Scenario:Rackam - Only Pilots Get It

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Only Pilots Get It

Rackam rescues the girl, but some soldiers find them fleeing, and a vicious battle ensues. The two fugitives are soon surrounded. Rackam decides to let the girl escape on her own, but (Captain) and the others come to the rescue just in time.

Rackam: Jeez... Those guys just never give up!
Girl: Rackam... I'm sorry. I...
The crew met a girl who wants to be a helmswoman, but after getting into an argument with an imperial soldier, she found herself arrested.
Rackam set off on his own to rescue her, but the two of them are spotted during the escape attempt and are currently fleeing into the night.
Rackam: Don't cry. Not matter what, you have to keep lookin' straight ahead.
Girl: But why did you come to save me?
Rackam: You wanna be a helmswoman, right?
Rackam: No matter how much of a little punk they are, I won't abandon another ship-lover.
Girl: This is all my fault...
Rackam: Enough about that. Just hang on to that
bag—your father's plans are in there, right?
Girl: Okay! Oh! There should be some salves in here too...
Rackam: Get down!
Rackam: Ugh...
Girl: Rackam! Are you okay?
Rackam: Yeah, don't worry. Just a little crack in my armor.
Rackam: I'll show them how it's...
Rackam: Dammit! All out of bullets.
Imperial Soldier: Can you hear me, fugitives? We have you completely surrounded! Come out with your hands up!
Girl: What do we do now?
Rackam: Stay cool. Pilots need to be calm and collected no matter what happens.
Rackam: But we're in a tight spot. You run on ahead.
Girl: Don't be stupid! What are you gonna do?
Rackam: I'll figure it out as I go... Maybe I'll just steal a weapon from one of them.
Girl: No! Don't!
Rackam: Cut it out with the tantrum! You never heard of listenin' to your elders?
Vyrn: Ah, you're safe!
You idiot!
Rackam: What are you guys doin' here?
Vyrn: That's our line! What were you thinking coming here on your own?
Rackam: This kid is my responsibility as a helmsman. You guys didn't need to get involved.
Lyria: That's not your choice to make! We're your friends, aren't we?
Rackam: Of course you are, but that doesn't mean you should risk your necks for no good reason.
Lyria: That's not your choice either! It'd be a really lonely world if everyone thought like you.
Rackam: Sheesh... No match for you, am I?
Rackam: Sigh... I get it. I'm sorry. Next time I'll keep you guys in the loop.
Vyrn: Hah! You finally get it!
Rackam: You guys brought extra ammo, right? All right! Let's break through their lines!
Vyrn: Here we go!

Only Pilots Get It: Scene 2

(Captain) and most of the crew escape the soldiers and board the Grandcypher, but Lyria is taken hostage. Rackam pretends to surrender to throw the soldiers off guard. The rest of the crew quickly joins the fray.

Having escaped the empire's clutches once again, the crew heads back to the Grandcypher and prepares for take off.
Rackam: Everyone aboard? We're liftin' off!
Vyrn: Right! Let's hightail it out of here!
Vyrn: Wait! Where's Lyria? She's not here!
Rackam: What!
Lyria: I'm sorry, everyone...
Imperial Soldier: Stop right there, criminal scum! You don't want this girl to get hurt, do you?
Rackam: Damn... They got her...
Imperial Soldier: You're quite the foolish group. To go so far for a little brat...
Rackam: You're the foolish one—not understandin' the bond between helmsmen.
Imperial Soldier: As if it matters. You will surrender to us at once!
Rackam: All right, all right. I'll turn myself in. There's no reason to yell.
Rackam: But you know... The girl you're lookin' for isn't even here!
Imperial Soldier: What! Then where'd she go?
Rackam: Now!
Girl: Hands off Lyria!
Imperial Soldier: Oof!
Rackam: Haha! Nicely done!
Now's our chance, (Captain)!

Only Pilots Get It: Scene 3

After beating the soldiers, the crew flees into the sky on the Grandcypher. The girl is grateful to Rackam, but the remaining soldiers send monsters after the ship to try to bring it down. The girl suggests fleeing, but Rackam refuses to do so since his ship has been damaged.

After defeating the imperial soldiers, the crew departs the island.
Night envelops the Grandcypher as it flies steadily away.
Rackam: Phew... Looks like we made it...
Vyrn: Yeah, but only by the skin of our fangs! I'm glad you're safe, little girl!
Lyria: Yeah! And I see that you retrieved your father's plans too!
Girl: Yep, thank you! They woulda still had 'em too if Rackam hadn't come!
Girl: Rackam charging into the prison like that was so cool!
Vyrn: Heh-heh... Wow, Rackam. You pilot types sure are popular!
Rackam: Can it. The plans were important to her, so I had to help.
Lyria: Wait... What's that over there?
Rackam: What? You see another ship or somethin'?
Lyria: No... I thought I saw something shining over by the island.
Lyria: Aaah!
Vyrn: Whoa! What's going on!
Lyria: It's monsters! Monsters are attacking the ship!
Rackam: Dammit! Those imperials must've sent them after us!
Girl: Rackam, let's get outta here! If we go full speed, we can—
Rackam: You're not serious. A helmsmen's ship is his life!
Rackam: And those monsters just hurt my baby! I won't just run off now!
Girl: Rackam...
Rackam: Reverse course! Let's take them on, (Captain)!

Only Pilots Get It: Scene 4

(Captain) and the crew defeat the monsters and land on a peaceful island. The girl gives Rackam a new set of armor to replace his old cracked set. He brushes off her show of affection and gets her to promise to become a great pilot so they can meet again.

After defeating the monsters, the crew lands on a peaceful island just as the sun begins to rise.
Rackam: Yawn... Dammit, was awake all night...
Vyrn: Phew... I don't wanna do anything like that ever again.
Girl: Heeey! Rackam! Rackam!
Rackam: Sheesh, energetic little brat. Or am I just getting' old...
Girl: I bought you some new armor, since yours got cracked when you were protecting me!
Lyria: Hehe! You should have seen how long it took her to choose it!
Rackam: Ah... Thanks, kid. Now we should probably get to an inn...
Girl: No! Put it on first! We wanna see a
brand-new Rackam!
Rackam: Sigh... Fine. If you insist.
Rackam: There we go... Hey! This isn't too bad!
Girl: Told ya so! See how well I know my armor?
Girl: Also... there's something I wanted to ask you.
Rackam: What is it now? Spit it out, then get yourself to bed.
Girl: Do you... have a girlfriend?
Rackam: Huh! What kind of a question is that?
Vyrn: Heh-heh... I woulda brought snacks if I knew there was gonna be a show.
Lyria: Haha! How exciting!
Girl: So? How bout it, Rackam? If you don't, then I—
Rackam: Seriously, squirt, look... You've got a lot of growin' up to do.
Girl: Hey! Who you callin'—
Rackam: You have to concentrate on training and becoming an amazing helmswoman.
Rackam: Next time we meet, it'll be in the sky, with me on the Grandcypher and you on the ship you've built—your father's ship.
Girl: Hehe. Okay! Pinky swear!
Rackam: Pinky swear!
Rackam stands a little taller in his new set of armor.
He couldn't be prouder to have helped foster the talents of a legendary helmswoman in the making.