Scenario:Predator - On the Way

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On the Way

Predator sneaks away from the crew to infiltrate a corrupt organization, unaware that the merchants running it are lying in ambush. She manages to escape with the merchants on her tail, then (Captain) and crew come to the rescue.

Predator glances through the directions passed on to her by Tui, the man who gave her life anew as an assassin.
The hearty laughter of (Captain) and company can be heard from the room next door.
Predator: ...
Ema's Father: Gahahaha! Relax, Ema. Daddy'll get the factory back in shape in no time!
Predator: Why are these memories coming back to me now...
No longer the innocent little Ema of the past, she has now taken on the guise, role, and name of Predator.
Predator: (They've taken me far enough. Assassins work better alone.)
The crew lands on an island said to be home to an organization dealing in the underground trade.
Vyrn: Hey, guys! The masked lady went off on her own!
Rackam: Great, right after we told her we'd come along.
Lyria: I'm worried about Predator...
Rackam: Yeah, I've got a bad feeling about this... Let's go after her, (Captain)!
Meanwhile Predator has infiltrated the organization's facility.
Predator: ...
She proceeds down a dark hallway to find rays of light emanating from a nearby room and takes a peek inside.
Merchant 1: We're practically aboard the gravy train with this MSH food additive. Hope we can continue doing business.
Merchant 2: Hehehe... You can count on it.
Predator: (Rotten scum...)
Predator: I am a predator. And predators never let their prey escape.
Predator repeatedly utters the same phrase as if in a trance.
She exhales a deep breath before leaping into the room.
Merchant 1: Eep! Who goes there?
Merchant 2: What!
Predator: You're not leaving here alive!
Just as Predator lunges at the merchants, claws outstretched, gunfire rings out.
Predator: Tsk!
Predator turns around to deflect the bullets and gives a quick sweep of the surroundings with her eyes.
Predator: So you were expecting me, huh.
Kingpin: Just what sort of bush-league information network do you think we have?
Armed men enter the room and surround Predator, chuckling all the while.
Kingpin: Tell me! Which family sent you?
Predator: As if I'd answer that.
Predator: (Exit's sealed... Guess my only way out's through the window.)
Kingpin: Think you're hot stuff, huh? This is the fifth floor. There's no way you're getting outta here. Get her, boys!
Henchmen: Yaargh!
Predator: Hrgh!
Predator leaps for the window.
She deftly tumbles down a giant tree, her descent slowed by a number of branches that lessen the impact of the fall.
Predator: Well, that could have gone better.
Kingpin: Damn it! Find her and make her talk!
The clamor of the merchants still ringing in her hears, Predator makes a swift escape.
In the meantime (Captain) and crew are still searching for Predator and come across what appears to be the shady organization's hideout.
Vyrn: Do you guys hear that ruckus coming from the forest?
Lyria: Look! Over there! Predator's being chased by so many people!
Rackam: Ugh... Really, Predator?

On the Way: Scene 2

Predator laments the fact that she still lacks the power to carry out her vengeance. When the merchants come and fire at the crew later, she throws herself at Lyria to protect her.

Predator: Whew... Thanks for saving my hide back there.
Rackam: Geez, weren't you listening when we said we'd come along? No need to shoulder the burden yourself, you know.
Vyrn: I'm just glad we got here in time! Hope you don't go wandering off on your own again!
Predator: ...
Predator: (That was a close call. If they hadn't come to save me... I'll never be able to exact revenge on the Acier family at this rate.)
Predator: (Tui was so much better with these claws...)
Tui: Hey. Check this out, Ema.
With claws raised, Tui demonstrates his martial prowess.
Predator: ...
Tui: You'll need to be able to do this yourself one day.
Predator: ...
Lyria: Um, Predator? Taking on all those people by yourself seems a bit reckless...
Predator: I really do appreciate the concern, Lyria. But this is my problem to deal with.
Gunshots ring out, signaling a shower of bullets raining in the direction of (Captain) and company.
Lyria: Eep!
Predator: Lyria, watch out!
Predator throws herself at Lyria, shielding her from the gunfire, and then glares in the direction of the shooters.
Lyria: Ngh...
Predator: Perfect—they've found us. Saves me the trouble of going back for them later.
Kingpin: Tch! I'll take out every last one of you!
Kingpin: Get them!

On the Way: Scene 3

After taking down the corrupt organization, Predator decides to reveal her past to the crew. When (Captain) and company learn that the Acier family set up Predator's father to fall, they offer to shoulder the burden together.

Predator: Phew...
(Hit a few snags, but the mission's accomplished.)
Predator: (Hopefully this earned me enough points with the Acier family to infiltrate their inner ranks.)
Predator takes comfort in having taken down the organization with an iron grip on the underground trade.
Lyria: Thanks for saving me earlier.
Predator: Not at all. I'm the one who brought the danger to you in the first place.
Lyria: Hey! Um... I really, really want to know more about you! Won't you tell me more about yourself?
Predator: Lyria...
  1. I'm interested in you too, Predator.
  2. It's all right if you're not ready to talk.

Choose: I'm interested in you too, Predator.
Predator: Huh? You too, (Captain)? But...
Vyrn: No point trying to fight it now! (Captain)'s gonna follow you everywhere until you spill the beans!
Predator looks toward the skies, takes a deep breath, and points her gaze at the crew.
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Choose: It's all right if you're not ready to talk.
Predator: Except your face is telling me the exact opposite.
Rackam: Hehe, might as well let the cat out of the bag now. Or we could be stuck here forever.
Predator looks toward the skies, takes a deep breath, and points her gaze at the crew.
Continue 1
Predator: I'm not meant to roam the skies freely like you skyfarers do. As an assassin I thrive in the darkness.
  1. No matter. We're friends now.

Choose: No matter. We're friends now.
Predator: Friends? You see me as a friend?
Lyria: Of course! You're one of us now, Predator!
Rackam: I imagine you're the type to bottle up your feelings and try to handle everything yourself.
Rackam: Sure, telling us your problems won't solve them, but I guarantee you that you'll feel so much better afterwards.
Rackam: Gotta admit though... You look like you've got some serious problems.
Predator: Serious problems? Me? Hahah, is that what it looks like to an old man?
Rackam: Heh!
Lyria: It's not just Rackam though. Everyone here feels the same.
The crew's affectionate consideration for Predator causes her ice-cold heart to thaw out just a bit.
Predator: Okay then... Just don't tell me later that you regret ever having asked.
Vyrn: We're not the sort of cowards to say something like that! You can trust us!
Predator: My father ran an iron and steel factory in Agastia. We lived a humble life, but we were happy.
Predator: When the business went sour, my father took a loan from the Acier mafia family. That's when it all started...
Predator: But no matter how hard he tried, the business never recovered and the debt just kept piling on. And then the accident with the equipment happened...
Ema's Father: Grrargh!
Predator: My father lost his legs. The staff did their absolute best to cover for him.
Predator: But that wasn't enough. The business eventually went bankrupt.
Predator: As payment for the debt, the mafia seized the factory, leaving us to live on the streets.
Predator: At the same time, my father passed away. The toll the injury took on him was just too great.
Lyria: Oh...
Predator: Thing is—that whole accident at the factory was a setup by the Acier family. I was furious when I found out!
Unable to find words that would give her solace, (Captain) and company simply look on as she shakes with fists clenched.
Predator: Ever since then I've made it my life's goal to exact revenge on the Acier family, for my father, and for everyone else who worked at the factory...
Predator: I'm sorry if this is boring you.
Rackam: Nuh-uh. I'm glad you told us your story. That's just too much to keep inside.
Lyria: I want to help you, Predator...
  1. Let us carry the burden together.

Choose: Let us carry the burden together.
Predator: ...
Vyrn: Hey, were those guys back there with the Acier family?
Predator: No, they were the opposing family actually.
Vyrn: Wait... Doesn't that mean all we did was help the Acier family?
Predator: For now, yes.
Vyrn: Um, I don't really get it...
Rackam: I'm sure you have your reasons, Predator. I just hope you'll be willing to tell us one day.
Vyrn: Hehe. Yeah, we'll be waiting!
Predator: You guys are too kind.
Predator's stiff expression loosens up a bit as the corners of her lips curve upward—but not quite enough to qualify as a smile.
The day she will be able to tell her full story and smile from the bottom of her heart is still a long ways off.
But meeting (Captain) and company has no doubt left a lasting and positive mark on her.