Scenario:Philosophia - Mystery of the Spinning Top

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Mystery of the Spinning Top

One day, when (Captain) and the crew were on the deck of the airship, Philosophia, a girl riding a spinning top, falls down from the skies. She proceeds to quiz them with philosophical questions about flight. Lyria and Vyrn are unable to answer the questions, so she turns to (Captain). (Captain)'s answer intrigues Philosophia, and she insists that they let her join them on their quest.

(Captain) and the crew headed to a nearby island to pick up supplies, and to get some rest and relaxation.
As the crew made preparations to land, Vyrn seemed to have something to say.
Vyrn: Hey guys, have you got a minute? I heard something in the tavern we went to on the other day.
Vyrn: Heheh. Apparently there's a juicy rumor about this island.
Vyrn: Apparently, there's a girl riding a spinning top who appears out of nowhere!
Vyrn: Erm… Forget what I said, it was probably just nonsense. Yeah, nonsense…
Lyria: Ahahaha. Yes, what a funny thing to say… Wait, what's that?
Both Lyria and (Captain) spotted a round shadow that appeared on the deck.
(Captain) looked up to see what the source was.
Suddenly, a girl riding a spinning top fell from the sky.
Philosophia: Hey there!
Lyria: Ahhh!
Philosophia: Teehee! Did I startle you? Hey, do you mind if I ask you a question?
Vyrn: No way! A girl riding a spinning top? The rumor was true!
Philosophia: Would you say that you were flying right now?
Lyria: What? F-flying?
Lyria: Well, right now the Grandcypher, that is to say our airship, is afloat, so I suppose we're flying?
Philosophia: Yeah, I guess… But of course, that's your airship that's flying, not you.
Lyria: Erm… I guess that's true. So I suppose you can say that we're not flying…?
Philosophia: Really? But think about where you are right now. Aren't you in the air?
Philosophia: Are you sure you're not flying?
Lyria: Uh… Erm… Hmm… I'm not sure any more…
The girl on the spinning top looked closely at Lyria's confused expression and burst out laughing.
She then shifted her gaze to the spectating Vyrn.
Philosophia: Wow, what perfect timing.
Vyrn: What're you looking at?
The laughing girl nods her head, and deftly moves the spinning top closer to Vyrn.
Philosophia: What about you? Are you flying right now?
Vyrn: Hello, isn't it obvious?
Philosophia: Oho, is that so?
Philosophia: But is it really that obvious? How can we be sure you're really flying?
Philosophia: Maybe there's a platform that only lizards can see, and you're just standing on it.
Vyrn: What? That's nonsense! Of course I’m fly?
Philosophia: We breathe without needing to think about it. We walk without any conscious effort.
Philosophia: So it might be the same with your flying, little lizard. You might not realize it…
Philosophia: But there might actually be a platform under you that only you can feel.
Vyrn: But… what? I don't know what you're… I'm flying, right? Right?
Lyria: I'm starting to doubt myself. What even is flying?
Thoroughly confused, Lyria and Vyrn looked at each other, as the girl on the spinning top began to laugh again.
Philosophia: Ha ha, you're both so cute. The faces you pull when you're confused… They're so… so…
Vyrn: Oi! Are you teasing us?
Philosophia: Ha ha ha! Well, maybe in one way I am, but in another I'm not.
Vyrn: What? I can't understand a word what you're saying! What are you?
The girl moved some distance away from the party, and gracefully bowed atop the spinning top.
Philosophia: My name is Philosophia. People call me a sage, or philosopher.
Philosophia: I think they're all silly for calling me that. And for calling me weird. I'm just a regular person…
Lyria: Erm… I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what is a phil-oso-pher?
Philosophia: It's a person who inquires, who answers, who contradicts. Someone who likes to ponder on questions they can't possibly answer.
Lyria: I see. If I can ask another question, why did you jump onto our ship?
Philosophia: I was just flying around when I heard someone on this ship talking about me, so I thought I'd come and take a look.
Lyria: Wow, Philosophia, you must have excellent hearing!
Lyria: Erm… When you say you were "flying around"…
Philosophia: Yes, if you recall I fell down from above? Where do you think I came from?
Lyria: But, how can you just "fly" around?
Philosophia: Easy, like this!
With a flourish of her staff, both Philosophia and her spinning top shot up into the air.
Lyria: Whoa!
Philosophia: This spinning top's name is Descartes. I simply think, and it spins.
Philosophia: The more I think, the more the thoughts loop around my head, the better it flies.
Lyria: Incredible! I've never heard of such a device…
Philosophia: This world is brimming with even stranger thing than Descartes.
Philosophia: That's why I have to keep thinking. The closer I find myself to the answer, the more the question itself changes…
The girl laughed, then stared at (Captain).
Philosophia: …I still haven't heard your opinion on this flying conundrum.
Philosophia: I'm sure you'll look awfully cute when you're confused…
Philosophia: So what do you say? Are you flying right now?
  1. I don't think I have an answer to that.
  2. We're both flying and falling.

Choose: I don't think I have an answer to that.
Philosophia: That's a shame. Though of course, you're not wrong. In fact you might be closer to the real truth than anyone else.
Philosophia: Aha… You! I like you!
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Choose: We're both flying and falling.
Philosophia: C-can you say that one more time?
(Captain) answers the question again, and Philosophia's eyes light up.
Philosophia: Of course, the islands and all the people on them have floated up from the ground… We're all both flying and falling.
Philosophia: Aha… You! I like you!
Continue 1
The spinning top sped up, and began to take Philosophia higher and higher.
Philosophia: So anyway, what are you doing riding such a big airship?
Philosophia: I'd really like to know.
(Captain) told an abridged version of their travels so far to the ecstatic girl with the infectious smile.
Philosophia: I see. So you want to go beyond the sky's edge, to Estalucia…
Philosophia: How cute! Sounds like it could be a lot of fun!
Philosophia: OK, I've decided. I'm coming with you.
Lyria: Wh-whaaa?
Philosophia: How can I resist those cute faces you all make when you're concentrating?
Philosophia moved her spinning top next to (Captain) so that they were face to face.
Philosophia: You in particular I find most fascinating.
Philosophia: I like the way you think. Maybe if I stick with you, I'll learn some new secrets about flying…
Philosophia: Of course, I'm not expecting to get a free ride. I'll help out in any way that I'm able, to the best of my abilities!
Philosophia: So what do you say? Will you take me with you?
  1. It could be interesting. Welcome aboard!
  2. Not a chance.

Choose: It could be interesting. Welcome aboard!
Philosophia: Wow, now that's a good answer! You aren't a philosopher too, by any chance?
Philosophia: Teehee, I'm looking forward to our future conversations!
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Choose: Not a chance.
Philosophia: Ah… Umm… Well… OK. No, I get it, sorry for asking…
Philosophia looked crestfallen, until (Captain) burst out laughing.
Philosophia: What, you were joking? You just wanted to see my expression when I get disappointed?
Philosophia: You just become more and more fascinating, don't you?
Continue 2
Philosophia: By the way, do you guys like sweet things? You know, cookies, macarons, that sort of thing?
Lyria: Yes! Oh I just love candy!
Philosophia: Well then, you're in luck! I know an amazing sweet shop in a nearby town, maybe I can show you the way?
Philosophia, still smiling about the prospect of candy, began moving toward the edge of the deck.
Vyrn: Hold on! I need an answer! Please, I just have to know!
Vyrn: Am I really flying? Or not? Please, I neeeed to know!
Philosophia: Ha ha, you really are cute. Just look at your little face…
Vyrn: Come on, I give in! Just tell me! Pleeease!
Philosophia: The answer is, there is no answer. You have to search for the truth within yourself.
And with a smile, Philosophia jumped off the side of the airship.
Vyrn: Oi! What kind of answer is that? That doesn't help at all!
Lyria: Calm down. She seems to be taking us to the store, so maybe you can ask her again once we're there.
Vyrn: I…. I suppose.
The party landed on the island. After collecting their supplies, they took a little break.
Vyrn never stopped asking for an answer to the question, and Philosophia never stopped dodging the issue with a laugh and a smile.