Scenario:Randall - Friend and Rival

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Friend and Rival

(Captain) is suddenly challenged to a duel by a man named Randall. (Captain) refuses, but Randall starts to suspect the crew is connected to someone he's searching for. He forces the crew to let him join, believing they will lead him to the one he seeks.

Two voices echo through a street on a distant island.
???: Check it out! The weather's perfect!
???: The world's practically puttin' on a party celebrating the start of our journey, Randall!
Randall: Heh. Really now.
Randall: Who said anything about me going with you?
???: Huh? I thought you were coming with! What brings you here, then?
Randall: A simple coincidence. Nothing more!
Randall: Whatever. If you're heading that way, I'm going this way.
Randall: See you! Time to take our separate ways! I can finally say goodbye to your ugly mug!
???: H-hey, hang on a sec, Randall!
Randall: What is it this time?
???: Look. We go way back, don't we?
Randall: That doesn't mean I have to like it. Now spare me your insipid recollections, and—
???: But I never got the chance to share a battle with you! That's my greatest regret!
Randall: That's it. I'm gonna—
???: No! I should be the one to apologize! I'm too weak, and you just couldn't bring yourself to raise your hand against a weakling like me. Isn't that right?
Randall: ...!
???: So I'm going to get stronger. I'm going to fight the strongest foes in the sky with these fists of mine!
???: And when we meet again, you'll have to fight me!
Randall: Don't you dare—
???: Hm? What was that? Oh, of course! I wouldn't dare put myself in danger!
???: Right on! We may not have matched fists, but I still know exactly what you're thinking!
???: Well, off I go! Till we meet again!
Randall: That simpleton!
Randall: Humph! You're going to be the best? Don't make me laugh!
Randall: You won't even get close to me! I'm out of your reach!
Randall: Run as fast as you want. I'll always be ahead of you!
Randall: I'll have to fight you the next time we meet?
Randall: Very well! But that will be the moment this little farce between us comes to an end.
Randall: And until that day arrives... I'll be training!
Villager 1: Wow, look at how fast he took those monsters out!
Villager 2: That's amazing! It's like I blinked and all the monsters were gone!
Villager 3: Yeah! But what I'm wondering is...
Villagers: Why does he keep talking to himself?
The crew completes a routine monster hunt in a nearby village.
On their way back, someone calls out to (Captain).
Randall: You there. You seem much stronger than you look.
Randall: Perfect timing. Care for a duel?
Lyria: Huh?
Vyrn: Do you do this to every random passerby you meet?
Randall: I know you came here to help defend that town from the monsters.
Randall: But I can see it in your eyes. Those monsters could barely satisfy you. You long for a worthy opponent. It's what drives you!
Randall: Just like me... When I think of that aggravating idiot, it makes me want to wipe out every monster in sight.
Randall: In fact... I still have plenty of steam to blow off!
Vyrn: Uh-huh...
Randall: So what do you say? A duel between—
Cutting the stranger off, (Captain) refuses.
But the young man—who calls himself Randall—takes the refusal rather calmly.
Randall: Hmm. Won't bare your fangs to just anyone, eh? I can respect that.
Vyrn: You're taking this surprisingly well.
Randall: If you're not interested, I won't force the issue.
Randall: Guess I'll be seeing you around then. See ya.
(Captain) watches him start to leave.
Any version of Feather is a crew member

Lyria: Say, (Captain)...
Lyria: Am I the only one who's getting deja vu?
Vyrn: Now that you mention it, this does feel oddly familiar.
Vyrn: I guess getting asked to fight with random strangers isn't that weird...
Vyrn: I mean, this definitely wouldn't be the first time it's happened to us.
Randall: What did you say?
Vyrn: Whoa! I thought you left already!
Randall: Did some other stranger challenge you? That's definitely not normal!
Vyrn: Didn't you just do it to us?
Randall: Based on your last conversation... you know him, don't you?
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No version of Feather in crew

Lyria: Hmm. Hey, (Captain)...
Lyria: Maybe asking someone to fight is just his way of saying hello?
Vyrn: Yeah, right!
Vyrn: You've got a point though. We've been all sorts of places, met all sorts of characters.
Vyrn: And this wouldn't be the first time someone's challenged us out of the blue.
Randall: What did you say?
Vyrn: Whoa! I thought you left already!
Randall: Did some other stranger challenge you? That's definitely not normal!
Vyrn: Didn't you just do it to us?
Randall: I knew it... I could sense it the moment I saw your little group.
Randall: You're just the type of people he'd hang around!
Randall: You know him, don't you?
Vyrn: Whoa! What're you talking about?

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Randall: Where is he? Tell me where he is!
  1. Where's who?
  2. Heh...

Choose: Where's who?

Randall: Don't play dumb with me! Why are you covering for him?
Randall: That's it! You're after him too! And you don't want me to reach him before you do!
Randall: I've changed my mind! Looks like I'll have to get the truth out of you by force!
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Choose: Heh...

Randall: Wh-what's so funny?
Vyrn: I think (Captain) was just letting out a sigh...
Randall: I see. In other words... if I want to get you to talk, I have to make it happen by force!
Randall: Very well! Challenge accepted!

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Vyrn: What? No! We didn't throw down any challenge!
Lyria: That's enough! I'm sorry, but (Captain) refused to fight, and you'll just have to respect that!
Lyria: And didn't you say yourself that you don't force people into fights?
Randall: Humph. Well, you've got me there.
Randall: Very well. I won't ask about his whereabouts for now.
Randall: But this meeting of ours has surely been arranged by the stars themselves. A sign that the day of reckoning between us draws near!
Vyrn: Uhh. Okay.
Randall: If he's found someone as strong as you, he can't be far. He'll show himself. I know it.
Randall: I'll be joining you on your travels until then, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Hey! We ain't no bait!
Randall: Humph. Keep telling yourself that.
The crew didn't ask for Randall to join the crew, but he did anyway.
He forges onward, spending every day preparing for the climactic showdown with his ultimate rival.