Scenario:Philosophia and Spinnah - Spinning Thoughts

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Spinning Thoughts

Spinnah and Philosophia dive into a dizzying dialogue on the beauty of rotation. Spinnah closes out the chat by asking Philosophia to help him popularize spin blades, and the lofty Harvin is hard put to hide her interest.

Spinnah: Hm? What's that?
Spinnah strolls along the deck of the Grandcypher on a quiet afternoon. That's when he notices a strange top floating in the air above.
Philosophia: Hmm... Saying that an island floats is perfectly reasonable, but no one would say that an island flies.
Philosophia: Conversely, when someone spots a bird, they would say it's flying not floating.
Philosophia: Therefore floating and flying are different actions. One cannot fly while floating, and vice versa.
Philosophia rides on her top, its spin matching the flow of her thoughts.
Spinnah: Sorry for interrupting you, but what are you riding on? It's got such a beautiful spin!
Philosophia: This here's Crypton. It's a top that spins in conjunction with my thoughts and feelings.
Spinnah: How about that? A top that spins the more you think. That's not something you see every day!
Philosophia: Yes, it's quite the curio. Watch.
Should floating be considered a type of flying, or is it the other way around?
Spinnah: (Amazing. Its revolutions accelerate the moment her thoughts pick up!)
Spinnah's eyes are alight with wonder as Crypton goes round and round.
Philosophia: Eureka. Flying is...
Spinnah: ...
Philosophia: No, that's not right. Because floating is...
Spinnah: ...!
Philosophia: In order to understand flight, one must also understand buoyancy. However...
Spinnah: (How captivating. Despite how fast the top's going, the spindle remains stable, and the whir it makes is crystal clear!)
Spinnah: (Heh, my eyes implore me not to waste this moment—I hardly dare blink. I want to hear nothing but its hum—so much so that I resent even the pounding of my heart!)
Spinnah: Hahaha! Man, what an amazing spinsthetic! I've fallen under its hypnotic spell!
Philosophia: Huh? Spinsthetic?
Spinnah: That's right! Crypton's spinning motion is stunning! A level of perfection that is so rarely achieved!
Philosophia: Haha, I never expected to hear such compliments about the way Crypton spins. You're a funny fellow.
Spinnah's enthusiasm has piqued Philosophia's interest, and she slowly descends to the deck.
Philosophia: Allow me to ask you a question then. What is it that you find beautiful: Crypton or the motion of the spin?
Spinnah: I'm talking about the motion of course. Why do you think I used the word spinsthetic?
Philosophia: Ah, you sound confident about your answer.
Philosophia: But here's the thing. That beautiful spin was produced by Crypton; therefore isn't it Crypton that you find beautiful?
Spinnah: Sure, I never said Crypton wasn't beautiful! Nice colors, solid construction, good utility... Everything's great in and of itself.
Spinnah: But it's the spinning motion that ties together these disparate elements into one complete package.
Spinnah: Spinning has the power to refine fragments of beauty and make them, you know, perfect. Therefore spinning must be beauty itself!
Philosophia: Hmm... Then as a follow-up, why do you find things that spin beautiful?
Spinnah: Good question. Sure, as a humble artist I could tell you why I find it beautiful.
Spinnah: But all the words in the world couldn't explain the full breadth of beauty. That's what art's all about.
Philosophia: Um... Then what is your definition of beauty?
Spinnah: Beauty can be found in symmetry; it can also be found in irregularity. It has no singular shape; therefore it also has no precise definition.
Spinnah: But beauty clearly exists. Because when you feel your very soul being consumed by passion—that's when you know you're in the presence of beauty.
Philosophia: Huh. You don't seem fazed about anything I ask.
Realizing that Spinnah won't waver no matter what thought-provoking questions are thrown at him, Philosophia seems to lose interest and turns away.
Spinnah: Heh, your questions dig deep, don't they?
Spinnah: Seems like you really want to delve into the beauty of the spin. So I think I'll give you a present.
Spinnah slips a spin blade into Philosophia's hands.
Philosophia: What's this?
Spinnah: It's called a spin blade! As an artist, my aspiration is to spread their appeal to every island.
Spinnah: I'm hoping for the spin blade craze to catch fire and sweep across all corners of the sky.
Philosophia: Do you really think people are going to be enthralled by these little toys?
Spinnah: Hah, I'm pretty sure you're answering your own question right now.
Spinnah points to Philosophia's hand. Her fingers are eagerly manipulating the spin blade.
Philosophia: Huh? What am I doing? I didn't even notice my fingers were moving on their own...
Spinnah: Hahaha! How's that for enthrallment? It's like an uncontrollable impulse, am I right?
Philosophia: Erm, I wouldn't say that exactly. I just don't know how or when to stop, so I keep going and going...
Her words say no, but her fingers say yes, aching for one more flick of the spin blade.
The Harvin is disturbed by how quickly she's given in to the spin blade's temptations.
Philosophia: Ngh... Spin, spin, spin... Am I making it spin, or is its spin making me spin it?
Spinnah: That's pretty philosophical... I'd like to know the answer myself. Let's put our heads together for this one.
Spinnah takes out his own spin blade and gives it a whirl.
Only a duet of whooshes can be heard as the two stare at their hands in silent thought.
Philosophia: Mm... So to spin is to be caught in a loop of sorts. After one revolution, the spinner returns to its starting point, then that ending becomes a new beginning.
Spinnah: But, you know, spinning's also one of the easiest ways to accumulate energy. It's how you get storms and rotors—it's how we fly.
Philosophia: I see. So when one rotation ends, a new one begins. But this new rotation is more powerful than the last. Then is it safe to say that to spin is to evolve?
Spinnah: Hm. If that's true, you could claim that spinning represents the life cycle itself. You know, that may be why we instinctively get drawn in.
And so philosopher and artist muse over the magnificence of spinning. It may be a bit hard, however, for the average person to understand their enthusiasm.
Philosophia: Aha... What is spinning anyway?
Spinnah: Who knows exactly? The more I think about it, the more in awe I am of its depth.
Spinnah: (Wow, I've never met anyone who had such interesting things to say about the beauty of the spin.)
Spinnah: (She might be the one to help me achieve my aspirations...)
Spinnah stares at Philosophia, who continues to float in the air atop Crypton. Then, all at once, he comes to a conclusion.
Spinnah: So you remember what I was saying about my aspirations?
Philosophia: Huh? You mean how you want spin blades to become popular all across the skies?
Spinnah: Right. I'm just throwing this out there, but would you mind helping me make that dream come true?
Spinnah: You possess the very essence of spin. With the way you think and the way you ask pointed questions, you're a pro at opening people up to new perspectives.
Spinnah: If you could help me get the word out about how beautiful spinning is and how limitless its possibilities are... There's no doubt we'll brew up a storm!
Spinnah: Then once spin blades become the talk of the town, I'll show you how intense Spin Cup battles can be!
Philosophia: Hm... A spin blade craze, huh?
Philosophia: Hehe. Well, I suppose it'll bring people together and encourage discussion. Some interesting opinions about spinning are bound to arise, I'm sure.
Spinnah: Hehe. I know, right? So teaming up is the right move! What do you say?
Philosophia: Hm, hm... A craze that spins out of control... Getting bigger and more popular...
Philosophia turns her back on the starry-eyed Spinnah. Then she resumes her thinking ways.
Once again Crypton picks up speed, but if it's a spinning match it wants, then the spin blade whirling in Philosophia's hand is not to be underestimated.