Scenario:Petra - Temple of Trials

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Temple of Trials

By Petra’s request, the party heads to the Temple of the Wind Spirit. By surpassing the trials, she will gain a new power as a wind shaman. But along the way, the party is surrounded by monsters.

In a rare occurrence, Petra states that she wants to go somewhere and enters the airship. The party descends into a forest.
Guided by Petra, the party heads to the Temple of the Wind Spirit deep in the forest.
Vyrn: Hey, what kind of place is this Temple of the Wind Spirit?
Petra: The Temple of the Wind Spirit is a place where wind shamans go to train.
Petra: We wind shamans must overcome trials bestowed on us by the temple to gain a new power.
Petra: I will pass the trials and become even stronger than now!
Lyria: Wow! Petra, you’re wonderful! We’ll try to help you anyway we can!
Vyrn: Yeah! Petra matured a whole lot during the journey!
Katalina: You said it. Petra has grown much stronger...
Petra: That’s not true. I’m still afraid of monsters... I’m still a greenhorn...
Katalina: Haha... Petra is no greenhorn. Knowing one’s own fear can be seen as true bravery.
Petra: I-I suppose... It feels nice to hear that coming from you. Hehe...
Vyrn: What the... hey! We’re surrounded by monsters!
Petra: Vyrn! Please stay calm! I’ll take care of this!
Vyrn: All right! Follow Petra’s lead!

Temple of Trials: Scene 2

Guided by Petra’s staff, the party arrives at the Temple of the Wind Spirit. At the main hall, Petra raises her staff to begin the trials. Suddenly, monsters appear.

Vyrn: Not bad! Petra, you helped us back there!
Petra: I suppose maybe I’ve grown a little stronger. Hehehe.
Katalina: That’s it. Keep it up. Petra, you need to have more confidence in yourself!
Petra: Hehe... Thank you, Katalina.
Petra: Hm...?!
As they move in the direction Petra’s staff points at, they arrive at an open space with a temple standing in the middle.
When Petra stood in front of the temple’s entrance, the heavy gates opened as if resonating with her staff.
The party cautiously enters the temple with Petra.
Petra: This... is the Temple of the Wind Spirit.
Vyrn: This is amazing... I feel something powerful inside...
Katalina: What's wrong, Lyria? Why are you frowning?
Lyria: Um... It just feels... strange.
Katalina: Yes... I can feel a bizarre power around us. Petra , are you okay?
Petra: Y-Yes... Here I go...
When Petra raises her staff in the middle of the main hall, the powerful gust rises from around them.
Petra: Ahh!
Vyrn: What’s going on here?!
Lyria: This aura... M-Monsters?! Petra! Are you alright?!
Petra: E-Everyone! This is the trial that I must overcome! Leave this to me!
Katalina: Ugh... (Captain)! We have to help Petra!

Temple of Trials: Scene 3

After defeating the monsters as part of her trial, Petra obtains a new power, the divine protection of the wind spirit. Petra expresses her desires about wanting to fly the skies freely. Renewing their resolve, the party departs on their journey once more.

Petra: Huff... Huff... I managed to win...
Vyrn: H-Hey, you okay? Everyone!
Katalina: I’m fine! Never mind me. How is Lyria and Petra?
Lyria: I'm fine. I was just a little surprised.
Petra: Y-Yes, I’m fine, too!
Vyrn: What the hell is going on?! Is this the Wind Spirit’s trial?
Lyria: I don’t know... But now you’ll gain a new power, right?
Petra: Could this be...?! The Wind Spirit?!
Vyrn: Whoaaa! P-Petra is shining!
Katalina: This is good... It seems that the Wind Spirit is here!
Lyria: Yes! Now Petra’s dream will be granted!
Petra: This is my... new power... I can feel the divine protection of the Wind Spirit...
Vyrn: You know... Petra’s a lot bolder than when we first met her!
Petra: Haha... Oh, Vyrn. Do you know the original way the wind shamans lived?
Vyrn: What’s that?
Petra: Wind shamans pray to the wind and live together with the wind in freedom.
Petra: Now I have met you all, I am able to live freely in the skies!
Katalina: Haha... Looks like Petra is enthralled by the skies.
Petra: Hehehe. So anyway, (Captain)! Let’s depart!
And thus, the wind shaman Petra renews her resolve and takes flight to the skies in search of new freedoms.