imperial Captain: My standing at the Imperial Headquarters will be solidified... Let’s hurry back with that stone!
Petra: Hold it right there! That green crystal must remain on its pedestal!
Lyria: This is sickening!
Imperial Captain: Hahaha... I understand.
Imperial Captain: ... You think we came all this way just to give up now? We were well aware of the danger!
Imperial Soldier: Gasp!
The Imperial soldiers began to remove the green crystal that was sealed into the altar, as ordered.
However, the green crystal wouldn't move a bit.
Elder: It’s no good... The seal cannot be broken without using the power of a wind shaman.
Imperial Captain: Is that so... Anyway, smash the altar.
Imperial Soldier: Gasp!
Elder: Stop it! If you do that, it can’t be resealed!
Ignoring the elder’s cries, the Imperial soldiers smashed the altar with all their might.
A blinding light and a shockwave blasted through the area surrounding the altar. The bodies of the Imperial soldiers were blasted against the wall like ragdolls.
???: It’s been a while. Humans.
Petra: You're the Celestial Wind Spirit!
Petra picked up the green crystal fragments that scattered before her.
Celestial Wind Spirit: So you have not forgotten about me.
Imperial Captain: Such incredible power! Who knew such a thing could exist!
Celestial Wind Spirit: Hm...? You...
Imperial Captain: I broke your seal! Quickly! I want that spirit’s power!
Celestial Wind Spirit: Oh, I see. First I must state the formalities.
Celestial Wind Spirit: But... You talk of the impossible.
Imperial Captain: Why? You think I am going to give you my power?!
Celestial Wind Spirit: You are not those who deserve my protection...
Celestial Wind Spirit: You do not have the essence of shamans... So you cannot use my powers.
Imperial Captain: What? No! Give us your power!
Celestial Wind Spirit: Silence! You shut up.
Imperial Captain: Ah...!
Elder: Ugh...! How did it come to this... Petra! The villagers need protecting!
Petra: This is no good... We must put a stop to this!
Petra clutched the green crystal fragments with all her might, trying to get her body's shaking under control.
Celestial Wind Spirit: Is that so... I believe I have seen those eyes before. Aren't you the daughter of Carra?
Petra: I am your new counterpart, in place of my mother!
Lyria: Miss Petra! Be careful! Don’t overdo things!
Vyrn: Exactly! We can help you!
Petra: You guys...
Celestial Wind Spirit: My body has grown weak during my long slumber...
Celestial Wind Spirit: If Carra is not here... I’ll play with you instead.
The celestial wind spirit held out his hand. A gust of wind blew against Petra’s chest.
Petra: Hm?
Petra crumpled to her knees. A deep darkness spread throughout Petra’s bosom.
Then an intense pain slowly spread from the empty hole in her chest. Petra twisted her face in agony.
Petra: Ugh... Agh...
Vyrn: H-hey! What are you doing to Petra?!
Celestial Wind Spirit: She is the daughter of Carra. Therefore, I am simply eliminating her before she becomes a problem.
Celestial Wind Spirit: No one can stop me.
Lyria: Miss Petra! I’ll help you!
Petra: Ugh... Agh... Ugh...
At that time, the fragments of the green crystal Petra clutched in her hand began to pulsate.
The green crystal fragments that periodically emitted light floated above Petra’s wound and clumped together.
The light emitted by the green crystal fragments began sealing Petra’s wound. A coat of arms floated above her chest.
Celestial Wind Spirit: Damn it! What's going on...?
Petra: I heard my mother’s voice.
Celestial Wind Spirit: What? Carra?!
Celestial Wind Spirit: Who knew that you cretins wielded such power?!
Petra: I’ll give it a try!
While apparently exchanging words with someone, Petra raised her staff before her eyes and began chanting a spell.
Petra: Celstial wind spirit, master of causes and effects in nature, you must promise me!
Celestial Wind Spirit: Damn you...!!! Stupid girl!
The celestial wind spirit was sucked into the green crystal on the end of her staff.
Petra: Pant... Pant... I did it...
Petra lost consciousness after sealing the celestial wind spirit into the tip of her staff.
Thus the village of the wind shamans was saved by Petra’s actions.
The Imperial soldiers who attacked the village were also released, with the firm promise that they would never again approach the village.
Petra rested for a while and completely recovered. She visited the elder’s house together with the party.
Elder: Thank you for joining together with Petra to save our village.
Vyrn: Nah, we haven't really done anything.
Lyria: Yes! It was all thanks to Miss Petra!
Petra: That’s not true! We were only strong because we all worked together.
Elder: Anyway... I can’t thank you enough.
Petra: By the way... You had something you wanted to discuss?
Elder: Oh. That’s right, that’s right. It’s something important...
As Petra fixed her gaze on him, the elder eased into his talk.
Elder: Did you know that this village of the wind shamans originally flourished under the divine protection of the celestial wind spirit?
Petra: Yes. An especially talented wind shaman was able to obtain this divine protection.
Elder: Ah. Your mother, Carra, used her singular talents to obtain the divine protection of the wind spirit.
Elder: In addition to her original ability to predict the weather, Carra's truly godlike powers even extended to controlling the weather herself.
Vyrn: Wow, your mother was amazing, Petra!
Elder: Now that Petra had absorbed the power of the celestial wind spirit, she would soon be able to wield the same sort of power as her mother.
Lyria: Amazing! Miss Petra is turning into a goddess!
Petra: Don't be silly, with this “goddess” talk!
Elder: Nevertheless, you have indeed obtained an unparalleled power... Be careful how you use it.
Petra: Y- Yes! Words to live by!
Elder: Carra the wind shaman shall travel this Sky World as a member of a legendary Order. This happened before you were born...
Elder: One day, a black mist of unknown origins fell upon this village of the wind shamans.
Petra: It was... The Night of the Black Mist.
Elder: That night, all engulfed by the black mist lost their senses and ranpaged about.
Elder: Unfortunately, the celestial wind spirit was also a victim of that mist...
Lyria: Is that so... So that is how he came to hate mankind.
Elder: At that time, Carra unexpectedly showed up in the village. Kind of like how you all came to help us.
Elder: However, there was one difference... She held a small child in her arms. That was you... Petra.
A quiet Petra nodded deeply as she listened to the elder’s words.
Petra: So my mother sealed the celestial wind spirit and then died...
Lyria: That’s awful.
Vyrn: Maybe it was your mother who helped us with the spirit?
Elder: Unfortunately... I really don’t know.
Elder: However, I must apologize for misleading Petra somewhat.
Elder: Petra’s mother Carra did not actually die then.
Petra: Wha?!
Vyrn: What the heck do you mean!
Elder: Carra said she was going to track down the true source of that black mist that descended on the village and then left on a journey...
Elder: I was worried that she was going to take Petra with her, but she decided that would it would be safer to leave her behind in the village.
Elder: Carra told me to tell you about all this when you became a wind shaman, Petra.
Elder: I intended to tell you when you came back here as a wind shaman.
Petra frantically tried to get her trembling under control.
Elder: I have been misleading you all along, so it is understandable that you might be shaking with rage.
Elder: Anyway, regarding Carra... She hasn’t come back yet...
Elder: She might still be fighting with something, somewhere.
At that time, Petra leaped to her feet.
Vyrn: Oh! What happened?
Petra: I am actually pleased to know the truth about myself! My mother might still be around somewhere in this world...
Elder: Hahaha... Maybe! Maybe! You are Carra's child!
Petra: I made up my mind! I’m not just going to wait around for my mother to return, I am going to go meet her myself!
Lyria: Miss Petra! I am rooting for you!
Petra: So... Can you guys help me out some more? Please, (Captain)!
  1. Hahaha... Your smiling face is so cute.
  2. I also want to meet Carra!

Choose: Hahaha... Your smiling face is so cute.

Petra: My smile? T-thank you!
Petra: So... Is it OK?
Vyrn: You’ll be fine! Right, Lyria?
Lyria: I have no problem with it!
Lyria: Anyway... Let’s all protect Miss Petra's cute smiling face!
Vyrn: And so it's settled. I’m looking forward to traveling with you. Petra!
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Choose: I also want to meet Carra!

Petra: Yes! I am always concerned about how others perceive me!
Lyria: Well you surely are a pretty girl, Miss Petra!
Vyrn: Alright! We will help you find your mother!
Vyrn: And so it's settled. I’m looking forward to traveling with you. Petra!

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Petra: Thank you! It will be nice traveling with you, everyone!
Thus Petra joined the party on their journey, with the new goal of finding her mother.
Would the day come when Petra would be reunited with her mother?