Scenario:Ranko Kanzaki - Hymn of the Skies

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Hymn of the Skies

Another beautiful day for the Grandcypher to soar through the skies, along with the girls visiting from another world. A mysterious airship suddenly attacks the crew. It turns out the opposing crew has taken on an assignment to vanquish the demon ruler Ranko and are here to carry it out. They unleash golems which end up malfunctioning and attacking their own ship.

Another fine day to soar through the skies for the crew and the girls from another world.
Vyrn: Heheh! You've gotten really strong, Ranko!
Uzuki: Ranko-chan's magic is just amazing.
Miria: Yeah! You're so dependable, Ranko! You're the best!
Ranko: Mwahaha... My devout followers, surrender yourselves to the auspices of your demon lord!
Ranko: (I'm just glad I can help! You can count on me anytime!)
Sachiko: Ranko-san's nowhere near as good as me, but I'll admit she's moderately amazing.
Sachiko: Anyway, doesn't Ranko-san resemble me a bit?
Uzuki: Umm... What do you mean by that?
Sachiko: From the wings to the horn and... Don't you think that's going a bit too far?
Ranko: Umm...
Sachiko: Originality is, after all, super important to a pop idol. So this is...
Uzuki: Ah... Well you know... I see what you're saying, Sachiko-chan, but...
Miria: Umm, is there that much of a resemblance? You two look completely different to me.
Miria: It's almost like Ranko-chan's a dark angel, but Sachiko-chan's a little devil!
Sachiko: A little devil? What a nice thing to say. That describes someone as cute as me perfectly.
Ranko: A fallen angel dyes its wings black and undergoes a transformation to demon ruler.
Ranko: (Demon rulers could start out as angels, you know.)
Uzuki: Teehee. Angel? Devil? Sounds like you'd make the perfect duo!
Their giggling and cheery voices help pass the time.
Vyrn: Huh? What's with that airship? It's headed this way...
Skyfarer 1: Calling out to the airship there!
Is that a demon ruler you have on deck?
Lyria: Umm, well...
Ranko: Mwahaha... Indeed, I am the demon ruler Brunnhilde! (Hi! I'm a demon ruler!)
Skyfarer 1: Turns out we were right... Let's do this, guys!
Uzuki: Eep!
The mysterious airship suddenly launches an assault on the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Whoa! What are you doing all of a sudden!
Skyfarer 2: Hah! Stop playing dumb! We're here to wipe out the demon ruler!
Miria: Huh? Demon ruler? You mean Ranko-chan?
Ranko: No way!
Sachiko: Aagh! W-wait! What's happening?
Ranko: No!
Ranko gets in front of everyone and deflects the cannon fire with her weapon's magic.
Skyfarer 1: Curses! Wretched demon ruler!
Ranko: ...!
Ranko goes on to deflect every blast of cannonfire, ensuring the safety of her friends.
Miria: That was incredible, Ranko-chan!
Sachiko: Good going!
Uzuki: That's Ranko-chan for you! She made sure not to deflect it straight back at them too!
Ranko: You will not bring harm to followers under the sanctuary of my darkness! (I'll protect everyone!)
Skyfarer 2: Damn it! We won't lose this one!
Ranko: Such foolishness... To drown in your own power. (Please stop this already!)
Vyrn: That's right! Cut it out already! She hasn't done anything to deserve this!
Uzuki: Huh? Vyrn-san, you can understand what Ranko-chan's saying now?
Miria: Oh yeah, now that you mention it...
But right now we have more important things to worry about!
Skyfarer 1: Oy! We aren't making any headway like this! It's time for our ace in the hole!
Golem: Grooon...
Vyrn: Ugh! They're going all out now!
Skyfarer 2: All right! Time to turn the tables!
Golem: Groo... Groon!
Skyfarer 2: Aargh!
Skyfarer 1: Here we... Huh? Why is it coming this way?
Vyrn: Oh no! It must be out of control!
Ranko: Watch out!

Hymn of the Skies: Scene 2

Ranko protects everyone, even the opposing crew, putting an end to the incident. Ranko feels sorry for the trouble she brings upon the crew. Thankfully the crew is quick to cheer her up and she is back to her usual self again.

Golem: ...!
Ranko and crew work together to stop the golem rampage.
Vyrn: Whew, that was a close one. It's a good thing no one's hurt!
Skyfarer 1: How could this be... The demon ruler... Why—
Vyrn: Look who's talking! Why are you so hung up on Ranko?
Skyfarer 2: Tch... We were only trying to complete an assignment!
Sachiko: An assignment? You were doing this as a job?
According to the skyfarers, someone with the title of demon ruler has been going around causing a ruckus. People in fear sent in a request to vanquish this demon ruler.
Vyrn: Well, I don't know about any ruckus. But it's true she's been calling herself a demon ruler, and we've been fighting primal beasts, monsters, and whatnot...
Vyrn: I mean, sure, she speaks in tongues sometimes, but she's not a bad person!
Lyria: That's right! Ranko-chan is a kind, caring person!
Ranko: Ah, Crimson Beast and Azure Maiden... (Vyrn-kun, Lyria-chan...)
Uzuki: Ehehe! Ranko-chan is kind, genuine, and strong! We're so glad to have her as our friend!
Ranko blushes as her friends compliment her one after another.
Ranko: S-stop it already!
Vyrn: Haha! Nothing to be shy about!
Seeing the crew vouch for Ranko, the skyfarers breathe a sigh of relief.
Skyfarer 1: Whew... Come to think of it, she hardly looks like a treacherous demon ruler...
Skyfarer 2: Yeah... And she did save us back there.
The skyfarers politely apologize and fly off, putting an end to the incident.
Ranko: ...
Uzuki: Ranko-chan, what's wrong? You don't look too well...
Miria: Oh no... Did you get hurt back there? Tell me you're okay!
Ranko: Never did I intend my devout followers to be scorched in the wake of my flames of destiny... (This whole mess is my fault...)
Ranko: Forgive me...
Ranko, feeling crestfallen, gives an apologetic bow.
Uzuki: No, Ranko-chan! It's not your fault!
Lyria: That's right, Ranko-chan! You saved not just us but those skyfarers too!
Ranko: But...
Sachiko: Have more faith in yourself, Ranko-san! Even a cutie like me here is acknowledging you!
Vyrn: For sure, you're the best we could ask for in a friend, Ranko! Isn't that right, (Captain)?
(Captain) gently nods in response.
Ranko: My dear friend... Everyone... (Captain, everyone...)
Ranko: Very well... You may continue to look forward to the sanctuary of my ebony wings. (I'll keep doing my best!)
Ranko: Th-thank you!
The crew smiles in response to a beaming Ranko.
Peaceful laughter fills the clear blue skies.