Scenario:Petra - The God of Humility

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The God of Humility

(Captain) and company continued their journey, tracing the whereabouts of Petra’s mother. However, they are unable to find any clues about the black fog that her mother had been after. The party decides to take a break in a village they come across.

Petra visited her hometown, the village of wind shamans. She made a pact with the celestial wind spirit after breaking the seal and learns the hidden truth about her mother.
Ever since, Petra and the crew have been gathering information about the Primal Beasts, traveling in search of Petra’s mother.
Vyrn: I’ve been asking around for rumors about this black fog but it doesn’t seem like anyone knows anything about it.
Lyria: Yeah... I’m sorry, Petra. I wish I could be of more help to you.
Petra: No, it’s fine. Don’t worry. It’s been my dream to travel freely like the wind to where ever it might take me.
Petra: On that note... Why don’t we take a short break around here?
Vyrn: Yeah! Then... How about that village over ther by the foot of that mountain?

The God of Humility: Scene 2

The village they had decided to stop by had been troubled by a drought -- its causes unknown. Petra uses the powers of her celestial wind spirit to fill the village well as a temporary solution. To determine the cause of the drought itself, the group decides to travel into the monster infested mountains.

The party decided to stop by the village to take a rest. However, there was clearly a somber air that filled the village.
According to the villagers, it hasn’t rained in a while for reasons unknown and the drought has caused the village well to run dry.
Vyrn: Hmm... A drought caused by reasons unknown, huh... That doesn’t sound good.
Villager: *Sigh* If this well runs dry, then we will have to leave this village...
Lyria: Oh no... Please, wait! We promise, we’ll take care of it!
Villager: I appreciate your thoughts but what exactly can you do?
Petra: Um... Is it possible for me to take a look at that well?
Petra raises her hand timidly as everyone’s eyes gather on her.
Petra: If I use my powers, I might be able to do something.
Villager: Your powers, huh... Well, if you’re that confident, I’ll guide you there.
Petra: At your service!
Petra is guided to the well in question. She then closes her eyes and concentrates her mind.
Petra’s body begins to glow with a faint light.
Petra: Spirit of water, that which dwells in these lands... In the name of the celestial wind, I beg you to lend me your powers...
As she casts her spell, Petra waves her staff over the well. The light that surrounds her gathers at the tip of the staff.
The light then falls from the staff into the well. The moment it reaches the bottom, the well begins to bubble vigorously.
Just like that, the almost empty well overflows with cold, clear, fresh water.
Villager: Th-this is a miracle! Who are you?
Vyrn: Wow... How does that work? It didn’t look like magic, nor did it look like the powers of a Primal Beast.
Lyria: Yeah... I sense this strange power, like a mixture between Petra’s own energy and that of nature.
Village: Your name is Petra? Thank you so much!
Petra: Y-yes... But all I did was borrow the the powers from the spirit who resides in these lands and...
Villager: You don’t have to explain, it’s fine! You’ve saved our village!
Petra: W-well, no... Actually, the root of the problem hasn’t been solved yet.
Villager: What...?! Oh... heavens have mercy...
Petra: Unless it rains in the nearby mountains, it’s only a matter of time before this well runs dry again.
Vyrn: That makes sense... Yeah.
Petra: There’s also something that bothers me. Would it be okay if we survey the areas around the village?
Villager: Y-yes, why of course! Please! If there’s anything we can do to help, let us know!
Petra: All right. Then, first off, do you know anyone in the village who may have encountered any ill fortune around the same time the drought started?
Villager: Uh...? A villager with misfortune? No, I can’t think of anyone in particular.
Petra: All right. That’s fine. It might become a little dangerous, so you should wait back here.
Villager: Y-yes, understood. Thank you for your help!
Petra: Sorry to trouble you, but... Can you please lend me a hand?
Lyria: But of course! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods to Lyria’s call.
Vyrn: Then it’s been decided! Let’s head out!
Lyria: Is something in this mountain causing the problem?
Petra: Yes... if my intuitions are correct.
Petra: I can sense that this mountain is filled with monsters. Everyone, we have to stay alert!

The God of Humility: Scene 3

Petra guesses that the village drought is being caused by a monster known as “Batu. ”As they are walking along the mountain pass, they find a woman who is crouched behind a rock. Lyria rushes over to her but as she begins to beg for water, she turns into a monster.

The group continues climbing the mountain path, aiming for the peak.
While on their way, Petra begins to talk about a monster she had heard about in the village of the wind shamans.
Petra: A monster called the Batu probably lives in these mountains and is causing the strange weather in the village.
Lyria: A... Batu?
Petra: Yes. This Batu is probably eating all of the rain clouds and that’s why it hasn’t been raining in this entire area.
Petra: This Batu is actually a...
Petra’s explanation is interrupted by a woman’s sob. They can hear it coming from somewhere nearby.
As they search around, they find a woman crouched behind a rock.
Lyria: Oh no! There’s a woman over there!
Petra: Lyria! Wait! Stop!
Lyria panics and rushes over to the woman, not listening to Petra’s warning to stop.
Lyria: E-excuse me, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?
Woman: W-water... May I have just a sip of water?
Lyria: Uh, water? I-I’m sorry. I don’t have any water on me right now.
Woman: I see... You don’t want to share any of your water with me...
Lyria: N-no! That’s not it! Once we get to the village down by the base of the mountain...
Woman: Water water water water... Give me water!!!
Vyrn: Hey! That lady doesn’t seem quite right!
The crazed woman transforms into a monster.
Petra: It’s... a Batu!
Batu: Give... me... water...
Lyria: Ahhhh!
Petra: Watch out!!!
Petra yells as she pours all of her energy into her powers and launches a bright light.
As if answering to Petra’s light, a dirt wall forms up from the ground and gently envelops the group.
Vyrn: ?! Are we... safe? Wait, what is this?! Did you do this, Lyria?
Lyria: I-it wasn’t me!
Petra: Ha... haha... I was able to use the power of spirits... without casting!
Vyrn: We’re the ones that are surprised! I didn’t know you could do this kind of stuff, Petra!
Petra: Everyone! We can talk about this later! We have to concentrate on the Batu!
Batu: It’s dark... It’s cold... Where... Where am I? Please... Help me...

The God of Humility: Scene 4

(Captain) and company defeated the Batu, which should have solved the cause of the drought. However, it the village wouldn't receive rain immediately. That was when Petra came in and used her celestial wind spirit powers to create a rain cloud which hydrated the village. The villagers who watched the ritual praised Petra as if she were a goddess. Petra looks to (Captain) and company for a little help.

The group defeats the Batu and finds the remains of what seems to be the woman that the Batu had possessed.
After picking up the remains of the woman, the group headed back down the mountain. They explained to the villagers about what they found.
Villager: So this monster, the Batu was it? It was possessing this woman and that’s what was causing the drought?
Petra: Yes, most likely... This woman probably got lost in the mountains when this Batu found its likely host.
Petra: I have a request. Will you please take care of her remains here in this village so that she may rest in peace?
Villager: Yes, of course! I will take it upon myself to make her a grave!
Lyria: The woman... She must have been so sad and alone in the mountains.
Lyria: I hope she finds peace when she joins the others in this village.
Petra: Yes. There’s nothing to worry about now.
Vyrn: Hehe. And that’s case closed! Petra, you’ve done a great job again!
Villager: It’s all thanks to you, Miss Petra. You’ve saved us! Now we just wait for it to rain!
Petra: Yes... But...
Although the villagers are overwhelmed with joy, Petra seems worried.
Petra: It may still take some time until the rain comes back naturally...
Villager: W-well, sure... It’s not like it’d rain immediately just because the monster is gone. I understand.
Vyrn: Yeah... There’s not much we can do about that, though. Right, Lyria?
Lyria: Yes... Unfortunately. I’m sorry we can’t be of help.
Villager: Oh, no no! What are you saying?! You’ve helped us more than enough already! We can’t cause you any more trouble than this.
Petra: Wait!
Petra: Um... I... I don’t know if this is going to work but there’s something I want to try!
Petra then gathers everyone in an open field near the foot of the mountain.
The group watches Petra from behind, as she quietly concentrates her energy.
Petra: Spirit of fire, that which dwells in these lands... In the name of the celestial wind, I beg you to lend me your powers...
When Petra finishes casting her spell, a huge pillar of fire rises where she had pointed her staff.
Vyrn: Ack... The heat’s really hot. And we’re all the way back here!
Villager: What’s she doing, burning a fire in a place like this?
Petra: I’m not done yet...
Petra: Spirit of wind... that which dwells in these lands... In the name of... the celestial wind, I beg you... to lend me your powers...!!!
A gust of wind begins to twirl where Petra pointed her staff.
With the flurry of wind blowing in all directions, the pillar of fire gains even more force as it turns the mountainside a bright red.
Lyria: Amazing...! Petra’s controlling two spells at once!
Petra: Gh... Hold on, just a little... more...
The air around them begins to warm up quickly as the hot winds spiraled around.
The rising air rushes up the mountainside. Before they knew it, a rain cloud had begun to form near the peak of the mountain.
Villager: Wow... How is she doing that...?
A few moments later, large rain drops begin to fall from the skies.
Lyria: Wow! It’s rain! Rain!
Petra: Phew... Looks like it worked! I’m so glad.
Villager: She’s a goddess... Miss Petra... You are a goddess, reborn!!!
Petra: Wha?!
Villager: Because who else, other than a goddess, could make it rain?
Petra: N-no, actually... There’s a reason to this. The temperature difference between the surface and the air above-...
Villager: We don’t mind for the details! Come, come. We villagers would like to offer you, Miss Petra...
Villager: No... Goddess Petra, an offering of hospitality!
Petra: Ahh, no no, I said... I mean... Vyrn, Lyria! Help me!
Petra is taken away by the villagers.
Lyria: Hehe... Quite the humble and cute goddess she is.
Vyrn: Yeah. But if she has such great powers, she should be more proud of it, don’t you think?
Lyria: But then, that wouldn’t be Petra.
Lyria: Right? (Captain)?
(Captain) smiles back at Lyria.
Petra: Captain! P-please come with me!
Petra whines for help with a slightly cracked voice. (Captain) and the group rush after Petra to join her.
The blessed rain hydrates the dried village. Later that night, a festivity was held to honor Petra. And as expected, it lasted the entire night.