Scenario:Rika Jougasaki - Summer Means Bug Hunting

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Summer Means Bug Hunting

Rika has started to become accustomed to life in the sky world. Treating it like a child's first visit to the countryside. During a conversation about Rika's favorite bug, the rhinoceros beetle, Vyrn says he's seen a similar bug in the monster-filled forest nearby. And so the party enters the forest to look for the bug.

Rika has started to adapt to the new world she has found herself in.
Something about her excitement reminds the crew of a child visiting the countryside for the first time.
Rika: Wowee... That forest is humongous!
Rika: This world is just so huge and filled with nature!
Vyrn: Come again? You've never seen a forest before?
Rika: Well, it's my first time seeing one this huge, that's for sure!
Rika: I bet I could even find my favorite kind of bug in there!
Lyria: Wait, what? You have a favorite bug, Rika? What kind of bug?
Rika: Yeah! It's called a rhinoceros beetle! 'Cause it has this great big horn coming out of its head.
Rika: And its whole body is armored so it looks really tough. It's pretty much the coolest bug ever.
Vyrn: Hmm, a bug with a horn and armor, eh? You know, I think I may've seen something like that near here once before...
Rika: Whoa, really? You have?
Rika: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go look for it now!
Rika manages to convince (Captain) and crew to accompany her on a hunt for her favorite bug.
Loaded up with bug-catching gear, the party ventures into the monster-filled forest.

Summer Means Bug Hunting: Scene 2

(Captain)'s crew discover an especially large tree while walking through the forest and slather a special honey that attracts bugs on it. When they come back a little while later to look for rhinoceros beetles, a monster appears to take the gathered bugs.

Walking through the forest, the party comes across an especially large tree.
(Captain) slathers a special honey on the tree to attract bugs and lure them into a trap.
Rika: Will this make loads of bugs come, do you think?
Vyrn: You betcha! Give it a little while and this place'll be swarming with the critters!
Rika: Aww, man! But I hate waiting!
Lyria: Hee hee. Although... there are a lot of monsters around here too, so why don't we return to the airship to wait?
Rika: Sounds like a plan! Anything to make the time go more quickly...
The party decides to return to the airship until it's time to check the trap.
Several hours later, they head back towards the tree once more.
Rika: Ooh, I wonder how many rhino beetles will be waiting for me. I hope there's a whole bunch of them!
Vyrn: Hehe, you've been all fired up like this since we left, Rika.
Lyria: Yes, you must be really into these rhinoceros beetles.
Rika: C'mon, everyone! Quit your dawdling and let's get a move on!
Rika leads the way back, just barely waiting for everyone and almost breaking into a run.
When they arrive back at the tree, they find the trap they set swarming with all manner of creepy crawlies.
Rika: Look, look! Check out all the butterflies!
Rika: Whoa, and such huge wasps, too! Look out for their stingers!
Rika: Eww! And I'm not sure what these are, but they're kinda gross!
Coming right up to the trap, Rika scours through the assortment of bugs for any sign of rhinoceros beetles.
Vyrn: Well, Rika? Any of those beetles you were after?
Rika: Hmm... Wait a minute... Aha!
Rika: Oh, phooey. It's just a drone beetle.
No sooner have the words left her mouth than the bugs in the trap seem to sense something, and start making a noise.
Rika: H-huh? What are you all...
Predator: Ca-caw!
Rika: Y-yikes! What the heck is that ugly thing?
Lyria: Eek! R-Rika!
Vyrn: Uh-oh, looks like a surprise attack! You've gotta help Rika, (Captain)!

Summer Means Bug Hunting: Scene 3

Thanks to (Captain)'s quick thinking, Rika finally finds the rhinoceros beetles she was searching for. However, when the beetles all get together, the males start to fight over the females' attention. Although she isn't able to catch a beetle to show to her sister, Mika, Rika looks forward to telling her all about them when they are reunited.

(Captain)'s party defeats the monster trying to prey upon the bugs they caught.
However, the rhinoceros beetle Rika was hoping to find is nowhere to be seen.
Rika: Aww, looks like there weren't any rhinoceros beetles here after all.
Rika: But this was a lot of fun! Thanks for everything, (Captain)!
Moved by her gratitude, (Captain) tells Rika not to give up so soon.
And in that moment, (Captain) spins around and strikes the tree's trunk with an almighty blow.
Barely a second later, gigantic rhinoceros beetles begin falling down from the branches above them.
Rika: Wh-whoa! It's showering rhinoceros beetles!
Rika: Look how huge they are! And so cool!
The giant rhinoceros beetles fall in such large numbers that it appears to be raining, thrilling Rika.
Vyrn: Rika isn't freaked out in the slightest! How impressive!
Instead, Rika was helping the beetles that had landed upside down turn back over onto their feet.
Lyria: Hahaha... Oh Rika, you really do care for rhinoceros beetles, don't you?
After waiting for what seems like a reasonable amount of time, Vyrn calls out to Rika.
Vyrn: All right! We've found what we came for, so we should think about heading back soon.
Rika seems to be thinking over Vyrn's suggestion.
Rika: Hang on a just a minute... I want to ride these home!
Vyrn: Whaaat? No! There's no way you can ride on these beetles!
Rika: Sure there is! I'll train them all up into my personal beetle army!
At that moment, the previously docile male beetles begin surrounding the females and competing aggressively for their attention.
Lyria: Eek!
The clash of beetles' horns against one other is so intense, they're almost giving off sparks.
Vyrn: This is bad! Get out of there, Rika!
Rika: Oh no! My rhinoceros beetles!
The party grabs Rika and drags her away from the warring insects.
Rika: Aww, nuts. So much for my dream of commanding my very own beetle army...
Vyrn: You weren't really planning on keeping those beetles captive, were you, Rika?
Rika: Well, sure I was! They were the biggest beetles I've ever seen!
Rika: I wanted to show them to my sister and my producer too...
Lyria: Hee hee. You really love sharing things with your sister, don't you?
Rika: Hehe, yeah. But I wasn't even able to take a photo...
Rika: Well, can't be helped, I guess! She'll just have to settle for listening to all my vacation stories.
A mischievous smile spreads across Rika's face.
Later, upon being reunited with her sister, Rika would gleefully recount to her the story of the rhinoceros beetles.
She smiled at the thought of how grossed out her sister would be when she told her all about the huge bugs she found.