Scenario:Rin Shibuya - Rin's Adventure II

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: Scene 1

As they continue to defeat the mysterious creatures, Rin reunites Uzuki. The two are glad to see each other again, although Uzuki seems to be under the impression that their appearance in this other world is just part of the movie shoot.

Rin: Haaaa!
Mysterious Creature: Schnaaa…
Vyrn: Hey hey! That was pretty cool just now. You're really getting into the swing of things, aren'tcha?
Rin: Really? It still doesn't feel real, though.
Rin: Still, I'm surprised. When I swing this sword, some sort of blue flame comes?
???: Rin!
Rin: Huh? That voice!
Uzuki: Thank goodness! I've been so worried since we got split up!
Rin: Uzuki! What a relief. You seem lively still, at least.
Uzuki: Yeah! What a shock, though!
Rin: Well… yeah. I still find it hard to believe, but it looks like this different world is?
Uzuki: Amazing, right? The special effects we have these days!
Rin: Huh?
Uzuki: When I swing the sword it glows just like real magic, and those flying airships! I guess they're help up by wires or something…
Uzuki: I never realized it was such a high budget production. I'll have to put on a great performance to live up to the tech effects!
Rin: U-Uzuki? I think there's something you should know…
Uzuki: But it's a little different from the script. This green puppet came outta nowhere and I struck it with my sword. Was I meant to?
Uzuki: Oh! Those people behind you, Rin. Are they our costars?
Uzuki: Nice to meet you all! I'm Uzuki Shimamura. Pleased to be working with you on this production!
Lyria: I'm Lyria! Nice to meet you too!
Uzuki: Lyria? You have such pretty blue hair… If you don't mind me asking, where are you from?
Rin: (Sigh.) Look, Uzuki, you've got it wrong…
Uzuki: Eh? You mean they're not acting? Oh, I see! They must be staff, then!
Rin: (Sigh)
After calming Uzuki down a little, Rin explained to her how they ended up with (Captain)'s crew in their present situation.
Rin: …and there you have it. Until we find Ranko, I think we should stick with these guys.
Uzuki: I see now… This is a separate world that floats in the sky, and we were sent here…
Rin: I realize it's hard to fathom. I still think there's some kind of mistake myself, but…
Uzuki: Looks like they changed the script a little, but fear not! I, the undaunted hero Uzuki Shimamura, will play my part faithfully!
Vyrn: Hey… has this girl been listening to anything we've been saying?
Rin: Well… before we go on, guess I'd better try explaning the situation again…