Scenario:Philosophia - The Philosopher's Sweet Side

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The Philosopher's Sweet Side

(Captain) and the crew notice that Philosophia is missing. The flustered crew spot her being carried off by monsters, and hurry to save her. However, the crews help seems to be unneeded as Philosophia effortlessly knocks her assailants away and returns to the airship. Enraged, the monsters launch an assault on the crew.

One morning, an anxious seeming Lyria came to (Captain).
Apparently, Philosophia was nowhere to be seen.
Vyrn: Well, I wouldn't worry. Knowing her, if we just think really hard about something she'll drop down from the sky…
Vyrn fixed his gaze on something on deck, but was suddenly lost for words in surprise.
(Captain) followed Vyrn's gaze to find Descartes, Philosophia's spinning top, toppled over.
Lyria: Eh? Descartes? …But no Philosophia?
Looking around frantically, Lyria spotted Philosophia being carried away from the airship by monsters.
Philosophia: Yes, indeed. It would seem this method of transport is somewhat different from flying after all…
Philosophia: Simply being carried by others is of course different. If the lift is not of one's own accord, it is not flight, But then again…
Lyria: Oh no, oh no, oh no! Philosophia has been captured by monsters!
Vyrn: Wha-? Oi, (Captain)! Quick, let's follow those monsters and rescue her!
Lyria: Hold on! If you agitate the monsters now, they'll drop her into the clouds!
Philosophia: What's this? Oh, everyone seems to be worrying about me. I should return.
Philosophia waved her staff, and a burst of magical energy was released.
The monsters, unable to withstand the blast, released Philosophia, who fell into the depths of the sky.
Philosophia: Interesting… Falling and flying are most certainly different… Under the assumption that flying necessitates floating in the air…
Vyrn: Yikes! Philosophia, she?
Philosophia: …Aha. Everything is fine. I won't fall, I won't fall.
Philosophia gave another swing of her staff, and a magical square formed at her feet, lifting her up through the clouds.
She leapt off the magic square, majestically soaring onto the airship, landing perfectly atop Descartes.
Philosophia: Ta-dah!
Lyria: Whoa… That was amazing!
Vyrn: Never mind that! The monsters are coming back this way! Get your weapons ready, (Captain)!

The Philosopher's Sweet Side: Scene 2

Philosophia tells the crew that she allowed herself to be caught, and explains about Descartes, the spinning top she rides. The crew becomes interested in the nature of Descartes, and Vyrn suggests that they head for the ruins where Philosophia first found the spinning top.

With the crew having defeated the monsters, Philosophia proposed that they eat breakfast before she explains what happened.
The perplexed crew agreed to her idea, and stopped at a nearby town to eat breakfast.
Lyria: Excuse me, Philosophia, are you really OK? You're not hurt or anything?
Philosophia flashed the concerned Lyria a smile as she brought her dessert up to her mouth.
Philosophia: (Munch, munch) Hm? I'm fine. Sorry for making you worry!
Vyrn: Phew. Well we're glad you're all right. But, y'know, how did that happen in the first place?
Philosophia: I wanted to discern the difference between when Descartes flies, and when other things fly. So I conducted a little experiment.
Lyria: Eh? So, you're saying… that you let yourself get captured!
Philosophia: Precisely!
Vyrn: Try not to look so happy with yourself about it…
Vyrn: But now you mention it, how is it different from when other things fly?
Philosophia: (Munch… gulp) Well, it's different in its entirety I suppose.
Philosophia: When Descartes flies… Well, the concept is that of rising from the ground…
Philosophia: The sensation is strange, and hard to express figuratively. I tested it today, and it proved to be a unique and special sensation.
Lyria: I see… Or I think I do…
Vyrn: Hey, hey. Urrrm, I've been meaning to ask you this for a while, but what actually is Descartes?
Philosophia: (Munch… munch… gulp) Well, put on the spot like this, I would have to say… I don't know either.
Philosophia: I found him one day at some ruins, and have pondered ever since over the nature of his volition and form.
Lyria: Oh right. At some ruins?
Vyrn: Hey, everyone! Why don't we go check it out? I'm getting' kinda excited about this!
Philosophia: Well, I don’t think there is anything there anymore… But it would be bad of me to arbitrarily decide as such…
Philosophia: (Much) It could be… (Gulp) That we make a new discovery about how Descartes can fly…
Philosophia: Oh, this is delicious… (Munch… gulp)
Vyrn: Ehehe. Philosophia has a sweet tooth!
Philosophia: Huh? W-well… Sugar is essential to fuel the gears of the mind, after all…
Philosophia: My body seeks it, and my hand takes it involuntarily. Entirely unconnected from my own volition…
Vyrn: Gyahaha! Stop coming out with excuses and just admit that you like it!
Philosophia: W-well, when you put it like that…
Philosophia: A-anyway, let's head for the ruins! Let's go soon and I can be your guide!
The crew accepted the idea from Philosophia, who's face had turned red, and headed off to the ruins where she found Descartes.

The Philosopher's Sweet Side: Scene 3

(Captain)‘s crew are searching the ruins, when suddenly the floor crumbles away and they fall into its cavernous depths. Philosophia rescues them, and excitedly explains the strange sensation she felt while doing so to the grateful crew. However, she suddenly stops speaking when she becomes fascinated with a passing butterfly. The crew learns of the cute side of Philosophia, and find themselves warming up to her.

Vyrn: Hmmmm… Are these the ruins? …They're not very impressive…
Philosophia: I found Descartes over here. The floor could crumble away at any time, so be careful.
Philosophia guided the crew toward the place where she had found Descartes.
However, when they arrived, they found nothing of importance, merely fallen debris.
Philosophia: It's as I thought. There's nothing here.
Vyrn: Darn it! But what's with this weird atmosphere… There must be something here…
While listening to Vyrn's words, (Captain) noticed a strange sensation at their feet.
As (Captain) looked down, there was a thunderous sound and the floor crumbled away. The crew fell down into the darkness below.
Lyria: Eeeeeeeek!
Philosophia: No! Everyone!
Philosophia jumped headfirst down into the ruin's depths to save the crew.
Philosophia: Ah!
As she caught up with the falling crew, Philosophia recalled a strange sensation of floating.
Philosophia: …This sensation…
With a mysterious expression on her face, she overtook the crew, and drew a magical square beneath them.
The magical square absorbed the momentum of the falling crew, and allowed them to land safely on the ground without being injured.
Lyria: Urgh… Thank you, Philosophia…
Vyrn: Ph-Philosophia, you saved us!
Philosophia: …Hey, everyone. Just now, did I… fly?
Vyrn: Huh? Yeah you flew?wait, no. I think you were falling.
Philosophia: I chased after you with all my might. It felt like I was being sucked toward the floor… The answer I seek becoming ever closer.
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Philosophia: The situation was almost the same as this morning… I simply fell both times… If so, then why does this feel different?
Lyria: Hmmmm… I… Dunno…
Philosophia: Losing myself as I tried to save you… The environment of these ruins… How is this different to the conditions on the airship?
Philosophia smiled happily, and Descartes began spinning at high-speed.
Philosophia: Heehee… Thanks to you guys it seems I can come up with a new contradiction and solution to puzzle over! Thank you!
Vyrn: Huh… We should be thanking you. You saved us, after all…
Philosophia: Heehee… Heehee…
Vyrn: Well, you look happy, and we're all safe, so I guess it's OK.
Afterward, an ecstatic Philosophia used her magic to return the crew to the ground above.
On the way back to the airship, Philosophia continued ruminating with an excited look.
Philosophia: As I tried to save you… The conceptual me separated from the real me… My soul? My soul floated? Is that flying?
Philosophia: Aha! If we suppose that is the case, then should we attempt to define the soul…
Lyria: Hahahaha. Philosophia seems so happy.
Vyrn: She probably uses her head more than we can fathom… Look how fast Descartes is spinning…
Philosophia: It would be a good idea to visit the ruins again sometime… If we did…
Philosophia suddenly stopped mid-sentence, and Descartes began decelerating gradually.
Vyrn: Hm? What's happened to Philosophia? Why did she stop?
Just then, a kaleidoscope of colorful butterflies passed in front of the crew, carried on a gentle breeze.
Philosophia's eyes lit up as she watched the dancing insects.
Philosophia: Woooow…
  1. She has a weakness!
  2. You like butterflies?

Choose: She has a weakness!
(Captain) prodded Philosophia in the cheek several times.
Philosophia: Eh? Wh-what?
Philosophia: Eh? Do I like butterflies? Uh, well yeah…
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Choose: You like butterflies?
Philosophia: Yeah… I do… like them…
Continue 1
Vyrn: Hehehe… She likes them so much she's even stopped thinking for once.
Vyrn: It's all starting to come together. While it looks like all she does is think really hard about things, or try and confuse us…
Vyrn: Underneath she's actually a cutesy girl, who likes sweet things, and butterflies!
Philosophia: Eh! W-well… Urrm… The thing is with butterflies… The way they fly, errr, may have the answers that I'm looking for.
Vyrn: Hmm… She's thinking deep thoughts again… If you like them, you should just say so.
Vyrn: Hehehe! You should see the face you're pulling right now!
Philosophia: Excuse me?
Lyria: Heehee, it's true! When you're flustered you pull such a cute face!
Philosophia: Wh-what are you insinuating?
As (Captain) looked at Philosophia's face, she spun Descartes around to hide herself.
Philosophia: I may like seeing other people's faces when they're flustered, but that doesn't mean I like people seeing mine…
With her face turning red from embarrassment, Philosophia sped up Descartes and zoomed off ahead to escape from the crew.
Now knowing Philosophia's cute side, the crew chased after her back to the airship, laughing as they went.